BLOOD ON MY HANDS … (18+) … Part 15


“And where do you think you are going young lady?” Auntie Helen asked when I walked out of the room with my suitcases
“I thought I told you I am leaving the country for a while”
“And I thought I said you can’t just leave” She said blocking my way
“You have no say in my life auntie Helen so out of my way”
“You are under my responsibility and if anything happens to you I will be held accountable”
“Don’t worry about me I will be extra careful”
“Talia you are not going anywhere, now will you go back to your room and we can talk about you taking a vacation later?” She said calmly
“Wonders shall never end” I laughed
“Hope I have made myself clear”
“I don’t want to resort to violence so please out of my way”
“No” She responded trying to get my suitcase.
“Breath in Talia” I told myself
I looked at her one more time and i felt my blood pressure rise, she was deliberately provoking me, so I pounced on her unexpectedly. I would have ripped her body parts apart but I didn’t have enough time because I had a flight to catch so I just stepped on her face and walked out leaving her gasping for air.
“Serves you right” I muttered
I was just about to drive out when someone banged on the gate when the gateman opened it, an angry Geo stormed in.
I slowly got out of my car so I could face him.
“Baby” I smiled trying to peck his lips, but he pushed me off him.
“You disgust me Talia” He yelled
“What have I done now?”
“Don’t play dumb with me, you killed an innocent child and you made Tamara lose our baby”
“Oh she was pregnant my condolences?”
“I will kill you Talia” He said trying to hold my hand.
“I have no time for games” I said walking back to my car.
Before I could get into my car he hit me with something on the head and I fell off, I had a soft spot for Geo and I didn’t want to hurt him so I got up and tried to get into my car but he hit me again and that’s when I got really pissed.
I turned and flew at him with all the force in me, when he was on the ground I strangled him as he tried to scream. At that point I lost all sense of reasoning so i startsd punching and kicking him. Looking at him in that vulnerable state got me bloody thirsty so i got I opened my car door and got a bottle of whiskey and smashed it in his head.
Auntie Helen and the others where screaming for me to let him go but none of them got close to me.
When i saw the blood seeping out onto the ground, I got excited and started sucking it.
“My God Talia noooooo” Someone screamed then I jumped off him and realised what I had just done.
I felt the warm tears sliding down my cheeks as Geo fought for his life.
“I didn’t mean to hurt you, I love you Geo” I knelt beside him and wept.
“Some one call the police” Someone screamed but I didn’t make i move, for the first time I years i felt powerless and weak.

