Two days later…

Final Assembling Of the Takers
Zeus and Haliya, Luke and Jameel, Ade, God-Eye and Yvonne, Evil Spirit and Sarah, Hades, Machine gun and Drummer. They were having a final party and Zeus addressed them
“Can I get your attention please” Zeus said and they looked at him
“I would be lying to you if I say I can express the level of joy I feel for us all, we all have done good in every way and even our God is happy. We have come a long way, we’ve been through heat and cold, we have been through bad times and good times. We have been a family for as long time and watching each other’s back, working together and achieving great unlimited success”
“But the time has come for every man to depart and go seek a life much more great than the present; we may depart physically but we are together in love wherever in the world we may be. We will always remember each other and will always do our best to help ourselves no matter what”
“Luke told me that he would be moving to France with Jameel; God-Eye and Yvonne are going to America, Machine settles for Israel, Ade is going back to Abu Dhabi; Evil spirit and Sarah are still in Nigeria, Drummer is still here in Nigeria too as well as Hades; Myself and Haliya will still be here too”

“But before we all go, I have something for everyone… Sarah Oscar, I really appreciate your effort and struggle to protect what could have cost your life, you did good and in addition I will give you 30million dollars to improve your business” he said and she was surprised and excited and everyone applauded
“God-Eye and Yvonne would be getting married soon so I will give them 4million dollars to support the wedding” he said and they applauded
“Everyone of us must be present at his wedding no matter what” Zeus said smiling
“And finally you guy; I don’t know what to say or give because you all are my brothers and I can never stop loving my family… you all have done your best for the movement and success of each and every one of us and I will forever remember that and even if you need anything and I mean anything, never forget to come to me. I love this family” he said smiling
“Let’s make a toast to Nigeria and a better future for the nation and it’s people” Zeus said and they stood up and raised their glass…
In a couple of weeks they all left for their different abodes; Luke got an email telling him that 100 billion dollars has been sent to his off shore account in Cuba; and so did the others…

One Week Later…
Luke and Jameel had moved to France and there he received another message and a call telling him to come pick his container at the seaport, he was surprised because he never ordered for an international delivery but he went to the seaport. A crane brought down a container; it was then opened and Luke saw a car covered with tarpaulin, the delivery agents removed the tarpaulin and revealed a brand new Lykan Hyper Sport (Red), Luke smiled
“Sir please sign here” a man said to him and he signed and a letter was handed to him, he collected it and opened it and it reads
“It was yours from the very first day you both met” Luke was so happy, he walked to the car and touched the door screen and it unlocked, he got in the car and drove off into sunset…

The End…

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25 thoughts on “BLOOD AND THUNDER … Part 46

  1. great story by grate writer.Pascal ,more knowledge to you.Nigeria we be better like that soon.Keep the light on.Your pen we never run dry

  2. Kudos Bro u ve a great vision through this writeup and hope u will do more. ur story is really inspiring thanks

  3. Amazing this is blood 4 blood i hope our government can be dealt with in this way

  4. What a nice story..
    Wish our govt could be dealt like this..
    Keep it up..

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