I had to leave his bedroom and walk into mine.
I sat on the floor.
My throat felt thick with nerves.
Tears burst forth like water from dam spilling down my face.
The muscles in my chin trembled.
My eyes kept dripping with tears drenching my shirt.
I pressed my hand against my mouth, trembling and shaking as the raw emotion spilled forth.
The pain of what my actions has caused started to come in waves, subsiding for long enough to let me take short recovering breaths before hurling me back into grief again.
I should have told him the truth….I should have bared the consequences because now the repercussions were unbearable.

The following morning, the sound of a bedroom door opening woke me up.
I immediately stood up from the floor.
I had cried myself to sleep.
I opened the door and found him already dressed for work.
He looked as cool as a cucumber as if nothing had happened between us.
He stared at me, intently.
It was the way he always stared at me when he was concerned.
I felt hopeful.
He was probably worried that I look a mess.
He shook his head and his cold demeanor was back.
“You should leave before I get back from work, I’ll get the divorce papers ready and send them to you soon.”
“I’m not leaving and I’m not signing anything”I declared.
“Don’t make this difficult for us,I already know what your intentions was towards me so quit pretending…. it’s not as if you can be okay with a man you can’t touch”
“I’m not leaving”
He sighed.”Don’t say I didn’t warn you.I don’t want to see you in my house when I get back”
He moved closer to me and snapped the bracelet out of my wrist.
“Ahh!”I gasped….the force at which he had pulled it bruised my wrist badly.
He didn’t even look a bit moved.
“I want this to be the last time I see you”And then,he walked off.
I leaned against the wall.
Tears dripping from my aching eyes.
He would have to drag me out as he had said last night.
I’m not leaving.

I opened the refrigerator and took a bottle of water.
As I shut it.
I saw Ana walking into the kitchen.
Immediately,she saw me….she turned around.
“You don’t need to avoid me…. Damien’s going to kick me out when he gets back. I hope you’re happy now?”I asked, ruefully.
She turned to face me.
“I’ve never really had close friends….I was never really that sociable….but I really thought you and I will be great friends…you were monitoring me and if you knew about that poison…I know you’re also aware that I never thought of using it on him…but you left that out so he would hate me totally…well,congrats…you succeeded.”
“I’m sorry”She muttered looking so guilty.
I said that many times to Damien but it didn’t solve anything.
I walked away from her to be in the privacy of my room…to count the remaining hours when he would come home and make me leave.


At noon,I had a meeting downtown.
It was Draco’s day off so I had gone with only my driver.
Sophia looked so sad this morning.
Did she even sleep?
I couldn’t sleep.
She had dark circles under her eyes.
It took all my willpower not to hold her and tell her to stop crying…that everything would be okay.
But I’ll only be giving the two of us false hope.
Nothing would ever be okay.
The meeting ended at 4.
I wondered how I managed to get through it.
I said a lot of stupid things absent-mindedly and with the look on the investors’ faces.
No one needed to tell me that I’ve lost the deal.

I was too drained out physically, mentally, emotionally to even think about the deal that I’ve lost.
“Where to,sir?”Stewart asked when I got into the car.
“Take me home”
I hope Sophia has left already.
I don’t want to cause a scene by dragging her out of my house.
As Stewart drove off,I stared at some people on the pavement.
I saw some touching others and it seems like nothing happened.
That’s a big deal for me.
“How do you feel when someone touches you,Stewart? I mean places his/her hand on you”
He knew about my no touch rule but doesn’t know the reason though.
I have to wear gloves to shake people and when they ask… I tell them that’s the way I am.
“Nothing…I mean it’s normal”
A long time ago,I used to be normal….now I’ve forgotten what being normal feels like.
I feel so pained and bittered.
I already miss Sophia.
I should stick to being alone.
If I had done that in this first place, I wouldn’t be going through this much pain.
My cellphone rang,it was Juanita.
I slowly picked up.
She was quiet for a few seconds before she spoke.”I know I’m in no position to meddle and I don’t know what problem you and your wife are facing…. I’m not in the position to ask but please she’s been crying…even when I tried to force her to eat, she’s still crying while eating… please call her…give her a call and say some soothing words to her.You’re like a son to me and Sophia has come to mean a lot to me…it hurts me seeing her like this….you two should be able to overcome any problem…how do you think Pedro and I stayed married this long? There’s no couple that can boast of never having issues in their marriage…. please call her”
Sophia still hasn’t left?
For Juanita’s peace of mind,I replied.”I will”
I hung up.
I won’t call her.
I recalled her wrist I had injured.
She has to leave.
I might just hurt her more.
The rage I feel is beyond me.
I looked outside the window and I realized that we’re riding through a remote area filled with tall trees.
“Why did you take this route?What happened to the expressway?”
“Oh sir, I guess you didn’t see when I maneuver the car out of there….there was an accident,a fallen truck had caused a terrible traffic jam”
I sighed and leaned back.
The car suddenly stopped.
“What now?”
Stewart got down to check the problem then he walked back to me.
“We’ve got a flat tyre,sir, I’ll try to change it with the spare one.”
I can’t sit down here waiting till God knows when.
I brought out my phone to call Max and Lucas but there was no signal.


Trepidation laced through me as I stared at the wall clock.
It was 8:pm and I know Damien would be home any moment from now.
He would definitely be angry that I was still here.
Deep down,I prayed and hoped that he’ll have a change of mind and give me another chance.
But I know I was just kidding myself….the pain on my wrist was a constant reminder that once he comes back, I’m out of his house and life.
I sat on a couch in the living room thinking if there was any other way I could beg him to forgive me.
Max,Pedro and Lucas walked into the living room.
Juanita walked up to them and they whispered something to her..
They all turned to look at me.
Juanita said something to them and they looked away.
What’s going on with them?
I had my own problems to handle.
“I saw the news, it’s been confirm that the car belongs to Damien….any news about him?”A man asked walking right in and looking worried.
I stood up.
“What’s going on?”I asked, curiously.
“You haven’t told her yet?”the man asked Juanita.
“What’s going on?”I asked again, moving closer to them.
“I’m James…. I’m Damien’s doctor”
“The police called us up about an hour ago…a car was found downtown at a remote area….it was burnt….they detected it to be a bomb explosion…Mr O’Connell’s car exploded”Pedro said.
I scoffed.”The car got burnt, right? it might not be Damien’s car.”
“The inscription on the back wasn’t burnt off”Max said.
I know all Damien’s cars had the same inscriptions.
“Where… where is Damien?”I asked trying not to think of anything bad.
“We don’t know.But they couldn’t recover any bodies from the car, they were no sign of any body in the car so they’re currently looking for him and Stewart”
I looked around,why is this happening to me?Why is this happening to us?
Juanita held my hands.
She looked equally terrified.
“He’s fine…. I’m sure he’s just trying to get home”
I nodded.
He’s fine.
He’s just trying to get home.



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