Politics in Nigeria has been regarded as a do or die affair, whereby political personnel use force, violence and every available means to achieve their ambition.

The present administration has gone through the process of re-election in the 2019 presidential election, was declared by INEC has the winner of the election but then the opposition party,

PDP has chosen to battle out the claim in court as they argue that the mandate was stolen from them through the rigging of the election.

It has not ended as the All Progressive Congress has been making plans on how to win and defeat the opposition party PDP in the 2023 presidential election.

It must be recalled that Nigeria presidential position is allocated according to the 6 geopolitical zones in the country or better put the between the three major tribes in the country, Hausa, Igbo and Yoruba’s.

With the tenure of the Hausa/Fulani coming to in 2023, there arises a need for the different political party to strategies for whom is going to bear their flag for the 2023 presidential election.

Always know that politicians are very keen on who they present as their flag bearer, as the face that bears the party logo mostly determine the success or failure of the party in the election.

Now that the PDP is occupied with the challenge of reclaiming their lost mandate in the court of law, the All Progressive Congress has taken a cut behind to plan ahead of them in 2023 presidential election

Now the battle for the flag bearer of the APC in 2023 is battle between two major forces of the party.

The national leader of the APC, Asiwaju Ahmed Tinubu intention was captured in a meeting held by “The Yoruba Ronu Leadership Forum”,

Where it was revealed that;

“A vote for APC is to confirm our desire for the 2023 presidential bid.

“Second, it is to give honour to Tinubu- a leader who has made a difference in many areas that offered dignity and advantages to the Yoruba people.

“The coming Saturday election should be seen as an event of national importance by the entire Yoruba people.

“Tinubu had displayed both the desire and energy to lead the Yoruba people and we can all see his usefulness at the national and local levels, ” it said.

The forum also said that it was Tinubu’s desire to make all states in the South-West attain economic integration.

It urged members and supporters of Yoruba race including students, housewives, artisans and traders to go out early to cast their votes.

“Vote all governorship and house of assembly candidates in the South-West and in honour of the noble steps and ideas of Tinubu on Saturday.

“We should carry out door-to-door campaign to endear this great leader into the hearts of our visitors and everyone around our vicinity.

“The incursion of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) back into the South-West must be halted at this polls.

“PDP and its leaders have not shown any desire to change from their many ignoble deeds and today, we can all see that they have made a virtue of their evil doings.

“Yoruba Ronu members in the whole of South-West including those of them in Kogi and Kwara must reach out to all eligible voters to vote APC candidates in the polls,” the group said.

With the effort of Tinubu during the re-election of president Muhammadu Buhari, one might want to suggest that Buhari would give him full support, for him to emerge the winner in the 2023 presidential election race, but the president has a different pick and choice, according to blueprint news it was recalled that;

“President Buhari speaks on Osinbajo’s humility, he said he has not seen any vice president as humble as Osinbajo, this the type of a man Nigerians need in 2023.”

Now the battle line is drawn. who will be APC’s presidential candidate for 2023?

Make a pick and drop your comment in the box below;

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