just imagine ” rotimi sit up pointing at atinuke direction ” you can brought the girl from the village, but you would never bringt village out the girl ”
just imagine ” he kept clapping his hands” I ask her too her bath she said no. Now she is sleeping on the floor like a begger.
it just as if am the wicked one here.
He stood up in anger and kept peeping ” no side talk “atinuke stood up yawning ”
so you up listening to me” rotimi hiss eyeing her”
‘no. I only heard wicked ‘ that all ” good morning ” she knelt down gretting him
“morning, morning “he greeted with his hand and excuse to the bathroom ”
atinuke sat down stretching her hand “she opened her bag and arrange her stuff in front of the mirror ” she sat down checking her look and noticed rotimi in with towel ”
she covered her eyes and opened the door to leave outside ” are you done ‘she spoke knocking ”
rotimi didn’t reply and continue with what he was doing ” atinuke bump in And cut him on short “get out “he fired in anger ”
am sorry. She rush out and sat at the sitting room “she excuse to greet mama and woke her up from sleep ”
mama promised to join her soon “she left waiting in front of the door” rotimi are you done. She kept knocking ”
he opened the door buttoning his shirt ” I want to use the bathroom “she rush in and forget to pick towel ”
rotimi , rotimi ” she kept calling him “hey. I know you very cunny and tricking “don’t ever think I would stick so low to get attracted to your body
” rotimi towel please “hey. Didn’t you heard me “he hit the bathroom door and fling the towel in anger ”
thank you oko MI (my husband) she started again with oko MI ” he used the spray and watch her came out shivering ”
wait. Are you so dummy to have forgotten the rule ” rotimi ask looking serious
yes I remember now “she tried to sit “stand up ” rotimi fired in anger ”
what again now . You dressing, I want to wait till you done ”
hey. Go dressed at the change room “rotimi pointed to the direction
atinuke left taking to herself” you should be happy you seeing me on towel. all the guys know me in my village “am a fighter. She kept hissing ”
so you insulting me abi.”rotimi ask softly ”
no. Not all ” she knelt down pleading
take “my mechanic would come for this money. Use this to prepare something good ”
ok” she accept it and place it on the table ” rotimi left checking his wrist watch ………..
(atinuke pov)
am not sure my husband is human being ” just a night, I mistakly slept off at modina’s boyfriend house. He almost raped me because of my beauty ”
abi ,am not fine again nii. She loose her towel checking the mirror.
What am saying self “someone that like woman, may be he has changed and find woman annoying and disgusting ”
one day I would ask from mama . she might has gave him herbs. abi ” why would he marry me without touching me. he didn’t like me or my body ”
she kept talking to herself and cut a glance at his wardrobe “Yeeeeeeeh ” see cloth .she placed her hand on the head ”
he even get time to arrange shoe and belt ” this guy like Shakara o ”
she opened his drawer and saw expensive wrist watch and ring ” his he selling this self” she tried it on her hand laughing ”
it fine o. she close the draw and noticed his body spray neatly arrange ” she counted six”
yes. I said it. My husband his a ghost “ha! Six perfume. She kept checking his stuff and mistakly broke his glass award ”
Yeeeeeeeh “she placed her hand on her head crying ” village straight. Let me start packing my load” I no my village people are here with me, Yeeeeeeeh ” rotimi would kill somebody ”
should I tell mama. no. ” Yeeeeeeeh “she kept crying and sitting on the floor ” who send me message, who send me. Yeeeeeeeh ************


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