Common Sanson, do you think I have any other Choice”rotimi placed his luggage inside the booth and put on his speck ”
I don’t have Samson .you know how mum do behave ” she won’t take it likely with me ”

Alright I would call you when I got to the village “he hung up and settled inside to drive “audu ,audu ” he called him loudly ‘yes oga ” he rushed out holding his cap ”

I would be out for 2 to 3days “don’t let anyone in OK ‘ yes oga “he rush to open the gate and watch him drove out ”
he closed the gate laughing ‘ oga done travel “yawa! Make I call adija “he dial her number in excitement and kept peeping to see who is at the gate…… …….

(Rotimi pov)
rotimi got to the village and walk in to father’s house silently ” he rush out and stop the little kid from going near his range over ”

he entered the house looking upset “he postrated seeing his mum outside and ask for his dad looking worried ” he was shocked seeing him eating pounded yam and egusi soup ”

a beautiful lady greeted him kneeling and smiling ” she said some word to his father ear while they both bursted to laughter ‘
rotimi felt angry and sat down staring at everywhere ” mum can you please explain what going on “he noticed his mum come in holding atinuke
rotimi .i know you won’t come, that was why I use my own idea ”
common know I don’t like this environment” let go to the city mum and dad ” he turned to face them one after the other
keep shut .you have no idea how much we love it here “anyway that’s not important “why I called you. it all because I got you a wife “seems you want to die single ”
common mum. It a joke right ” he kept laughing ”

gbenu San “shut up ” you calling this beautiful woman a joke “atinuke stand up let him see you my dear ”

goodness! Stop Mum . it not even part of my agenda, I can’t even think about it now. No please ”
what this one saying “see my wife. Don’t mind him oo ” that your husband go and meet him ”
hey. Don’t come close “rotimi shun her in anger “mum stop all this. You know I can’t marry her
“says who ” you better take her home as your wife before we first you to reach home ”

what! No mum .dad aren’t you saying anything ” Mr kolapo pick a little broom and remove the meat between his teeth ”
rotimi you should be thanking me and your mother “we have paid her bride price .”

she can cook, do house chores and am very sure when you knack am na twins”
atinuke is just the perfect girl for you .” Mrs kolapo added looking and patting atinuke shoulder ”” rotimi stood up in anger and excuse to the room
Iyawo mii (my wife) no mind him jare “I would carry your twins with my hand “once is it tomorrow morning go and pack all your stuff ” atinuke kept smiling and kneeling to greet mr/mrs kolapo

2days after
rotimi, rotimi ” mama stop him from entering the car ”
atinuke Oya carry your load inside the car “mama fired In anger ”

what! No mum. I can’t just stand her or the trash she called load, that smelling thing” rotiimii covered his nose ‘
atinuke don’t mind him oo ” Rotimi please now “Mrs kolapo tried to knee ‘

mum ” rotimi grabbed her up looking angry ” take her as your wife please “she is a wife material and a decent woman ”
see “she is still a virgin oo “Mrs kolapo spoke softly ”

mum I don’t care. Am only taking her because of your pleading ” I would return her back if I can’t stand her ” he excuse to the car and watch atinuke ran inside the car ”

mama help me greet demilade, tope and afusa “tell them my husband as come for you ”
keep shut ” rotimi shut her up in anger ” help me greet my mum ” she waved them crying ” rotimi drove out of the village roughly


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