BLOOD LIVES HERE … (18+) … Part 49


Driving a Land Rover Discovery at the speed of light, Naveen kept his eyes on the road while engaging Hunter. He wanted to know more but Hunter couldn’t tell him things he also wasn’t sure about.
Immediately after putting a bullet into Devi’s neck, Naveen had pressured Hunter. “Who assassinated my old man?”
Confused, looking at Devi’s lifeless body, Hunter had answered, “I told you before, it’s just a speculation.”
“Tell me about it!” Naveen had yelled.
“Come on man. It’s just a speculation. I know the man who pulled the trigger but the mastermind behind it is the one i am not sure of.”
“Who pulled the trigger?”
“Some guy named Stone.”
“I don’t know anyone by that name. Why would he want my dad dead?”
Hunter had gone quiet.
“Hunter I am talking to you!” Naveen had pointed the gun at Hunter.
In his silence, Hunter had turned his phone. Immediately it had went on, his eyes widened. He had read a text message from Ludo.
“I have to go Naveen.”
“You are going nowhere!”
“My friends are in danger and if i have to kill you to get to them i will do that!”
Naveen had laughed. “Look at you, who is holding a gun against the other?”
“I have the location of Stone.”
Naveens eyes had turned red with contempt. “Take me there.”
“Screw you Hunter. How do you expect me to believe that you didn’t kill my father when you cannot tell me the person who did?”
Now, they were in the car together driving to the location Ludo had sent Hunter. He had tried calling her but her phone directly sent him to voicemail. Something was happening he knew especially when he tried getting hold of Kate who also didn’t pick up. He was nervous and was glad Naveen wasn’t holding back on stepping on the gas. They reached the house. It was isolated and near the river. They found two cars parked. They got out of the car, checked the cars and slowly walked to the house. Hunter told Naveen to wait outside. He got inside and went to the room with the lights on. Before reaching, he saw things were a little out of order. He figured there was a struggle. As soon as he got in, he saw Kate on the floor. He quickly went to her and knelt before her. He lightly shook her until she opened her eyes.

“Hunter,” she said seemingly in pain.
“What happened?”
“Mr. Hamuumbu.”
“Where is Ludo?”
“I don’t know,” she squealed in pain.
“It’s okay, it’s okay,” he held her nicely. “Can you stand?”
“My neck, it’s stiff. I think it’s broken.”
Hunter picked her up and carried her back outside to the car. He comfortably put her in the backseat and laid her. When he was passing, he didn’t see Naveen where he had left him. He quickly called emergency and told them to hurry. Leaving the phone to Kate, he went back to the house to look for Naveen. He was nowhere to be seen. As he went round the house for the second time, he heard some whispers coming from the bushes. He followed the whispers and found Naveen.
“I heard some voice coming from that side,” Naveen pointed in the direction of the river. “The sound of the flowing river is kind of diverting them but there are people there.”
“Okay let’s check it out.”
They slowly walked towards the river and yes, there were people. Hunter saw a man standing while the other one was kneeling before the two people kneeling on the ground. A moment later, the other man pointed a gun towards the girl who was just standing up. The girl was Ludo.
“Isn’t that Mr. Hamuumbu?” Naveen was shocked.
Hunter hesitated. “Yes.”
“Isn’t he supposed to be dead?”
Hunter sighed.
“Are you telling me that Mr. Hamuumbu killed my father?”
With only a nod, Hunter took a step further. Naveen followed him aggressively. Hunter knew Naveen would blow their cover.
“Easy, let’s do this smartly,” Hunter stopped Naveen. “Those are my friends. Let’s not risk their lives because of your retribution and we are not killing anyone here, understand?”
Naveen huffed. “What do you suggest?”
After Stone uncuffed her from Lance, Ludo slowly got up facing Mr. Hamuumbu. Witnessing Caesar’s death had took a toll on her when the old man asked who was next, she volunteered to go next. She couldn’t watch Lance being shot. It was better she died first and spare herself that ordeal. In her mind, this was it.
