(beautiful Sunday)
Rotimi opened his eyes to discovered atinuke fully dressed ” she was on native gown showing her hips and body shape”

he opened his eyes widely to see “she bent down gently checking the mirror and tying head tie ” his eyes was on her ass, he couldn’t stop staring” he noticed the ring on her phone and sit up hurriedly ”

oko MI, you are awake “she rush to pick smiling ” brother John good morning
Of course am coming. I don’t even know, if he would follow me self “she sat down squeezing her face ”

she bursted to laughter and kept smiling ” she hung up staring at her phone “oko MI am going to church ”

rotimi look straight to her eyes ” with this. Yes now, I need to go ”

what are they doing today at your church ” he ask staring at her

oko MI you want follow me “she look excited “answer my question jhor ”

couple’s forum .

Wait. Brother John is coming “he spoke in haste .

ehn!now. She stares at the mirror

am coming with you ” he got up from bed and rush to the bathroom ” my husband said his going to church ” BAba God thank you oo” I really appreciate your work, for changing my husband life.

Thank you Lord ” rotimi rush out of the bathroom with towel ” wait for Me o. He rushed to change looking cute ”

oko MI so you have this cloth, ladies would die for you today.

waw! You have plenty ladies at your church “he tuck in checking the mirror ” yes and plenty guys.

Rotimi hiss using spray “wait do you just call it couple forum “he look serious

yes. And they are going to choose best couple ‘s”

Really! Rotimi stares at her checking his look ” yes. Oko MI dress well so you can win ”

you know what, go and change your cloth to that white gown I bought for you last week ”

oh! Yes. I remember ” she rush to change and came out turning around for him ” oko MI I would use hat instead of scarf ”

yes. It would be better ” oko MI “she came out with two different sandal and show him. No ” go and wear the one I bought with little heels ”

yes. And it match o” red bag, red heels and hat “she kept smiling ”

rotimi you also putting on white , she check for herself.

Today would be great ” He kept adjusting his red tie ” he was on white shirt and black trouser and black shoe ” atinuke use little powder and earrings “she wore her necklace and kept smiling ”

oko MI let go, you already OK. Wait ” he check the mirror for the last time and lead the way outside “atinuke close the door carrying her heels gently from falling ”

she met uncle deyo at the sitting room and watch rotimi hand him money “uncle am leaving to church. by Monday alani would meet you at the village ”

uncle deyo stares at him till he entered the car “atinuke wave him bye smiling and sitting at the front sit “she felt on top of the world……. …

She directed him to the church and came down smiling ” rotimi find a place to park and came down staring around ” all eyes on atinuke, she look different in her outfit ”

brother John ushered her inside and was surprised seeing rotimi ” he greeted forcing a smile ”

rotimi entered the church clearing his voice ” he could see lot of couples present putting on the same cloth ”

they were offered a sit close to one another ” he turned back and saw a pretty lady with her husband ” he smile at her “atinuke stares at him adjusting a little bit

“he was surprised seeing her reaction ” he focused on what the pastor was saying ” he laughed loudly and kept nodding in agreement

“all woman are crazy in different ways, no way she can hide her craziness for long .

they know how to handle and deal with their man ,especially doing the time he need pleasure “everyone bursted to laughter ”

atinuke kept laughing ” rotimi didn’t find it funny and gave her bad glance. she kept shut.

husband don’t cheat on your wife, stop it .woman satisfy your husband, at least make love two to three times in a week, it not sin.

If you married and you deny your husband for sex you going to hell. atinuke look serious

“husband , must she ask before you knew she want sex .so all the sign she is giving you, you don’t understand abi. I pray you won’t loose your family ” they all enchoes Amen ”

he stop preaching and hand the microphone to the mc” they appluad him “now let have a toast ”

rotimi notice a guy beside him “he hand him wine while brother John got atinuke up ” he held his hand to the stage ”

rotimi kept peeping from distant ” John and atinuke cut the cake to pieces and serve the couples one after the other ”

she kept smiling ” she stood beside her husband , he refused to pick “**********


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