atinuke stood up from the sofa and manage to climb the stairs sneezing ” she knock at rotimi door and noticed no respond”she Kept knocking until rotimi open up and return to bed
” atinuke excuse to the bathroom to urinate and came out carrying her bag . She sat down to arrange her clothes and change to something comfortable at the change room
“rotimi open his eyes yawning, and discovered her tying scarf and using it to covered her face
” rotimi am leaving, please don’t tell mama anything “if she ask of me. Tell her I ran away, you can’t find me “she turn to face him and opened the door to leave”
madam before you go, let your swollen eyes come down “rotimi stood up from bed closing the door ”
she turn her back at him and sat down gently “rotimi went out of the room and came back with ice ” he bent down gently in front of her apply it on her forehead and eyes ”
she close her eyes and endure the pain ” I don’t know why you have to cry so much for me to believe you.
She was speechless and let him please himself ”
it more better now. when you take medicine you would be fine completely . ‘rotimi stood up sitting on the chair ”
No thanks. She stood up gently ”
I should be on my way, am sorry for the pain have cause you and everything I done wrong ”
hey what your problem self ” rotimi dragg her to sit on the bed looking angry “do you think marriage is about, today I accept. Tomorrow am going back.
Why are you acting like a kid “rotimi raise his voice loudly
rotimi I don’t want problem, you don’t like me. And mind you” your brother said I was seducing him, I don’t want problem please and please let me go ”
am begging you “she knelt down crying ”
I should let you go where? I should be the one getting mad, for cheating on me “he raised his voice ”
atinuke kept crying. I atinuke. Never in my life seduce a guy, why would I start with alani. Why, what so special in him “you don’t have oko MI ”
am not in hurried to have sex. I know when you fully accept me, you would ask for it.
All I knew I can’t continue this way .no. I think I should leave ” she stood up .
Tell me atinuke and looks straight in to my eyes” what you saying is true ”
yes. Alani was the one trying to rape me,i didn’t seduce him “atinuke open the door with force ”
atinuke, atinuke, ” rotimi dragg her back and turn her face him “tinuke sorry now, I lost my temper. Please forgive me. “atinuke fried herself crying ”
atinuke, atinuke, ” he grabbed her from the stairs and embrace her “am sorry now, look at you .you know I don’t joke with you ‘sorry. Sorry please “she calm down crying like ever before and buried her head on her husband chest……….
Atinuke went down after some minutes to prepare breakfast for her husband and kept sneezing “alani came down laughing “when do you start fighting wrestling”
it non of your business. Atinuke spoke looking upset “ehn! Ehn “anyway where is rotimi?.
Atinuke didn’t replied ”
I trust him he must be at work “alani pick apple from the dinning table eating loudly
so the whole house is left alone for me and you “he came closer to her laughing ”
uncle alani, uncle alani. Don’t start again, am warning you o “she kept shifting back
who is this one threaning .abi is not atinuke that use to fear me then,
because rotimi brought you to Lagos to enjoy ashawo”
he grabbed her and push her to the sofa “uncle alani stop. Uncle alani “he dragged her gown up holding her two hands”
rotimi, rotimi “she kept shouting. Rotimi is not at home to safe you ode ” alani notice the hard hit on his head and fell down bleeding “he was surprised seeing rotimi and kept staring at atinuke.
Oko MI it is not me. She knelt down crying ‘ I trust you atinuke. Forgive me for putting the blame on you ”
he help her up embracing her “alani so you are the real devil . you would regret ever going near my wife “he lock the door calling the cops
“alani couldn’t stood up and kept struggling and pleading ” atinuke go and bring all his load out of the room “rotimi fired in anger ”
atinuke didn’t waste much time and threw it on him praising God for revealing the secret so quick


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