“I’ve never been on a yacht before, it’s so amazing”
Damien grinned and held my hand.
“Come on,wait until you see the inside”
We stepped onto the yacht and I felt like I was entering a whole new world.
I couldn’t help but stare at the fine furnishings and beautiful woodwork.
“This is so beautiful”
“I’m glad you like it”
A man dressed in all white came to the living area and took our bags.
“Good morning,Mr O’Connell”
“Good morning, Rolando.This is my wife, Sophia”
“Very nice to meet you,Mrs O’Connell”He smiled as he bowed slightly.
He took our bags and walked away.
I looked around and tried to take it all in but it was difficult.
Moments later,another man also dressed in white and wearing a chef’s hat,told Damien that breakfast was about to be served.
Damien took my hand and led me up to the top floor of the deck where a table was elegantly set for two.
He pulled out my chair for me.
I sat down and he sat too.
We enjoyed a wonderful breakfast, laughing and teasing each other.
When we were finished, Damien took my hand,grabbed a bottle of wine and led me to the deck below to some lounge chairs that sat facing the ocean.
The crew told Damien that everything was set and then he dismissed them.
We set sail.
I could get used to this real fast.
Damien came back and wrapped a sweater around my bare shoulders.
“It’s cold out in the ocean”
“Thank you”I smiled.
“You seem to know your way around here so good”I commented.
“I’ve traveled all over the world, Princesa. A smart business man has to secure contracts all over the globe”He said, proudly.
“I heard my father was smart in business. too… I think I got it from him”He added, quietly and for a moment,he seem lost in thoughts.
Suddenly he frowned,and his eyes widened,his pupils dilating with alarm.
Holy sht!What is he recalling?
It definitely is something painful….that night!
Wanting to distract him,I leaned over and placed my index finger over his lips.
“I’m lucky to have married this smart man then…. I’m pretty dumb,you see”I gave him a smile.
His look is wary,but after a moment,he visibly relaxes,his relief evident.
I leaned over to kiss the corner of his mouth.
“I will always love you,Damien”I murmured and he smiles,a heart-achingly shy smile and I melt.
“I will always love you, dummy”He replied and we both laughed.
I swatted his arm.
“I was only joking… I’m not dumb”I protested.
“Even so…the next time you call me Giogio then I’ll call you dummy.”
My jaw dropped.
What the hell happened to princesa,nenem and the other pet names?
“Hmm… it’s as if you want me to cry”I threatened, childishly.
Damien chuckled, mimicking my voice”Hmm…. it’s as if you want me to cry”
“Gio..gio”I called, slowly.
He stared at me as if contemplating whether to call me dummy or not.
He cupped my cheeks.
“Princesa”He replied and I smiled.
He reached for an iPod and turned on a song.
*Unchained Melody

He stood up with a smile on his face as he held out his hand.
“Would you like to dance,Mrs O’Connell?”
I removed the sweater from my shoulders as I took his hand and he led me to the middle of the deck.
We began to dance to the song that played.
This song would be forever etched in my heart.
Damien and I stared into each other’s eyes before he leaned in and softly teased my lips.
He pulled me closer as I teased his lips back.
I watched him slowly close his eyes as he pulled me into him, wrapping his arms tightly around me as we swayed back and forth to the slow melody.
I heard some sounds.
I looked over to see some sea animals.
“Oh my God!Damien, dolphins!”I exclaimed, excitedly and walked towards the edge of the yacht.
“And sea lions too.”I watched them swim about, totally fascinated.
Damien stood beside me looking less excited as I am.
He must have seen them a thousand times.
“They’re so beautiful, I could stare at them all day”
“You’re so beautiful, I could stare at you all day”He said.
I turned to face him.
“In that case, I should give you a perfect view”I placed my hands under my jaw and gave him my killer smiles.
He held his chest.
“Oh,nenem… your beauty is killing me”
I chuckled.
“I want nothing more than to get you naked right now”
“I want that too…. I want all the sweet sensations your cock always gives to me”
His jaw dropped at my dirty words.
“But you’ll have to catch me first”I announced and took off.
“Princesa!”Damien exclaimed running after me.

