(Beautiful Sunday morning)
The ring on atinuke phone got rotimi up from her ” he realized what his up to and opened his mouth widely placing his hands on his head

“her phone kept ringing “he rush to see the caller “brother John “he pick shivering in fear “hello “he spoke in stammering voice ”
John :sister atinuke ‘ good morning. Why are not in church yet “rotimi dropp the phone screaming “Yeeeeeeeh. Mogbe “atinuke ,atinuke ” he kept shaking her ”

her cloth was soak with blood “he rush to the bathroom and rush out “he kept shivering in fear and rush to dragg her gown down from the wardrobe ”

he pulled her cloth and wore her neat one ” he placed his head on her chest and kept crying ”

he located his car key and rush her to the car ” he drove outside while audu kept staring around ”

immediately he went out ” John rush to the gate and trace him down with bike looking worried ”

rotimi got to the hospital and rush in to call the nurse ” they took atinuke in with crush ‘”brother John stood at the gate for a while before entry ‘

rotimi kept moving around and looking worried ” he sat down for two hours before the doctor called him to his office ” rotimi you haven’t answered my question ‘you can’t lie to me, have been your doctor for a while ”

doctor I don’t know how it happened. Fine, I know I was not myself yesterday ” I don’t know how everything happened i was drunk ”

rotimi I can’t lie ” your wife is in critical condition “she has internal bleeding she lost lot of blood and your one month old baby

“Yeeeeeeeh. I finally kill someone doctor. Mogbe “I know it not ordinary doctor, witches are following me ‘have finally implicate someone ‘he kept crying ”

crying is not the solution “why didn’t you bring her on time “she is uncousious right now ”

doctor what are we going to do ” rotimi look sobber “we need blood “am ready .take all my blood to safe her ”

atinuke must not die doctor , if she die am finish ” you know before and you beating her “he was speechless crying ”

I can’t remember anything, I don’t know anything ” he followed the doctor to lab to test his blood….

He was not a match ” he gave the doctor money to get her blood and sat down looking worried ”

he was surprised seeing brother John with two 👮 “arrest him officer. his the one I was talking about ”

what going on “he stood up staring in surprise ” Mr man. You arrested for violent ”

first we need to see the lady “brother John lead them to see her ” the officers nodded their head seeing atinuke “her eyes was covered with bruises it was swollen and plaster ” bandage on her leg and arms “one find it difficult to recognize her ”

Mr man. Respect your self and move ” he does as they said ” he was hand cuff and lead to the car ”

he kept staring without a word while tears kept coming down from his eyes “brother John stay back at the hospital while the church member join in no time ”

they entered the ward to pray for her and brought her lot of things “brother John excurt them to the gate and went to see the doctor on her condition ”

he kept him relax and told him “she need lot of prayer ” only God could get her out of comma

“he stood up and returned to the room to pray more ” he closed the door and excuse home after annoiting her forehead ”
(Rotimi pov)
he was locked up and treated like criminal ” he sat down on the floor tearing out ” he remembered the good time they spent together ”

he kept holding his head from her remembering her scream and cry ” he flashed back to when she kept pleading how he pushed her away “no. no. that all he kept saying holding his head ”

oga make we hear word ” one of the guy with him shouted 👊 his shoulder ” he bursted to cry calling atinuke ”
They kept making jest of him ” woman beater, are you seeing your wife ghost ”

he transferred his anger on one the guy” the rest beat him up ” he layed down helplessly” he kept crying like ever before ******************


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