I squinted to the rays of lights and slowly opened my eyes.
I looked around.
The room looks shabby.
Too shabby for my liking.
But that shouldn’t be my major concern now.
My head and shoulder hurts so bad.
And I don’t know where this place is.
A woman walked in.
“I’m so glad that you’re awake now”
Her face looks so familiar.
Her voice, I’ve heard it before.
But who is she?
“Who are you?”I asked, curiously.
She frowned, minutely.”You don’t remember me?Can you remember anything?”
An ache struck my head.
I can’t think of anything
It’s just severe pain I feel.
I can’t even sit up.
I slowly shook my head.
“I’m…. I’m Esmeralda Munoz and you’re my husband,James Munoz… we’re from Brazil and we just moved here a year ago when we got married.”
I grimaced.
Why does what she said feel so unreal?
But the name James does ring a bell.
“By here,you mean?”
“We’re in London”
“What happened to me?”
“You were a victim of some mafia shootouts that occurred down the street”She slowly held my hand.
“I feel so sad that you don’t remember me but don’t worry, we’ll make new memories together”
I swallowed.
I didn’t like the sound of that but I don’t know why.
This is confusing.
“Why didn’t I get treated in an hospital?”I asked.
“Em… I kind of know some things about gunshots wounds so I figured there was no need”She replied.
I touched the bandage on my head.
“What did they do to me?”I asked getting angry.
I took a glimpse of myself in the mirror on the wall…
God…my eyes were swollen.
I had bruises on my body.
How dare anyone put me in this painful state?
“Well,I really don’t know how you got wounded there…maybe you…they whipped you with something”She stuttered.
“This doesn’t feel right”I murmured.
Aren’t I supposed to feel something… anything towards my wife even if I don’t remember her.
Staring at this woman… everything doesn’t feel right.
But who am I to complain?
I’m the one with an empty brain.
And I’m probably feeling awkward with her because I’m clearly not in my right state of mind.
I’m in intensed pain.
“How long was I out?”
“Almost two weeks. I was starting to think that I had lost you.Please, hubby, don’t go scaring me like that again”She leaned in and brushed her lips against mine.
“You must be famished, I’m so excited to have you back,I love you”
I couldn’t bring myself to reply.
She stood up and walked away.
I looked around the room again.
Why am I living in such a place?
It’s too disgusting.
I feel like I lived in a house fit for royalty before.

Almost an hour later,Esme walked in with a tray of food.
She slowly sat beside me and helped me in sitting up.
“I made chicken soup,just the way you like it”
I stared at the soup.”There’s no chicken in it”
“We’re on a low with money right now, I’ve spent almost all we had taking care of you but I prepared it with chicken spices,you’ll like it”She assured and took a spoonful.
I perceived the soup and turned to face the wall.
“I can’t eat that, it’s not in my flavour.”
“Damien,you have to….”
I frowned.”Damien?”
She suddenly looked really nervous.”That’s… that’s your middle name but you don’t usually use it”

That name sounded so great to me.
“You need to eat”
“It won’t go down my throat”
She sighed.”Honey, you need to eat and take your drugs so that the recovery process would be faster”
“The soup looks depressing”
Esme burst into laughter.
She’s really pretty.
“How can a soup look depressing?”
“I won’t eat that!”I declared.
She took a deep breath.”Alright,I’ll go get chicken then”

After some time,she walked into the bedroom again.
Just the aroma that filled the room made me salivate.
This is more like it.
I let her feed me and after eating to my satisfaction.
I took some drugs.
“Why do we live in this kind of apartment?”I asked.
“What’s wrong with it?”
“Everything. I don’t feel comfortable being here.”
“You’ll get used to it”
No matter how hard I think about it….I don’t feel good living here.
I stared at the clothes on my body and I felt irritated.
“Esme”I called.
She eyed me.”What now?”
“Don’t I have any nice clothes?”
“What’s wrong with that the ones you’re wearing?”
“I feel so small inside them”
She shot me a frustrated look.

“I think I’ve never given you a real spanking before”
“You really want to spank me?”
I licked my lower lip.”Yes”
She swallowed.
Her eyes so bright with excitement.
“Oh really, Giogio?”
“You think you can stop me?”I asked.
“You are going to have to catch me first”
My eyes widened a fraction as I moved closer but she darted backwards….the breakfast bar was between us now.
“You can come quietly,Princesa”I breathed moving slowly to my left as she moved to hers.
“Come quietly?With how you take me usually…I never get to come quietly.”She teased.
I shook my head, slightly feeling so excited.
I continued to move toward my left and so does she.
“You’ve just raised the bar on the excitement stakes with this game”I said.
“I’m quite fast you know”
“It’ll be worse for you if I have to get you”
“That’s only if you catch me,Giogio. I have no intention of letting you catch me”
“Hmm oh really?”My brow furrowed, slightly and then I darted towards her, making her squeal and run for the dinning room.
She managed to escape putting the table between us.
“You do know how to distract me, Sophia”
“From what?”
“The problems of the world.”
“You seem like a whole different person when playing”
“We can do this all day,nenem but you will be the first to get exhausted that’s if I don’t catch you right now”
“Oh no you won’t”She challenged.
I walked over to the door and locked it.
I darted towards her,we ran around the dinning room, laughing and at the end,I caught her.
“So are you going to punish me now”She asked.
I shook my head.”I was only kidding. I won’t do anything that you don’t like…but please let’s change that Giogio to something sweeter”
She turned around to face me.
“Like what?”
I smiled.”You can call me,hubby…you know…em..lindo(handsome) Sweetheart… darling?”
She place her hand on my shoulder.
“Alright,my very handsome hubby”
I felt like melting.
“My Sophia.I’m trying the best I can. I try to do everything I can to make you happy. I just don’t know if it’s working… I want to see you smile and happy…call me selfish but I want to be the reason you smile randomly during the day and the reason you go to sleep happy”
She hugged me, tightly and sighed as I wrapped my arms around her.
“You take me to another level of happiness”She told me.
I kissed her hair and muttered.”Meu bem(My darling)”

My eyes opened.
Was all that just a dream?
It felt so real.
Like I was really with that woman.
And right now, I feel sad.
She called me Giogio.
What kind of stupid-a$s name is that?

I called her Sophia.

Sophia…. Sophia.
Just thinking about the name is overwhelming.

Was that just a dream or something so much more?



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