Rotimi came out of his room yawning ” he heard the sound of broom and rush down squeezing his face ”
what! going on ” he ask raising his voice “good morning “baale mii (my husband) atinuke knelt down holding broom and smiling ”
audu kept staring from distance and pretending to be doing something else ”
hey stop this nosence you doing ‘ get up and stop embarrassing me.
Now tell me “what you doing with that broom
“am sweeping, seems there is nothing else to do inside ” have cook, wash plate and clean everywhere ”
hey shut up “you talk too much. Who ask you to sweep outside “you see, I just can’t stand your nosence again. ” he excuse from her “she ran after him holding her wrapper not to fall”
oko MI (my husband) stop. “rotimi shut her up and cut a glance at the dinning table ” I don’t know if you like it ” I prepared egusi last night. So I make eba this morning for you ”
hey you did what!rotiimi held his forehead staring at her ” she shift back staring in fear ‘ hey. Go dispose that thing ” I can’t even stand your hand on my cloth thoughtless of making you making my food ”
he hissed and excuse from her ” atinuke watch him left and excuse to the dinning to eat the remaining food ”
she excuse to wash the dish and sat down drinking water “rotimi came out in some minutes looking dress up “oko MI (my husband) where are you going “atinuke stood up following him ”
hey. Stop that name you calling me “you can come me brother rotiimi”because am not even your mate ”
but we are not siblings now ” we are husband and wife ” atinuke corrected looking serious
thanks for reminding me “dummy ”
thank you “atinuke knelt down smiling “gosh! I can’t stand this woman ” he opened his wallet and gave her 4 thousand note ”
that’s for you to stay in door “don’t you dare come out and start talking around the whole estate like parrot “she accepted it smiling
“thank you oko mii (my husband) you are deaf. I just found out, you are ” listen very good.if anyone ask you anything “tell them you don’t know “OK.
Yes my husband ” rottimi noodd his head and opened the door to leave ” atinuke kept jumping In excitement “she counted the money up to three times before going to her room to keep it …………………
(rotimi pov)
rotimi stop at the bar to have some drink with Samson “he wasn’t looking good and kept drinking ”
o boy. When are you going to tell me what wrong “Samson hold his cup looking serious ” guy. no point telling you “you would make fun of me ”
why, let it out now “guy. Am married “he spoke looking serious
Sanson bursted to laughter ” hey stop your joke. It not even funny self ”
hey. Just like I knew you would make fun of me
“no. Like seriously it believable “you won’t wedd without letting your best friend knew ”
yh! That why am telling you “mum got me married oo”to who. Samson kept laughing ”
to a village girl “she is so annoying, I just can’t stand her Samson ”
waw! Congrat.
Hey stop. Am not happy ” rotimi spoke softly ” it suit you right “thank God your mama is so wise.
am very sure that was the main reason she called you to village ”
after I introduced you to pretty and educative girl. You said no “now you now regretting”
not your fault “rotimi help himself up looking upset “Samson kept laughing “what about gold “have she found out ”
Samson spoke after him “he didn’t reply and drove out of the bar


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