He stares at her and walk up to meet her kneeling “have mercy, am sorry. Please is the devil , shanuni(have mercy)

he held her hand crying “she look away boiling in anger “atinuke, atinuke “please now , am on my knee “he wept on her lap “rotimi you heartless ” she turned to face him crying and beating him ” you killed my baby , why now “she kept crying hitting the bed and flinging the pillow ”

atinuke . Sorry, forgive me “see my hand are up “I would never beat you, just promise me you won’t leave me ‘show some mercy “he placed his head on her lap crying ”

she kept hitting his back and push him away from her ” he ran to meet her begging “have mercy, if you leave me am unfortunate forever ”

pastor, pastor “he ran out like chased rat and stop pastor Isaac from entering the car’he postrated pleading “come and help me beg her, she said I should leave ”

pastor Isaac stares at rotimi and nodd his head ” God would bless your union. No one would put asunder “amen “he spoke looking sobber

pastor Isaac lead the way in . he kept dusting his shirt looking sobber ”

no pastor. No. Am not interested anymore, being single is not a problem . I can’t let him kill me pastor “she kept breathing fast and crying ”

do you hear her brother rotimi. Yes sir ” I would swear with anything pastor. I won’t beat or shout at her, just help me beg my wife ”

sister atinuke. you kept asking of him earlier “you couldn’t eat until you heard his out of cell .

Now you don’t want to see him “pastor am sacred , she bursted to tears ” he might kill me this time “I don’t want to go with him ” have forgiven him . I wish him best of luck ”

pastor Isaac was silent. Brother rotimi see me outside “rotimi followed him cleaning his tears “have she forgiven Me?

Yes. But I don’t think your marriage can work out “why pastor. Atinuke can’t leave me , I won’t take it pastor ”

give her space then. let her pain out” don’t worry she would be in my care, till everything is fine.

Your care. No, I need to take care of her at home ” I already cleaned everywhere and ordered lot of things to welcome her home

“that not neccesary ” pastor Isaac excuse from him “he sat down hitching his head ” atinuke, Yeeeeeeeh. Am done for good “tinuke please now ” he noticed the ward lock up and sat down in front of it crying………

beautiful (Thursday)
Good morning doctor. He came in very early with two nylon ” the doctor sat down looking worried ”

what happened doctor. Where is my wife ” he look more worried ”

rotimi, she was here last night ” I don’t know how she escaped.

What! Rotimi fainted and woke up seeing nurses beside him “he removed the drip and kept calling doctor”

doctor you shouldn’t have let her out . Mum must not know about this , I should die first Before she scold me ”

he sat down crying “rotimi , rotimi ” here she is “doctor Paul pointed to her direction ”

two nurses held her at both side ” we found her sleeping at the infant ward ”

what! Yeeeeeeeh. Doctor, it my fault. Atinuke mii ” look at me now, I can make you happy again. It a matter of time please “he embraced her warmly ”

she push him away beating his chest ” leave me alone . Go, I don’t want to see you “are you deaf ”

tinuke please now, you hurting me. ” he kept crying holding her leg ” she push him away and ran to out ” he chased her and caught her ”

he carried her to the car and drove out “the doctor kept running after him ”

sir, should i call the 👮 “the security rush out”

no. This is the only way the misunderstanding would be resolved’ he entered without another word ……….. ..


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