Mama am tired. I can’t continue this way. your son didn’t like me at all, Am just forcing myself on him ”
it best I go back to the village. she kept crying ”
don’t talk like that atinuke . It is the matter of time “am very sure, when you are carrying his child. He has no other option than to accept you ”
child keh. Only one virgin got pregnant in the Bible, am not sure I can be the second one “atinuke sit up hissing ”
what do you mean. Mama look serious ”
mama.ever since your son brought Me here “he never mistakly touch my cloth or ask me for sex.
He hates me so much that, he prefer to sleep with ashawo than Me.
Ha! Rotimi has killed me. Why didn’t you tell now atinuke “mama look worried ”
I thought maybe you were the one that gave him herbs when he came to visit you “so he wouldn’t find woman attractive ”
why would I do that. I only got him married that all . Atinuke so you telling me you still a virgin
yes mama
my husband haven’t turned me to woman o” she placed her hand on her cheek
ha! Abi he has problem nii” mama look worried
problem keh. Someone everybody knew as womanizer “about two to three people called me to leave “he would kill me with sex.
Ha! Rotimi is just making me sad ‘mama look 😔 ”
Mama don’t cry o. As for me it my cross. even if I have to put sleeping pill on his drink ” he must sleep with me, no way .
Ehn! Ehn ” thank you atinuke. God bless you, who knows if that witch as turn his back at you
“mama don’t worry. I know how to handle him “he came down “atinuke stop Talking and pretended to be crying ” rotimi excuse outside with his car key in anger………………….
Sanson am tired. I can’t cope with that woman anymore, she is a big case. Big one ”
carry her to court now, if the case is big. “Samson kept laughing ”
Omo igbo ogbadu( you are not OK)
like seriously I never expected to see you today.
You that now a days,from office to home. you no dey come bar come drink. Now you get problem you giving me headaches with your noise.
Not your fault Samson. I just knew you are a bad friend ”
Samson bursted to laughter. Bad friend indeed
” it is you that is giving yourself problem ” you mum got you a lady, not just anyone ” decent lady.
Didn’t you said she is s virgin and knew how to cook ” you said it with your own mouth she never woke up late and never forget to do the house chores ”
now you complaining, because gold found out you marry.
She knew before. But .
but what? I swear assume I met that lady before you, all I need to do “enroll her to school and transform her to my taste ”
mind you didn’t you said “she is very respectful she never greeted you standing ,always on her knee ”
what else. Tell me. What do you still want rotimi ” I pray you don’t loose her ”
hey stop threatening me. Who would want a village girl anyway ”
me Samson. I want a village girl like atinuke ”
it OK Samson please. you talking as if you leaving with us, that lady is so annoying” he frowned face and empty his cup ”
you yourself can take life out of someone “must you f–k all the ladies before you settled down”samson notice the ring on his phone and pick ”
sweetheart. am. on my way ” it is the traffic now, please don’t close the gate ”
he hung up and stood up hurriedly ” are you leaving “rotimi ask looking surprise ”
yes o. I don’t want to sleep outside ”
I know the woman I have “goodnight ” he patted rotimi shoulder and turn to leave ‘rotimi kept staring at his bottle looking upset *************************


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