“So good of you to volunteer to die next young girl,” Mr. Hamuumbu said pointing the gun at her.
Ludo didn’t answer him. She only looked at Lance who was also in total disbelief of what the hell was happening to them.
“Boss, it’s late…..” Stone stammered. “Let me kill the man, i will just strangle him. We throw them in the river and get back to the house to get rid of that woman.”
“Okay let’s do this,” Hamuumbu agreed to Stone’s plan.
The old man directly pointed the gun to Ludo’s head. He cocked and reached for the trigger. He saw Ludo close her eyes and tears streamed through them. He smiled and before he could pull the trigger, he felt like he had being hit by a Panda the gun went off. He felt his legs leave the ground and his whole body was in the air. The pain that came with the hit was excruciating but it couldn’t be compared to the pain he felt when his back hit the ground. He could swear his backbone had broken.
Trying to see what had hit him, in his face, he saw Hunter. He tried to move but he couldn’t. He couldn’t feel his whole body from neck down. He tried again but nothing was happening.
“What?” Hunter looked at him.
“I cannot move. I cannot feel my body. What have you done to me?” The old man screamed. “Stone!”
The moment Hunter had taken off after Mr. Hamuumbu, Naveen had also taken down Stone. Lance had helped him too. Ludo on the other hand was on the ground. The bullet had missed her with an inch. Had Hunter not hit Hamuumbu, she could have been flowing in the river too.
“Ludo!” Hunter left the old man. He went to Ludo and knelt before her. “Are you okay?”
“They killed Caesar Hunter,” She hugged him.
Naveen told Lance to strain Stone as he wanted to talk to Mr. Hamuumbu. He passed Hunter and Ludo and walked to Hamuumbu.
“You cannot get up?”
Hamuumbu responded, “Screw you!”
“Tell me one thing, did you kill my father?”
“I didn’t pull the trigger.”
“But you did?”
“However way you …….” Before Mr. Hamuumbu could finish his sentence, he was shut off with a bullet between his eyes.
Hunter and the rest heard the gunshot. When they turned around, they saw Naveen standing before Mr. Hamuumbu with a gun in his hand still pointing at the old man. Hunter knew Naveen would do that the moment he agreed to come with him.
Not a moment later, they heard sirens approaching from a distance but what they didn’t know was that the police had arrived already and had seen Naveen shoot the old man.
“Freeze!” they came out of hiding.
Naveen dropped his gun to the ground. Hunter and Ludo raised their hands in the air. Lance did the same and Stone too. The officers came in, strained Naveen and put him on the ground. They walked to Hunter and cuffed him too. Lance talked tried to talk to them about the whole situation but they didn’t listen to him.
“I cannot go back to jail!” Stone shouted resisting arrest.
“Sir don’t tempt me!” the officer shouted.
Stone kept stepping backwards. The officer drew his gun. Stone tried to make a run for it by diving into the river. When he jumped, the officer didn’t hesitate but gunned him down when he hit the waters, he was probably dead or would drown because of the gun wound.
“Did you get him?” another officer asked.
“I sure did.”
“Okay let’s round them up and take them back to the station.”
Ludo found her parents at the station. She and Lance had driven Caesar’s car. The officers had told them they needed both their statements. Kate had her neck broke and was rushed to the hospital. Hunter was arrested because of the many pending charges against him and Naveen was charged for the murder of Mr. Hamuumbu.
“Let’s go home baby,” Zamiwe led Ludo to Joe’s car. “I know you are worried about your friend but if he’s innocent as you claim him to be, he will be released.”

Ludo didn’t say anything but followed her mother. When they were making their way to the car, a male voice called her. She turned around and saw Evan running towards them. Zamiwe wanted to say something but she stopped her.
“Go and wait for me in the car mom,” Ludo said as Evan approached. “Tell dad I am coming.”
Evan got to her. “How are you doing?”
“I am alive.”
