Rotimi got up from bed checking the time “8:15″ he rush to Bath and came out picking what to wear hurriedly ”
he kept staring at atinuke “why Is she still on bed. ” he put on his shirt and button up checking the mirror “he dress up and opened the drawer selecting wrist watch ” atinuke must be weak.she never woke up late ”
he came closer to her and woke her up gently ” good morning .she open her eyes stretching her hand ”
what is the time. She get up hurriedly ” 8:40″
am so sorry oko MI ” I would just prepare something immediately” wait. Rotimi called her back ” go back to bed, you don’t look good ”
she does as she was told staring at him “rotimi the drug is making me weak, I need to eat something. She spoke hitching her neck ”
I would be back “he opened the door and went to straight to the kitchen ” he met alani at the sitting room yawning “rotimi good morning. Morning ” he pick four slices of bread and prepare tea”
he placed it inside the tray and noticed the ring on his phone “alani take. Help me give it to atinuke ” he sat down to answered his call ”
OK. alani collected the tray smiling “he stop at the door and met it open
he entered the room seeing her on bed “she got up grabbing blanket on her chest ”
why are you here. She looks shock “commom. Am not here to bite you ‘take, rotimi said I should give you ”
she accept it and watch him left “she stood up to brush her teeth and sat down to eat “rotimi entered the room and gave her money ”
he kept receiving call and went out closing the door “atinuke counted the money and kept smiling ” she went out in some minutes and noticed no one at the sitting room ”
she sat down staring at everywhere ” rotimi won’t let me go out,and I would love to see aunty Felicia for the teacher he said I should find ”
abi I should sneak out nii.
Yes ” she rush upstairs and came down In some minutes dressed up “she sneak out of the house without making a sound and stop at madam Hannah’s shop ”
Felicia gave her bad glance from distance “atinuke kept staring in confusion ”
aunty Felicia good morning. She didn’t reply and carry her chair inside ”
what happened now. Did I offend you “she look surprise seeing her reaction
see, leave. I don’t want your husband whala.
My husband didn’t even know here “he only knows I come here ” atinuke sat down staring at her
it your thinking. not rotimi ” Felicia kept pressing her phone ”
are you sending me away “atinuke look sad. Yes atinuke. Your husband would get me arrested, rotimi never joke with woman ”
are you sure, He said that ‘atinuke stood up looking upset ”
ehn now! “Felicia stares at her looking serious
No problem “she stop a bike and stop at the house looking upset “she knock at the gate audu was surprise seeing ” madam how you come outside “whalai madam na ghost fa.
he opened the door and watch her walk in crying ”
she entered house the and cry her eyes out ”
am not a dog now, why would he hate me and tell others to do the same. No. I can’t take it anymore ” she kept yelling and fell asleep at the spot
she woke up feeling bored and entered the room stretching her hand “she noticed the basket beside the bathroom and open it
she discovered it dirty clothes ” she carried it at the compound and sent audu soap”
with this , I won’t be bored self. She watch 9 shirt neatly and perfectly and wash the rest of his clothes ”
I wonder how many month he has been storing this” she kept talking to herself
the cloth occupied all the rope tied at the back yard ” she wash his short and singlet ”
she finished washing looking tired “she entered the house checking the time “4:30″ she prepared dinner and felt more tired ”
she set the table and excuse upstairs to sleep changing to something convenient ……
rotimi got home and noticed the food on the table checking the time “atinuke never slept early. ” he loose his tie checking around for her ”
Alani walk in yawning “am so hungry, where is your wife ” he ask going to the table ”
rotimi went to the room and met her asleep “he dropped his laptop and pulled his suit ”
he hung it and excuse to bath ” he noticed the basket empty and woke atinuke in anger “where are my clothes.
She opened her eyes yawning ” oko MI. welcome. I wash everything, am sorry I forgot to pack it inside ”
you mean you wash all this. It a laundry man work for goodness sake ” rotimi stares at her looking upset
“am sorry. I was bored that why I wash it “she lay back facing the wall ”
atinuke, atinuke ” he called her name staring at her”she refused to answer and stay silent ”
rotimi let her be and change to pyjamas going out ” everything I do. he complain “no doubt my husband hate me, I should leave before he get provoke “atinuke slept back looking upset
(alani pov)
alani kept eating like ever before “he notice rotimi and kept smiling ” rotimi ,your wife can cook o ”
Ha! I done miss her cooking self ” he kept licking the soup
so she has been cooking for you before I met her “rotimi serve himself ”
very well .she is always at mama house “cooking or washing her clothes”
really! she must be so close to mama.
yes “ever since her mum got married to someone else .she has stop taking care of her and always request from her instead ”
I guess mama took her in. out of pity “alani look serious
no wonder she never call her mum “rotimi drank water looking serious.
that woman no care jhor “she already has kids with her second husband”
what about atinuke father.
Father keh. He has die long time ago ” alani drank water ”
atinuke grew up and survive in the street ” but she is very hardworking and nice ” alani spoke smiling.
yes she is “rotimi added ”
that woman didn’t take rubbish from anyone “all the guys fear her o ” alani kept laughing
really! rotimi sit up smiling ”
yes. but I like her then ,a lot self. what about now “rotimi ask looking serious ”
alani replied yawning and laughing ” good night ” he excuse to sleep without another word
“rotimi watch him climb the stairs ” he stood up thinking about everything he said


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