(Beautiful Friday morning)
I don’t even what to see his face ” atinuke sat down on the floor loosing her hair ‘
his too harsh self ” she heard the knock on the door and pretended to be asleep ” rotimi kept knocking ”
atinuke I know you can hear me ” you never woke up late ”
atinuke grabbed blanket on her head placing two pillows on her ear “atinuke ,atinuke “rotimi kept knocking ”
he got frustrated and hit the door in anger “atinuke got up holding her chest ”
this guy one to kill me ” she opened the door gently and noticed a hand on her neck ”
yeeeh “she kept coughing ”
sorry, I don’t intend to hold you there “rotimi free her ”
it OK am fine. Good morning ” atinuke kept smiling ”
take. Am going to work ” prepare something good “he cleared his voice and went down
“hmm ” his scent his fine oo ” hmm “she sat down on the stair loosing her hair ”
6 thousand for food .baba Shukura salary “she kept counting ” let me go and buy food stuff “he might come early like yesterday,and start shouting ”
she excuse to her room and change her cloth ” she got basket from the kitchen and noticed everything she plan to buy inside the kitchen
‘Waw! So have been wasting money all this while “see okoro, Yeeeeeeeh ” rotimi can kill someone with silent oo ”
what should I prepared self “and am going to Vigil oo ” pounded yam and vegetable soup ” yes .she look excited
but where would I get odo ” motal ” let me ask audu “she rush out calling audu ” audu, audu
“please where can I borrow odo ”
odo. What odo “he ask looking confused
she hiss” that thing they use to pound yam now ” “whalai oga no get “audu kept laughing ”
” atinuke look worried “open the gate I want to buy vegetable at the market ”
madam no tey oo, Abeg ” he opened the door and watch her stop bike “she stop at madam Hannah’s shop ”
they find it hard to recognize her “she kept laughing ” she told them about her day so far “Felicia lend her motal and excurt her to the market to get more ingredient ”
she took her to salon with the remaining change and selected nice Weavon ”
she look beautiful seeing her look and kept smiling and embracing Felicia ”
she got a bike waving her hair and nails ” she look extremely beautiful……….
Rotimi got home and kept staring at atinuke ” I guess you saw Felicia today “he finally spoke after long silent ”
yes .and she pay for my hair and nail ” I only bought this Weavon 5 thousand ,and the remaining 1 thousand is for vegetable
and the rest of ingredients ”
I never ask you for calculation OK “rotimi dropp the magazine on his hand ”
am sorry. Food is ready ” pounded yam and vegetable “she kept smiling ”
he stood up and sat on the table “he opened the pounded yam and deep it inside the soup ”
he stares at atinuke immediately and noticed she was busying washing plate ” her hair change her look lot “she look mature and beautiful ”
he kept eating and add more watching if she is staring ” he drank water sweating profusely ”
he licked the soup hurriedly turning back to see her ” rotimi “yes. He ask dropping the plate
” oh! You like it “atinuke spoke in excitement “he finally saw her really well ” you fix eyes lashes. he look serious ”
go remove it OK. He tried to stood up” atinuke rush to get him water to wash his hand”
who lend you motal “he ask drinking water
“Felicia. she spoke smiling “oh! I see ” thank you “he excuse from the table using his hand to find himself despite the AC ”
atinuke kept smiling when he noticed he almost finished the pounded yam ” she sat down to eat the rest ”
yes, yes ” rotimi is now eating my food ” she kept laughing and smiling


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