(beautiful Monday)
The sound of water from the bathroom got atinuke up ” she sit up yawning and came down from the bed gently ”
yeeeh. Who send me message now “she felt uncomfortable sitting down”
once my husband is gone. I would have to see aunty Felicia and told her about the hitches” she sat down staring at the mirror ”
rotimi came out of the bathroom with towel and noticed her passed beside him yawning without greetes ”
she turned back kneeling “Mabinu oko MI. Good morning (she get up without waiting for reply)
atinuke came out of the bathroom rinsing her face she opened the door to leave downstairs and turn back gently removing Money from the draw ” ehn! Ehn! Oko MI (my husband) you came home drunk last night ” here is the money that fell from your shirt ”
she hand him and turn to leave “rotimi called her back and gave her “use it to make your hair.
yeeeh” all this oko MI (she embrace him and came back to her real self apologizing “emabinu(am sorry) she left smiling ”
this woman no dey fear “and she is very honest o ” I trust gold.she would almost tear my shirt while searching ” rotimi excuse to change closing the door
(atinuke pov)
Atinuke got down to prepare breakfast singing “she notice mama coming down with her bag and look surprise ”
mama you are going. She dropp the spoon in her hand looking sad ” yes my dear. This your husband house ,am also going to my husband house ”
but should spend more time with us now please ” no atinuke . It high time you make your home, don’t forget our last conversation ”
mama notice rotimi coming down and stop talking ”
Maami,don’t tell me you leaving “rotimi look surprise.
Yes my dear. I need to leave”
ha! But. “he couldn’t finish his statement when mama bump in ”
No but “just take care of yourself and your wife .stop looking outside “gonorrhea, typhoid, infection, HIV and aids “na in full those woman outside. “mama raised her voice demonstrating
Mama . Rotimi kept checking his time
“farabale ” calm down “am not done talking
“this woman you seeing here “she is your happiness and everything “don’t push her out am telling you my own ”
she is everything a man want and like “nothing, she lack as a woman ”
I no your taste now .that why I choose her ” Lepa with talking bumbum and sugar breast “mama “atinuke kept laughing ”
iyawo MI (my wife) you would born girl. Amin (amen) born boy (amen) atinuke kept laughing “even twins “amen ma. She kept laughing and kneeling down ”
Maami ” take this for transport. I would send more money to your account “rotimi turn to leave ”
come back oga. Am not your mate, you can’t leave me here talking to your wife “Maami. Rotimi stares at her.
Ehn! I carried you for nine months. Back you for three years “he stop sucking at 2 yrs “if he likes breast now,it not big deal ”
atinuke kept laughing “rotimi gave her bad glance. She kept shut looking serious ”
Oya hug your wife in front of me ”
ehn! Rotimi nodd his head in disagreement ”
are you OK. Do you think am playing with you “mama dropp her bag and excuse to the kitchen to get turning stick ”
no child is over beating” Oya. Mama directed him “he came closer and embrace her ”
wait. atinuke don’t leave him until I say say so ”
mama removed her bible ” no one would separate you “she makes sign of cross and watch rotimi turn to leave outside ”
come back here rotimi. mummy, am getting late now ” oga you are the boss OK.
come and embrace me ” he does as he was told and went out ”
thank you ma. atinuke knelt down to greet ” iyawo MI. God bless you “mama pick her bag to leave ”
what about breakfast MA ”
am OK. take care of yourself and your husband OK “she nodded and excurt her to the gate ”
she turned back to return inside looking sad ” rotimi gain freedom once again ”
but. I need to see sister Felicia ” She stop cooking and rush upstairs to freshen up ***************


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