“I heard what happened. I am so sorry about your loss.”
“I am sorry about yours.”
“I am not sorry. It’s Erica who is crying uncontrollably in the Detectives office right now. I wasn’t surprised when i heard it was Naveen who killed him.”
“She needs you. Go and comfort her.”
“The officers said they found the two bodies that got washed up with the river.”
Ludo felt a lump in her throat. She couldn’t manage to speak. Evan figured and pulled her closer to him and held her. She wept for Caesar in his hands. She wept for what they were and could have been.
“I am sorry about that,” she let go of him.
“It’s okay Ludo.”
“Bye Evan,” she ran off to her parents car.
“Bye Ludo.”
Ludo, Lance, Kate and Walutanga came out of the Magistrate court excited. They had managed to put the criminals behind bars. Naveen was sentenced to 40 years to life imprisonment. Ben cooperated by being an informant and his sentence was reduced to 10 years. Grace was put in a mental hospital. After Mapulanga died, she somehow went crazy.
“Ludo!” Melanie shouted at Ludo.
Ludo went over to where Melanie was. She was with her husband and son. “Hey beautiful family,” said Ludo.
“Congratulations,” Melanie’s husband said.
“Thanks Norton and thank you Melanie,” she hugged her. “You really helped us Clear Hunter.”
“Where is he by the way?”
“He never came to trial. Not even a single day. The moment he was released after that arrest, he went AWOL.”
“That’s Hunter for you,” Melanie said. “We are going now.”
Ludo pinched Zeus’s cheek and waved them goodbye. She went back to Lance and the rest. Lance told her to go back home and rest. He also told her that he would also be going back home to his wife and new born son. Kate said goodbye to Ludo and Walutanga and left too.
Ludo walked Walutanga to his car. There were some guards at the car waiting for Walutanga.
“So you’re the chief now?” Ludo laughed.
“No, not yet. Till I am 18. My aunt is the one running things now. I am concentrating on school and helping her take care of my cousins.”
“Oh poor souls, how are they?”
“Great. They ask about their parents from time to time but they will grow out of it.”
“That’s great. So you will never tell me where Hunter is?”
Walutanga laughed. “What keeps making you think that i know where Hunter has been?”
“I just have a gut feeling that you know where he is.”
“I am sorry i don’t but wherever he is, i am sure he wants you to be happy. You are the last person who saw him between the two of us.”
“Get out of here,” Ludo laughed and pushed Walutanga into the car.
“Pass my regards to Zamiwe and Joe.”
“I will. Travel safe and call me when you get there.”
“Okay mother,” Walu joked.
Ludo watched Walutanga’s car start off and she walked to the other side of the car park. She reached her hand into the handbag and got some car keys.
“Hey,” Evan popped up from behind.
“Why do you do that?” Ludo was startled. “You scared me.”
“New car?”
“The company compensated me. Pecks of going through an ordeal such as that one.”
Evan smiled. “I saw you and the others there talking and decided to wait for you from here.”
“We are leaving the country,” he paused. “Me, Erica and her family. Naveen and us made a deal. He gave us back some of our shares. He said it was both of our Parents Legacies and of course, he begged us to reduce the sentence.”
“Blood Legacy.”
“That’s what the Newspapers are calling it,” he Chuckled. “Well, you be good,” he patted her hand.
She couldn’t even look at him. She heard his footsteps leaving. She looked up and shouted his name and ran to him. He turned around and before he could say anything, she hugged him. “I am happy that you are back on your feet.”
He hugged her back tightly. “Thanks to you.”
“Call me sometimes when you are in the country.”
“I will.”
She got into the car and as soon as she sat, she sighed. It was all over. She started the engine and drove out of the courtyard. At a distance, was Walutanga’s car. Walutanga sat in it comfortably pressing his phone.
“Can we leave now? She has left. She’s fine.” Walu shouted.
“Yes,” Hunter responded in the backseat. “Let’s get out of here.”


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