The Bahamas is quite an enchanting place and I didn’t want us to leave.
Even though Damien had some other places in mind for us to visit,I wanted to spend the whole of our vacation here.
He finally agreed to schedule another trip to other places soon.

He took me to the Exuma Cays Land and Sea Part…. I love that place,it had the most striking seascapes in the Bahamas.
Luminous water in shades of electric blue merges with bone-white sand, creating a dazzling backdrop for a range of water sports.

Another place I loved most was the Atlantis Paradise Island…it dominated the skyline on paradise island,the splash,the salmon-pink resort evocatively recreates the legend of Atlantis in a luxury hotel.

We visited other places like Nassau…Elbow Cay…Bimini…Grand Bahama Island… Harbour Island…Green Turtle Cay….Treasure Cay Beach….Great Abaco Island.
Being in those places with Damien were golden memories that I was going to cherish forever.

I stirred, caught in that place between wakefulness and sleep.
My entire body heavy with an indescribably delicious lassitude.
My pvssy was pulsating with pleasure and it was when I tried to shift my legs that I realized they were pinned down.
My eyes flew open…the sight that met me was surprising.
My husband was lying between my thighs.
His hands were holding my spread thighs and his mouth….Good Lord.
His mouth was covering my pvssy….he was eating me out.
I smiled.
What a way of starting the day!
He looked up and grinned at me.
I gulped as my gaze landed on his perfectly sculpted lips….lips which were wet with my juices.
He lowered his head, laving my engorged pearl with his tongue.
My vision blurred and I gasped, falling back onto the mattress as my arms gave out.
The heavy caress changed into lightning fast flicks and my fingers clenched around the mattress.
He purred in satisfaction as he stroked his tongue along the length of my slit… gathering the evidence of my arousal before circling and teasing my tender opening with the tip of his tongue.
I couldn’t help it….I arched my hips up, fighting against the tight grip he had on my thighs as I wordlessly begged for more.
He growled and then he was licking me, sucking hard and flicking his tongue rapidly against the hard bundle of nerves which he exposed further by pressing upwards on the flush of my pubis.
“Oh…God!”I screamed…my body convulsing as ecstasy shot through me without warning.
The intense surges of pleasure had barely begun to abate when he drove two fingers into my sex.
He was stroking that spot within me that had brought me so much pleasure in the past.
But the sensations were amplified today and my eyes opened wide as he deepened the caress of his fingertips against my inner wall.
“Oh… DAMIEN!”I panted,the pressure of his fingers against my full bladder sending panic streaking through me.
Perspiration misted my skin and I shuddered violently, clenching around his fingers.
“Oh..Damien, I’m coming…oh..fuck!”
He removed his fingers and watched me as I slumped into the mattress with relief.
It was not to last.
He came up next to me,his mouth claiming mine in a deep kiss.
He turned me to my side,his body behind me.
Pushing my legs up,he gripped my hips and I felt the head of his cock press against my sex.
With a groan,he sank his hard length into me.
My head jerked reflexively as pleasure streaked between my
My pvssy was still sore from last night’s lovemaking and it was only my juices easing out that made it bearable.
My breath came in loud gasps as he drove into my tender sheath again and again.
As he did,the head of his c0ck came into contact with the part of my sheath that he had earlier touched, sending a jolt of pleasure through me.
Pleasure rebounded through every nerve in my body, drowning all but the vaguest hint of discomfort.
I suddenly stiffened as my orgasm burst over me, making my womb contract as my inner muscles clamped down on his shaft.
Damien growled low in his throat and then he was gripping my hips tight, pumping spurt after spurt of semen into my unresisting channel.
After he withdrew from me, we lay there for a long time,the silence broken by our harsh breaths.
He pulled me close to his body, burying his face into my hair.
“You’re insatiable”I breathed.
“Only with you,my love”
I smiled.
We were heading back home tomorrow…. I had a great time here but whenever I’m with Damien….no matter where we are, I’m always having the best time of my life.



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