(beautiful Monday)
Woman beater “someone is here to see you officer luku ushered him out frowning his face”

he walk lazily with handcuff on his hands “he was surprised seeing Samson and sat down staring at his hands ”

rotimi, do you see what your impatient has done to you. “he fired in anger. Samson if you here to talk to me stop, am not in a good mood “he placed his head on the table ”

why would you be in good mood, after everything you done to that innocent woman “chai! Guy I no fit forgive you assuming I be your wife ”

everyone can’t be like you “he stares at him and placed his head on the table ”

how his my wife “he held Samson hand looking sobber ”

go to the hospital now, if you would be able to recognize her ” he brought out his phone calling ” ayanfe, ayanfe ” Samson watch him walk in gently ”

Samson tell this guy to leave or I would leave

“my friend sit jhor. Oh! You want beat to him. beat him now “rubbish. Ayanfe thank you for coming jare ”

can you please explain to rotimi everything he needs to know ”

ayanfe cleared his voice “first , I want to plead you for the misunderstanding I cause.

Secondly, I would love to ask you a favor ” please and please ” I want to fly atinuke out “I can allow her keep suffering when good doctor are around the world that could take care of her ”

rotimi didn’t say a word boiling in anger ”

you see ayanfe. I understand ,but that won’t be possible “atinuke would be fine .any other help would be from her husband “Samson spoke looking serious ”

Samson why is he here. I would leave o” rotimi look upset

ogbeni cell na house, abi he fit you. You better call your lawyer or beg brother John to bail you out ”

me. God forbid when I have you ”

see yeye “you have me and refuse to pick my call when I was trying to beg you ”
he hiss looking away ”

atinuke and I was born at the same village, I knew her when she was very young.

She is use to hawk for her mother ” we attended the same school, that before her father death “she was in primary six”

things was hard she couldn’t further more and stop schooling ” her mother remarried after a year of widowhood ”

her mother husband help her to jss3 and give up after her mother started having lots of kid

“she struggled to continue but all was in Vail ”

we were dating then .while she felt she is not equal with Me because of the job she was doing “she help people to wash clothes and plate just to feed herself and her mother ”

I remember when I needed money to wrote my waec”atinuke gave me her life savings and kept struggling till I gain admission to university ”

I left the village to further more, I couldn’t return even after I finish ‘ I work hard, to pay her back and take her away from poverty she has been passing through ”

I couldn’t reach her .I decided to come back after 6 years ” I was told she got married “I felt dissapointed.

Ever since then, have been searching and hoping to found her ”

until I found her at the party looking sad “atinuke never go silent. She is a happy girl that loves making people happy ”

no one have her ,and regretted his action”he stop talking and turn to face rotimi ”

am still going to keep saying it, even if you get mad ” I don’t care “assuming I met her night before her wedding “I would get married to her and give her beautiful life she deserved ”

do you hear that ‘Samson turn to face rotimi ” I told you ” poison is another man food “you better pray she forgive you ”

she would. Atinuke is kind ” rotimi clean his tears ” ayanfe stood up , Samson done the same ” he excurt ayanfe out…………

he returned and sat down staring at rotimi ” Samson am done ” tell me what to do, atinuke won’t forgive me ” he look sobber

do you think I would, if it was me. no. I won’t forgive you forever ”

stop Samson. how is my wife, who is staying with her “bail me “only me could understand what she likes ”

sorry o “oh! Now you understand. Sir, I don’t plan to bail you “mind you ” kelechi is at the hospital apologizing as if she can hear ”

she cook three food “as if she can now eat ” is best you go and apologize ”

I would. who is also there with her ” he look worried “brother John and other church member “but guy you are wicked o ”

who taught you how to fight wreastling” your wife face would make a baby cry ”

stop. he looks upset getting up “Mr man vex very well ” you need to see the big plaster on her forehead ”

thank you “rotimi excuse to the cell “Samson shake his head and left ***********


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