I glanced at Sophia as she stared at the beautiful streets of the Bahamas.
Our plane landed an hour ago and I’m navigating our way to a resort.
I’m glad she finally looks lively today.
This happens once in awhile now because she’s now so cautious around me.
I never knew it was possible to miss someone who always with you?
I miss Sophia… I miss the old Sophia.

We arrived at a resort and I booked a suite.
As soon as we got in…she lay flat on the bed.
“I’m so tired…”She mumbled.
I sat on the bed and removed her heels.
Maybe I’m just the one overthinking this.
She might go back to the way she was during this trip.
We just need to get used to each other again.

“There’s no way you’re wearing that, Sophia.It’s too short”I complained,the following morning.
We were headed out today to spend two days on a yacht that I had rented.
She glanced down at her dress.
“I didn’t notice…let me get changed then”And then she walked away.
I’m really not overthinking anything.
Sophia is definitely not like this before.
I mean she loves to challenge me… even if she would eventually change her outfit…she loves to put up a crazy fight at first.
I love the way we used to banter over little things.
I missed the excitement between us.
Now, she’s very quick to do anything I want and she always apologizes over minor things.
She can apologize like ten times a day.
The only thing good between us now is the sex.
I don’t want it like that.
I don’t want her like this.

“Where are we going?”Sophia asked.
“The Blue Lagoon island… we’re going to have breakfast on a yacht”
“A yacht?”
“I rented it so we could explore the island”
She smiled but it didn’t reach her eyes.
Is she no longer happy with me?

We arrived at the island,and a call came in from Draco.
I told him not to disturb me on this trip.
“Sophia,excuse me,I need to take this”
She nodded and walked towards the beautiful white sand beach.
I saw a man approached her…he said something to her that I couldn’t hear.
She replied then shrugged.
He started walking away but not before checking her out first.
After ending my call with Draco.
I walked up to meet her.
“Who was that man checking you out?”I asked,calmly.
An uneasy look came upon her face.
“I’m sorry… he just asked for the location of a place and I told him that I didn’t know… I’ve never been here before… I didn’t know he was checking me out… I’ve never met him before… I’m so sorry”
I held her shoulders.
“Sophia, I only asked a question…why do you seem as if you want to crawl into a hole?”
She nibbled her bottom lip.
“Are you angry?”She asked.
There’s nothing to be fvcking angry about.
And even if he did more than checking her out… maybe asking her out…then I would have been angry at him not her.
“Do I look angry?”I asked.
She slowly shook her head.
“Why do you keep acting like this?Why are you so cautious around me?Why do you keep begging me not to get mad at you even when I’m not? What’s going on with you, Sophia.I’m trying to make this work but you keep…ugh?”I let out, frustratedly.
“I’m sorry….”
She blanched, moving backwards.
I just made everything worse.
“Let’s just go to the yacht”I held her hand and we started walking away, silently.

I helped her climbed into the docked yacht.
The workers were approaching…I waved my hand at them.
I would do the introduction later.
Right now, Sophia and I needed to talk.
“Please don’t be mad at me”She begged,her voice hoarsed with tears.
What have I done to this woman?
I sat at the edge and pulled her to stand between my legs.
She stared at the floor, fidgeting.
“Sophia,look at me”I urged.
She slowly met my eyes.
“What’s going on?”I asked.
“I don’t understand”
“I thought we agreed to start anew…why are you making it difficult for us to move on? Nenem, before,you were so carefreed with me,you were funny and lively but now you’re so cautious and you keep apologizing…the other day you bumped into me and you kept apologizing as if you did something aweful… you’re always saying this to me…”I’m sorry”…”Are you angry?”…”Don’t be mad at me”… I’m sick of hearing that…. I’m even scared of joking or teasing you because you take everything seriously now”
She didn’t say anything.
I held her hands.
“Princesa… please tell me…why are you being like this? I don’t want you like this”
“When we….when we had that issue…you were so full of anger and hatred towards me…you didn’t even believe any single word I said and you kept insisting I leave….the last time I felt that devastated was when I lost my mom… thinking of being on my own without you was too sad and when you finally forgave me,I didn’t want to do anything that would make me feel that sad again… that is why I’m trying so hard not to offend you…I know I’m overdoing it but I can’t help it…I just don’t want to make any mistakes with you again”she said, tearfully.
I sighed, heavily.
“I never hated you.Sophia, making mistakes is better than faking perfection…no one is perfect… I’m far from being perfect and I don’t expect you to be either…. I’m sorry I put you through all that,I didn’t handle that situation quite well and it’s left you so scared but it doesn’t have to be like this…. Juanita told me that she and Pedro have had misunderstandings most times… it’s unavoidable but what counts is their ability to settle their issues…you have to stop acting this way…even if we do have some bad days,I won’t be hostile towards you again,I promise”I assured.
“You won’t want me to leave?”
“No…and I’m glad you didn’t leave, Sophia… I just can’t think of a life without you… I know it would take awhile to forget about what happened totally but I don’t want it to continue destroying what we have… I miss having a sweet Sophia”
She eyed me.”Are you saying I’m bitter now?”
I grinned… I was gradually having my old Sophia back.
“A little”
She punched my hand and we laughed.
Yep… she’s definitely back.
I slowly wiped her tears away.
“Do you know that I actually missed you calling me that name?”
She smiled, feigning ignorance.
“What name?”
“You know it”
She hugged me, kissing my lips and cheeks.
“Will you finally take me on a tour, Giogio?”
I chuckled.”Your wish is Giogio’s command”


It was my day off so I decided to spend it at the clubhouse.
I found Stewart drinking with some guys.
“Aren’t you supposed to be working?”I asked
“The boss took a vacation with Sophia so I’m hardly needed in the house”
I frowned.
I thought she would be out of his home tonight.
I needed to find that little bitch.

Marcella’s face paled when she saw me at the first floor in her house.
“Relax, I’m not here to kill you”I smirked.”So you had the guts to lie to me? They’re on a fvcking vacation,you idiot!”I thundered.
“I’m sorry,okay?Things didn’t go as I had planned”
“Now,things would go as I had planned… don’t you ever come to me and say sht!”I warned and turned to walk away.
“If you hurt Damien…. I’ll hurt Sophia”
I scoffed.”You’re playing with fire,b
“I’m not scared of getting burnt!”



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