Why is afusa not picking my call ” atinuke kept dialing her number placing her two leg on the table ” she cut a glance at the time and shouted loudly “10:54″ she nodd her head and took her time to pack her phone ”
she dial afusa’s number and felt excited when she pick
Afusa : oremi “kilosele now”iyawo (my friend what going on now, our wife)
Atinuke :see this one o. you that am annoyed with” I was waiting for you at my mother in law house before I left “you didn’t come
anyway when are you coming to see me
Afusa :ha! I don’t know ooo ” I heard water do carry people for Lagos. I don’t want fish to feed on me ”
Atinuke :haba! Afusa .you haven’t changed “anyway let me gist you ,about where am leaving “it like heaven afusa
Afusa :ehn! Ehn
Atinuke :yes oo”not like pit toilet we do shit at the river side ” the house is so beautiful oremi
Afusa :ha! Don’t worry if mama is coming to see you “I would come with her
Atinuke :i would be expecting you .am so bored right here’am always at home eating and sleeping ”
Afusa :oremi, you go done fat oo
atinuke :fat keh. ” anyway how is the rest of our friends
Afusa :they are fine. Ore find something to do oo ” don’t forget iya Basira story, her husband use sugar start with her . Now she is enjoying bitter leaf
Atinuke : thank you my friend ” I would call you back it like my husband is back “she hung up pepping at the window and noticed him came down with a woman ”
she kept smiling and chewing gum ” atinuke rush to sit holding her wrapper ” the lady entered first and was surprised seeing atinuke ” good evening. She greeted smiling ”
baby who is she “gold turn to face rotimi ” let go in, I would explain to you ” rotimi grabbed her gently
no need for explanation .am very sure she is your house help “she gave her a bad glance ” rotimi was speechless”
oko MI ” I prepared moi moi and pap” atinuke spoke smiling ”
wait. Even if I don’t understand Yoruba I know oko MI means husband “what going on gold look confused ”
let go gold ” she is just a friend “rotimi fired in anger ” friend keh. Aunty am his wife o “shut up ” rotimi fired in anger ‘
he dragged gold to his room and lock the door looking upset ” atinuke climb the stairs and rush down to eat the remaining beans cake
“she kept the rest for tomorrow and hiss hearing their conversation inside “she entered her room and came out gently
she placed her ear at rotimi door ” he opened the door and cut her “she kept hitching her neck and rush to her room smiling…………….
atinuke kept singing at the kitchen cooking and dancing ” she cut a glance at rotimi and gold coming down from the stairs laughing ”
she gave her a bad glance while she continue dancing ” give me a moment gold I would join you inside the car ” rotimi spoke softly peeking her
gold cat walk outside eyeing atinuke ” rotimi came down from the stairs and her two thousand ”
that for you. I hope you behave yourself “he excuse from her ” she watch him left and continue with what she was doing and dancing
” she opened the door to dispose the dirty and kept dancing ” rotimi felt embarrass and drove out of the house in anger ”
audu rush to open the door and walk to meet atinuke after closing the gate “good morning. are you the new house help “he ask smiling ”
house kini ” atinuke dropp her broom picking Parker “I mean na you go dey cook our food ” audu look excited ”
yes. Am rotimi wife ”
yawa! Oga done Marry.
yes now ” am his wife “atinuke ask looking serious
welcome o. oga go change, thank God “yawa! atinuke excuse from him and continue with her song”
she came out in some minutes with her blouse and wrapper ” open the door I want to buy something outside ”
no oo. oga said I should not open door for you ”
because am a baby, or in prison ” open jare “atinuke look upset ”
madam I don’t what whala. I no fit open the gate ”
I would report you now”atinuke forgde call and watch audu ran to open “she came out laughing ”
Waw! fresh air. she walk long distance counting the beautiful houses at the estate ”
all eyes on her, she branch to buy pure water and continue her journey ” if not because of her face look calm one could mistake her for a crazy woman ” she kept tying her wrapper and smiling **********
Brought from the village
Episode 6
Atinuke stop to buy orange handing the woman 500 note ” she bought 100 naira orange and sat down to drink “calling groundnut, at the same time bread”
all eyes on her ” she noticed and smile ” sorry aunty. Your face look new Here”do you just got a job around here ” Balikis ask smiling
job keh. Am leaving with my husband “rotimi ”
rotimi what! That womanizer” Balikis spoke clapping her hands ”
madam stop. In fact take your bread “atinuke hand her looking annoyed ”
don’t mind her young lady “madam Hannah spoke peeling more oranges “Balikis at least respect him in front of his wife ”
Am sorry. Balikis left apologizing ”
I guess you just move in “madam Hannah ask staring at her ” yes ma. I just spent two week”
waw! You look young. How old are you ” 19. She replied drinking orange ”
you so young, why do you choose to get married instead of going to school “she ask dropping the knife in her hand
school. Atinuke hiss picking another orange “no one to send me, me that I stop at jss3
that so bad. My daughter just finished service, she would be here soon ”
my second child is also the same year like you “19 .she is schooling at enugu State University
” that great. She concentrated on the orange she was drinking and requested for more ” she noticed a beautiful lady knelt down in front of madam Hannah greeting her ”
atinuke kept staring at her ” meet my daughter “Felicia ” she just finished her service.
Good afternoon MA ” atinuke greeted smiling “Felicia. This Rotimi wife ”
Waw! She is just so young for him “Felicia remove her speck looking surprise ” atinuke brought out a smile ” they had lot gist before she left.
she kept telling them life at the village and her dream ” Felicia kept laughing ,madam Hannah was not left out ”
she bought more oranges as she was discussing
she wasn’t aware till it got dark ” she stood up hurriedly and wave them bye and running home ”
madam Hannah called her back and gave her five orange “she accepted it hurriedly and ran home holding her wrapper ……..
rotimi (pov)
rotimi got home and ordered audu to lock the gate hitching his eyes and yawning “sir. Madam never come “he spoke looking worried
what! You mean atinuke is not in this house ” rotimi spoke in anger ”
you let her out, without my permission right “rotimi came closer to him boiling in anger ”
Oga please. Audu kept shifting back ” where is atinuke. he ask looking upset ” I don’t know.
what do you mean you don’t know, didn’t I made myself clear not to let her out ”
oga please. audu kept apologizing ” why are you begging me, where is atinuke ” he hit him hard on the back ”
yeeeh ” aboki have put me in trouble “he placed his hand on his head looking worried ” he noticed the knock on the gate and ordered audu to open coming near the gate ”
atinuke entered waving at a guy ” thank you brother ” she brought a smile shouting ”
where are you coming from .”rotimi look upset “anyway that doesn’t matter ” tomorrow am taking you back to the village ” rotimi excuse from her in anger”
I didn’t go to somewhere far ” atinuke spoke after him “I was drinking orange at madam Hannah shop
the guy only help me home because I lost my way “she spoke kneeling and begging him ”
he didn’t say a word and excuse to his room ” Yeeeeeeeh ” am done for good. atinuke placed her hand on her head crying ” she ran upstairs pleading and crying


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