(Beautiful Friday)
Good morning ” rotimi grabbed her at the waist peeking her “she was shock smiling ” oko MI you up.

He brought out a smile massaging her shoulder ” yes. Joy giver ( he peek her stealing the plantain she was frying)

thief” she dragged his nose gently ” who owns the plantain and you ” he carried her on the table kissing her ”

you oko MI. Chai! You burst my brain with oko MI ” he cut a glance at the soup on the table and walk to the direction opening it ”

atinuke ,you strong just like you said. I can believe you could get up this morning to prepare this ”

yes oko MI “she tired to come down. No madam I got you ” he carried her down gently ”

hmmmm. What is this “he stares at it turning the soup ” you won’t like it oko MI “I prepared rice and plantain for you ”

hmmm “you are selfish. So only you would eat all this” he fold his hands looking away

“mabinu (am sorry) she embrace him “no. Under one condition ”

what! She ask looking serious “call me oko MI ”

small thing. Oko MI “she spoke smiling

he grabbed her embracing her closely “she fried herself and switch off the cooker hurriedly ”

the plantain has got burnt, she kept eyeing him and smiling ”

no way. We eating the soup together then “he teased her smiling

ok. No problem “but it bitter leaf ” it work for appetite ”

sorry iyawo MI “he grabbed her close. Am sorry OK. I would make it up to you, I promise “she nodded her head in agreement staring at him ”

what! She fried her covering his face ” oko MI who done this to you “she look worried.

Your body guard o ” if you see the way they beat mii at the cell ” you would pity your husband ”

am Sorry “he touch his cheek and embrace him “I don’t know why brother John done all this ”

iyawo MI (my wife) his own his small “come and see how Samson scold mii and your church members”

Yeeeeeeeh. Everyone support you atinuke. If you become celebrity” you don’t need to suffer for fans , ”

ha! Oko MI. She bursted to laughter ”

sit first ” he sit her down and returned to the kitchen “what do you prepared with your bitter leaf “he ask staring at her

Just little amala”

ok madam. He set the table and dropped a glass of water “he help her up while she kept laughing ”

he rinse his hand and feed her ” oko MI I can eat now ”

no. I would feed you ” he kept feeding her “and throw one in to his mouth ”

am also sick. atinuke kept laughing ”

am serious jhor. Am sharing your sickness ” she kept laughing and try to throw up.

hey. take water, water “she bursted to laughter “so you just teasing me “he join her while they kept laughing ”

he kept eating and giving her sexy glanced ” atinuke frown her face ”

sorry, sorry “take. atinuke but the soup is sweet o ” thank you “she drank water gently

“everything about you is sweet, even your body ” hmmmm “atinuke stood up draging her gown down and excuse upstairs ”

he followed her and watch her came down with her medicine ” he removed everything for her and gave her water ”

she kept smiling while he never hesitate to keep shut from the joke he was saying………….

(rotimi pov)
rotimi lay down on the sofa watching TV ” he noticed the ring on his phone and hiss” home breaker “he spoke picking the remote to change the china”

his phone kept ringing ” what! he shouted in anger ” while picking it.
so you don’t wish me luck, to have good home “Florry ” get out am not doing again “he dropp his phone looking upset ”

first thing on Monday ” I would get atinuke a good teacher ” by Wednesday her shop would be ready ”

by Friday ” I hope To find a good car at Samson company ” anything that would make her happy am ready to do it ”

he stop talking when he noticed her coming down ” oko MI you didn’t go out “she sat down close to him ”

rotimi dragg her close “do you sleep well “he peek her gently ”

oko MI “she couldn’t finish her statement when they heard the noise outside “they both rush out holding each other hands ”

baby ” Lara bump in and push audu from the gate ”

baby ,this your security guard need to be fired ” she climb up with her luggage ”

ehn! Ehn! To where. “rotimi fired in anger

Inside baby “she tired to kiss him ”

audu “yes sir. carry her out “if she proved stubborn “call her best friend “snooty and karry “to come and fed on her bone ”

what! No. Baby I don’t have t fare ”

sell your phone or wig ” home breaker ” he excuse inside holding atinuke in ”

because of that little snail rotimi, you sending me away “Lara kept struggling ”

atinuke turn back to face her and ran down hurriedly removing her wig

she beat her up with it ” when are you going to marry, go and look for your own husband ashawo ” she sat down on her ”

her husband carried her on his shoulder while she kept struggling to come down ”

he locked her up and used belt to chase Lara out


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