Rotimi drove in and came down seeing the main door lock ” he check the time nodding his head ” 9:15″ he walk up to audu room and brought him out with punch ”
didn’t I make myself cleared enough not to let her out ” he look upset ” oga. Whalai na you say make she go ”
did you heard it from me ” no. Oga. Please oga ” what time did she left ” he ask holding his forehead ”
4:00 pm oga ”
and she is not back by this time ” he look worried and walk to his front door
he opened the door and entered sitting ” he kept checking the time and noticed the horn outside ” he peep at the window and noticed audu open the gate ”
she kept smiling and waving at brother John “she held a little nylon checking what inside ” rotimi sat down waving his car key ”
atinuke come in and was shock seeing him “she held her chest smiling “I was scared o”
ha! Am so tired ” let me go and keep this one inside fridge .by tomorrow it would have get cold ”
wait atinuke. Rotimi turn to face her ” who is giving you the courage you using now a days,
courage. I don’t have courage oo ” I only collected Pepsi for you and me “she knelt removing her scarf ”
look at the time you coming, are you OK ” He spoke in anger. Listen very good, am warning you oo. This nonsense you doing I would take you back to the village.
First, of first I would report you to mama ” he pick his phone and noticed atinuke grabbed his leg ” oko MI (my husband) his head come down and dropped the phone staring at her ”
I wouldn’t leave this house again. I promise you, please ” she kept holding his leg and pleading ” he stood up without a word to her and excuse to his room ”
Yeeeeeeeh ” she ran to the stairs and ran back “rotimi, rotimi ” Yeeeeeeeh ” brother John is just a bother to me now. She sat down placing her hand on her cheek “she noticed the sound of her tummy and rush to the fridge “she ate the remaining bread on the table and drank Pepsi on it “rotimi sorry now “she kept chewing her mouth and pleading……….
Rotimi came down from the stairs and noticed no one at the kitchen ” he went outside and couldn’t find atinuke ”
he look worried and went up knocking at her door ” atinuke ,atinuke ” yes “she spoke from the room without opening the door ”
are you OK ” he ask knocking “ehn! She replied in a cool voice ” he left to change and came out in some minutes and noticed she still inside ”
I drop some cash on the table OK ” he spoke knocking ” bye bye ” she replied in a cool voice
“what wrong with her rotimi kept speaking to himself ” he noticed her open the door holding her tummy “are you OK ” he held her down to sit ” yes. She lay down on the sofa ”
wait. Are you on “rotimi ask looking serious ” on, on, “she look confused ”
oh! I meant are you having your menstraution” yes . She replied nodding her head
Oh OK ” go get felvin I learnt it work ”
wait a minute ” he excuse to his room and gave her pad ” take ”
what is this ” she ask checking it
“pad .you place it on your underwear ”
no. I use cloth instead ”
what! No. Go and use this ” he watch her got up and change to something comfortable before coming down ”
he left giving her one thousand to get pad” he left and remind audu not to let her out or let anyone in ”
she jump up when she noticed him drove out ” yes, yes ” am not going again .Yeeeeeeeh ”
but my stomach is paining me oo ” Yeeeeeeeh ” it becoming Real o ” she lay down holding her belly


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