clinchy. I want you to look for better teacher that take English perfectly and other subject ‘ “rotimi stares at her looking serious ”
yes sir. She kept nodding her head and adjusting her glasses ”
have you get the shop I ask you to find ” yes sir. Big and wide’ it going to contain lot of stuff and it an open place ”
that good. Make enquiry from the agent, I would love to see for myself ”
yes sir. “she spoke handing him file
Who ask of me ‘he pick a pen to Sign ”
gold sir.
Gold, that strange .” he look surprise
you can leave I just call her ” he pick his phone and dial gold’s number ” she pick up laughing
Gold : rotimi, rotimi,
Rotimi are you doing
Gold : so you can forget me, after times and moment we spent together
rotimi : you won’t just understand How things turn how to be gold” I barely get time for myself ” always busy gold.
Gold :are we seeing today .i miss you so much
Rotimi :gold, you won’t understand. I can’t sleep out, you know the situation now
Gold :Waw! So you can’t take me to your house again, I guess your wife will get mad
Rotimi :gold, gold” she hung up the call ” rotimi stares at his phone and noticed the ring on it ” atinuke
Atinuke : oko MI, should I prepare rice and stew or semon and vegetable
Rotimi : he kept laughing “wait. Why did you like calling me “oko MI. Instead of my name
Atinuke : ha! Oko MI ” I would call you back ” but why did you send uncle alani home before you?
rotimi : his said his tired and need to get some rest ” hope there is no problem ”
Atinuke :ok. Bye bye ” I would prepared rice and stew “she hung the call
Rotimi kept laughing ” wait a minute. Atinuke have reason for each and everything she said ”
I think I should go home. He carried his laptop from the table and rush to the car
(Alani pov)
Alani kept throwing paper at atinuke ‘ she didn’t say a word and kept blending pepper ”
he stood up and snatch the plate from her ”
what are you going to do . Or you think rotimi would support you, no. Anything I do to you right now is for fun ”
what Did you plan to do to me, are you mad “atinuke shift back staring at him ”
so you can now talk to me the way you like abi, alani came closer laughing “I can’t blame you. When you have started having sex with someone at my age ” you wouldn’t be sacred to talk to me ”
he chased her around the chair ” uncle alani leave me now, the rice has almost done ”
who cares . You don’t even have idea what I want to do ” he caught her between the sofa while she bite his leg crying ”
she tried to run outside , he grabbed her and dragged her gown up “ha! Uncle alani please. Don’t do this please, am begging you ”
he pushed her to the chair and tear her cloth with his hand ” is this not all what you hidding, small breast ” he positioned himself and loose his belt ”
what! Rotimi entered the house dropping his car key in shock ” thank goodness you here rotimi “alani got up buckling his belt ”
this ashawo you call wife as been seducing me ever since I moved in “thank goodness you saw her with your eyes ” alani move back folding his two hands
oko MI. it a lie ” atinuke covered her chest crying ”
Yeeeeeeeh .woman are devil o, if you see the way she was pleading me earlier ‘ uncle alani just one touch I would feel OK. my husband have been starving me for sex, all this while
Please ” just do it now
it OK alani. rotimi held his forehead and excuse upstairs looking ”
alani God am serving would expose you ” she pointed at him crying and ran after rotimi pleading ******


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