He couldn’t close the door seeing her on pant and bra ” one could see she is not aware of his present “she was busying talking to herself combing her hair ”

pastor praise, talk as if his leaving with us. That man is truly man of God “may be rotimi didn’t even know am existence .

I use everything to talk to him he didn’t even answer ” only God can change him ”

all I know it not my fault. I can’t even go to hell fire because I never refuse him .

He didn’t even ask self ” thank goodness he heard what pastor praise said ” it not good to deny your wife of sex, but rotimi never touch me ”

Am very sure, he has went out with his friend” that his friend can’t talk to him nii “she sat down and noticed a shadow ”

wait, someone is inside o “she turned back and didn’t see anyone “rotimi kept laughing at the back of the door “so, she is even dying for my touch.

Atinuke would kill me o”he kept laughing and stood gently beside the door ”

see her small breast ,and her waist chain is fine o” I swear if I don’t touch this girl it a crime ”

he rush down and drank the remaining drink on the table ” he drank more and return upstairs looking drunk “atinuke . She was shock and grabbed her wrapper immediately “oko MI. She force a smile ”

atinuke. he placed his hand on her chest and loose her wrapper gently staring at her ”

oko MI, oko MI ” you are drunk . She kept staring at him ” no. He noodd his head in disagreement ” I want to do what have been dying to do.

I want to make you happy as your husband ” he dragged her gently ,to close the door and un button his shirt ”

atinuke ♥ beat faster and kept staring at him ” he grabbed her close to his ♥ “she was filled of happiness inside of her ”

he kiss her neck and unbuckled her bra “she was speechless and close her eyes holding him ”

she push her to the bed gently and pulled his trouser ” he was fast getting her nude and stood up pulling his short “atinuke look away placing pillow on her face ”

after all your mouth, you are a shy type “he kept laughing ” she didn’t say a word “he grabbed the pillow from her face and counted her waist chain ” oko MI. She sit up staring at the wall ”

hey are you for real . are you sacred or shy ”

the waist chain. “she spoke in a shivering voice ” rotimi kept staring at her in surprise “atinuke is making me laugh o “15 waist chain to prevent rape.

He removed it one after the other “he removed the last one kissing her waist ” oko MI are you ready “she sit up looking sacred ”

tinuke ,you making me laugh “are you sacred. Yes “she finally admitted ” I would be careful OK ” he have his way and do it gently to his covinient ”

she was screaming and crying ” rotimi kept laughing Jerking her “didn’t you said you don’t feel pain easily, you would be laughing ”

is paining me jhor. She kept crying “atinuke would kill me” he kept laughing ”

keep making me fun of me o” she tried to get up ” he dragged her down gently jerking her ” atinuke sorry now, as time goes on you would love it OK ”

she was speechless moaning ” he noticed his about to c-m and c-m her ” he fell on her kissing her breast” why can’t I move my leg “she ask touching her thigh

“sorry. ” he wiped off her tears

she closed her eyes and got up from the bed “she managed herself to the bathroom “rotimi kept laughing ” I swear I can’t control myself, atinuke is making me laugh ……….

(atinuke pov)
She sat down inside the bathroom and refuse to come out ” rotimi has kill me o, ha! I can’t even move my leg.

She opened the shower and bath ” how would I come out, I can’t even look in to his face ” she opened the bathroom door and closed it back sitting on the WC ”

atinuke, atinuke “she heard her name and spoke softly ” yes.

Come outside ” oko MI am coming ” please towel “she open the door gently ” he hand her putting on his short ”

are you OK “he kiss her forehead ” yes. She closed the door smiling ” he kiss me. He kiss me sha “rotimi kiss me. He turned me to woman and kiss me ” she noticed the knock on the door and opened up falling in his arm ”

oko MI what again . This real sex “i want my wife, I want to make love to her, so. She wouldn’t remember to prepare my breakfast ”

he hand his way kissing her for real “she couldn’t deny it a real one, it deal with emotional feelings each and every part of her body embrace it ”

he release her after lot of satisfaction and kept breathing ” atinuke I swear i love tonight dinner ” he fell asleep kiss her briefly *****************


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