Atinuke open her eyes and got up hurriedly ” Yeeeeeeeh ” rotimi, rotimi “she ran to the door knocking “he open up hissing ”

atinuke came in dragging her cloth down “she put on bum short and excuse to prepare breakfast “she set the table and sat down waiting for him ”

she arrange it gently inside the tray”after waiting for several minutes ” he carried it upstairs “she place it on a little table and shifted it closer to him ”

he got up and excuse to the bathroom “he bath and came out with towel ‘atinuke excuse to t bath and came out seeing him on singlet and trouser ”

he put on his cloth checking the mirror and sat down putting on his wrist watch and ring

“he brush his hair and place his cap gently on his head “using spray

he put on his little agbada ” atinuke came out of the change room standing at his back to leave the mirror ” she look beautiful on her sexy gown ”

he adjusted sitting on the sofa to put on his shoe” he glanced at atinuke ass hissing “she sat down removing her hair net throwing her hair down ”
she use powder and done simple makeup “she look beautiful with her earring and necklace ”

she glanced at the table and noticed rotimi food “she stood up selecting bag and heel that match her outfit ”

she lead the way out waiting for her husband beside the car ” he called audu to snap her and collected her phone seeing rotimi out ”

he opened the car and whine down “atinuke settled at the front sit and watch him drove out without a word “atinuke kept checking her pic smiling ”

rotimi gave her bad glance and didn’t said a word till they arrive at the party ” He saw Samson coming out from the car with his wife and son ”

Samson “he walk up to meet him greeting kelechi” he carried Kingsley from her playing with him “atinuke kept smiling at his reaction

“he tried to drop him “he refused to come down crying “guy. Baby dey smell from your body “Samson tease him smiling

that if his ready, someone that is not yet married”kelechi spoke staring at him

atinuke change her look staring at the floor “common kelechi. I think it high time you meet his wife “atinuke.

Waw! So his married. Kelechi stares at atinuke “she look young, I guess she is Yoruba ”

yes now. Atinuke “Samson replied looking serious

no wonder ” so you went to do silent wedding, uncle rotimi .Kingsley cry out ‘kelechi carried him from rotimi ”

atinuke . She called her name softly ”

good afternoon ma(she greeted in Yoruba) goodness! Kelechi kept laughing ”

She address me with MA. Rotimi when do you get her from, I know your taste “why did you choose a Yoruba girl for a wife”

honey it OK ” let go in “Samson held her hand inside “atinuke follow, she sat down while her whole mood change ….. ..

Atinuke refuse everything giving to her ” and Kept staring at the floor “rotimi and Samson kept discussing while kelechi is busy playing with Kingsley ”

so which school do you graduated “kelechi turn to face her ” I didn’t hear what you saying (she spoke frowning her eyes)

excuse me sister “a guy came beside and spoke sofly to her ear “someone his dying to see you outside “he spoke in Yoruba ”

she turned to face rotimi “he was busy talking to Samson and drinking ” kelechi watch her stood up opening her mouth ” I must found out what going on ” she followed her ”

atinuke got outside the party and was surprised seeing ayanfe ” she rush to embrace him warmly ” ayanfe what are you doing here ”

atinuke, so you couldn’t recognize me that am the groom ‘ I wish I have seen you night before my wedding “I would have choose you atinuke “he embraced her more ”

stop ayanfe. Am happy for you, because am also married to rotimi ” rotimi. Caro kept talking about that guy ”

anyway how are you atinuke
you don’t look happy “come. have miss you”he embrace her more ‘

ever since I left the village have been struggling with life ” when things turn out well ” I look for you tinuke, I came back to get you “but your mum said ” you just left with your husband ”

yes. I waited but you didn’t come on time “atinuke fold her arms cleaning her tears

“atinuke mii “all this wealth we should have spend it together ” you sacrifice for me atinuke ”

all your life saving so I can go to school “atinuke, it hurt to see you married to someone else “he embraced her crying ”

ayanfe am married. my husband is here “he would be jealous ” she fried herself and try to leave ”

wait .before you leave ” do you later further? ” he ask looking 😔

no. Atinuke spoke staring at the floor

atinuke “he rush to embraced her more ” I miss you, I miss you gidigan (so much) take this .look for me ” atinuke I promise you, you would achieve your dream “you going to become marriage counselor you always which to be

” she fried herself and turn to see rotimi at her back *************************


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