I never knew that amount of sadness existed in this world.
I definitely remembered feeling that way the day my mom passed away.
And now, recalling how empty I had felt when Damien had been so angry at me made me feel so down.
I don’t want to experience that again.
I’m going to be the perfect wife for him….no lies…no secrets… I’ll never do anything that would make me feel that way again.
We’re leaving for the Bahamas tomorrow and I don’t know why I don’t feel as excited as I was before.
Probably because I don’t get to touch him as I want anymore….even if he keeps saying he could handle it but it breaks my heart each time he tenses at my touch.
He seem perfectly okay when Juanita touches him and that strangely hurts a lot.
I don’t blame him though.
It’s my fault… I ruined everything.
That is why I’m trying to make sure something like that doesn’t happen again.
Opening my cabinets…I saw my birth control pills.
In the last three days, we’ve had sex a lot and I forgot to take my pills.
No wonder some women opt for taking injections instead.
I have been so out of it… trying to be a perfect wife… avoiding everything that would make him angry.
This would surely make him lose his sh*t.
I can’t get pregnant.
Even if I want kids…not now….not now when we aren’t like before.

Maybe I’m just over thinking things.
I couldn’t be all that fertile, right?
“Sophia”Damien called from the bathroom.
I swallowed my uneasiness and walked in to find that he had the hot tub ready.
“I’ve been waiting for you”He grinned and walked closer to me, helping me out of my clothes.
I got in and he settled behind me inside the tub.
He reached out and poured a bottle of wine on two glasses.
“What are we making a toast to?”I asked turning around to face him.
“To you and to a great trip in the Bahamas”
He was in a good mood and it was the perfect time to ask him if he had changed his mind about kids in any case I got pregnant but I just couldn’t ask.
I slowly drank my wine.
“We haven’t even gone on the trip yet and you already know that it’ll be great”
“Trust me,I’ve listed out the tourist places and the surprises I have for you would blow your mind”
Feeling excited,I reached out to keep my glass but it slipped and fell, breaking into pieces.
“Klutz”Damien teased.
“I’m so sorry,I..I…didn’t mean to break it.. it just slipped”I explained, frantically.
Damien frowned.
“Calm down,princesa… it’s just a glass, we’ll have someone take care of the mess.”He reminded.
I swallowed.
I can’t help but get so nervous each time I make any small mistakes around him.
He tucked some strands of my hair behind my ear.
“What is it?”He asked,his voice laced with concern.
“Nothing”I replied.
“You seem off… always getting worked up over minor things…. you aren’t yourself anymore”
God…is he angry now?
Calm down, Sophia…he doesn’t seem angry.
“Are you mad at me?”
He sighed.”What reason do I have to be mad at you?.. I just want you to feel carefreed around me”
“I am… I really am… I’m okay”I assured.
He looked at me as if wanting to say something else.
His arm wrapped around me and held me tightly to his and I pressed into his chest.
“I love you, Sophia”
I gasped as his lips met mine….heated…wanton… domineering.
His tongue found its way through my lips as his c0ck slipped between my legs, bouncing and pulsing as it rested against my pvssy folds.
I wrapped my arms around his neck.
I felt hurt when his body tensed but I tried to ignore it and focus on the heat of the moment.
He pulled me into his lap,I straddled him and felt the tip of his cock catch my entrance and I paused to take it all in.

The bubbles rolling…the cool water whipping against our bodies.
Damien raked his teeth along my lower lip and grabbed my hips pulling me down to take more of his d*ck.
I moaned at the sensation,threw my head back and breathed his name.
He commanded my body, rolled my hips just the way I liked it.
The heat of the water….the heat of his skin…the strength of his grasp were all too good.
I needed him like I needed sunlight,or air to breathe….or water to drink.
“Damien”I said, breathlessly.”I love you”
He thrust his hips into me as his thumb slid between my pvssy folds.
My forehead came down onto his, grinding into him as he ran his hands through my body.
His hand came up to cup my breast.
He tugged at my nipple and rendered me breathless.
Water sloshed over the sides as electricity surged through my veins and his lips crashed against mine as I poured over the edge.
He swallowed my sounds as I came around his c0ck,my walls fluttering around his growing girth.
I rode his c0ck until my body relaxed against his but we didn’t stay there for long.
He grabbed my waist and floated me off his body before bending me over the edge of the tub.
Damien’s c0ck slid back in.
His hand fisted my hair.
He snapped his hips against mine as I clung to the edge.
I bucked back into him…lost myself in him…felt him scrape along that beautiful spot that had my jaw already unhinged and ready to cry out.
“Sophia…I can never get enough of you”
“Oh”I moaned when his cock raged harder.
I felt like I was soaring, flying, tumbling into another dimension where nothing existed but me and him.
He slid into me one last time before I heard a groan fall from his lips.
It was raw,filled with a burning desire that I felt saturated the caverns of my pvssy.
My body convulsed and feeling his hot cum bathing my insides made me feel so ecstatic.
He pulled me close to him on the tub and gently stroked my back.
I felt his heartbeat against mine and focused on it… letting it take me to a private eternity of just Damien and I.
“I love you,Meu bem(My darling)”He said pressing a kiss to my forehead.


Ana stared at her ringing cellphone…she had been avoiding Marcella’s calls for days now.
She felt the need to tell her what she had done…maybe, Marcella might chose to give up on Damien.
“What’s going on,Ana?My sources tells me that Sophia is still in that house?”
Ana grimaced.”So you have someone monitoring their movements now?”
“That’s not important right now and it’s not as if I’m the only one who does that.What happened? Don’t tell me he forgave her despite everything?”
“Yes. I talked to him.”Ana admitted.
“I told him how much Sophia loves him. Marcella, she really does… I know you love him too but sometimes,things don’t always go the way we want it…so instead of forcing….”
“Shut the fvck up!You have no idea what you have done.It would have been best if she had left… you’re so stupid!And I thought I could really count on you to help me get Damien back”
Ana released a heavy breath.
Why didn’t she realized sooner that Marcella was never a true friend?
She was only close to her to get Damien.
More like using her.
She felt extremely sad that she had lost the nice friendship she had with Sophia.
“For what you’ve done… I don’t ever want to see your face!”Marcella yelled and hung up.
Ana shrugged.
She didn’t ever want to come across Marcella ever again.



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