Three Years Later
“Mummy mummy, wake up already” Deborah says jumping on top of the bed.
“D Mummy is trying to rest”
“It’s morning and you are supposed to take us horse riding remember” She asks as she opens my eyes
“Fine D, let me get up, where is your sister?”
“Making breakfast” She smiles
I slowly get out of bed and make my way to the bathroom, I take a warm relaxing bath and when I am done I walk out with a towel wrapped around my body. My bed has already been made and some clothes have been placed on top of it with a note that says “Wear these”
I giggle like a little girl as I apply lotion on my body. When I am fully dressed I walk out of the room and find the girls by the dinning table, they are dressed exactly like me.
“You guys look awesome” I simile
“You don’t look bad yourself” We laugh
We are all dressed in blue ripped jeans, black T-shirts and blue sneakers.
We have our breakfast as we talk about random stuff, when we are done we rush outside. The weather is perfect just the way I like it, I allow the cool breeze to hit my face as I watch my children race with their horses.
As I look at my girls, my heart melts, nothing makes me as happy as seeing them smile. They complete me and I am thankful that life has given me a second chance to be a mother to them.
“Mummy come join us” Joan calls out to me and as I walk to them my mind flashes back to three years ago when I almost lost my life.
That day I had driven to Lusaka at high speed because my mind kept telling me Talia was up to no good. I had her home address written down so it wasn’t hard to locate her. When I got to her place I was disturbed by the sight that lay before my eyes.
Talia was covered in blood and in her arms lay young man also covered in blood, she was helplessly weeping as she whispered in his ears. The man was losing a lot of blood and he could have died just right there.
By the gate side stood police officers who had tried to shoot at her but the bullets didn’t do anything to her. On the other side stood some women who where louldy crying and begging Talia to surrender.
“Talia” I had yelled
She looked at me then back at the man in her arms.
“What have you done?” I had asked trying to get near her
“Stay where you are or I wil hurt you”
“Talia he needs to go to the hospital”
“He is mine and I will heal him” She bad whispered
“Don’t go near her ” The police had warned me but I went close to her and that’s when s*** got real.
She pushed me so hard I fell on the ground, I could feel she was about to transform and i got ready for my own transformation.
Everyone close by screamed in terror as our bodies cracked, shifted and transformed. Then we both leaped on all fours and our eyes glowed as we glared at each other angrily.
I flew my head forward and jumped on Talia but she over powered me, you see I had underestimated her power but from that experience I knew Talia was deadly and she could have easily killed me. What had given her that strength was the human meat she had consumed.
She pinned me to the ground and dug her claws into me, I let out a loud howl as she swang her paws down onto my face.
Before I could react I heard the sound of a gunshot, the bullet hit my chest and I transformed instantly.
I lay on the ground helplessly as they shot again this time shooting Talia.
“Am sorry” She had whispered before closing her eyes.
When I woke up I was in a hospital, I had been in coma for a five months. I woke up when they where almost losing hope. I got to learn that Talia had been locked up a in a mental institution.
After my near death experience I had begged my ex husband to give me a chance to know my kids, it was hard to bond with them at first but as time went by we became the best of friends.
I had gone to visit Talia, in the place she was locked up, and it broken my heart to see her like that, she didn’t look like the Talia I once knew, she was fragile and afraid.
“Mummy hurry up” Joan yells taking me me away from my memories.
I hurriedly run to them and together we race together screaming and laughing
I rush to my room when I hear the soft voice of my little girl. I wipe my hands with my wrapper and carry her up and she yawns.
“Baby is hungry” I giggle as I place her back on the bed, I lay besides her and give her my breast, she sucks it instantly lifting her tiny legs in the air.

A tear slides down my face not because I am sad but I am happy that life gave me a second chance. A chance to be a mother again.
I remember how much pain I felt when I lost my baby and my pregnancy three years ago and how I almost Lost Geo but as they say our plans are not God’s plans.
Geo survived that awful attack and we got married a year later. Now we have a two year old little boy and a three month old baby. Can life get any better?
“Don’t tell me you are crying” My husband asks as he walks in holding our son.
“No I am just happy” I smile at him
He walkes over to me and kisses me passionately.
“Hey young man” I greet my son who gets on the bed besides me and my husband joins us.
“Love lives here” I smile as we cover ourselves with a blanket.
My past is filled with so much pain but I won’t allow any of that to ruin my future. I am glad Talia has been locked up and she will never hurt us again.
I open my eyes to the sunshine that penetrates through my little window, it is morning but I don’t know what day it is, I have lost count of the days much less the months. My life is meaningless I am locked up in this awful room chained down like an animal.
I want to end it all, what is the use of living if living means being locked up, I have lost my freedom and will to live and each day that comes i can’t wait for my death.
I close my eyes and all I can see is blood and i scream out in terror. The blood of all the people I killed is haunting me, each time I close my eyes all I see is blood and the voices in my heads can’t stop screaming out to me.
“You will rot in hell, you are murderer, a wild beast, our blood will forced taint your hands” The voices gets louder
“No, no, no” I scream tears falling from my eyes.
I wasn’t always this bad, once upon a time I was a happy little child then Jad happened. I don’t know how I lost my way but when I look back now I realise I have carried so much anger and jealousy in me, all I ever needed was to belong, to be loved and to be enough for someone but what can I do nobody ever gave me the much needed attention I ever craved for. I wish I had made different decisions but what’s done is done.
My name is Talia Daniels and this has been my story.


“Anger and jealousy are of the two most harmful traits we can have.
Both lead to actions that we later regret: the only difference is that anger leads us to act in hot-blooded haste, while jealousy spurs us on in calculated coldness”
Don’t let anger cloud your judgment least you end up doing things you will live to regret. Human anger does not achieve God’s righteous hence if you give it room to stay in your heart it blocks your blessings.
Hope you have enjoyed the story. Don’t ghost read I would love to hear your views in how this story has been.

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