“Damien,our baby doesn’t want you to go to work today”I whined.
Damien sighed and turned to face me.
“Sophia… you’ve been telling me that for one week now,I really need to catch up on things at the office…. working from home isn’t enough.”
I pouted then placed my hand on my baby bump…I looked into his eyes giving him a very sad look.
Damien’s shoulders slumped in resignation then he slowly tugged off his tie.
I giggled, happily.

Against my wishes,he had to put opening the art gallery on hold for now.
I told him I could handle working but he doesn’t want to hear of it.
He wants me at home, resting and doing little exercises at all times.
And I keep wanting be with him 24 hours a day.
I could still remember the first time we heard our baby’s heartbeat on the sonogram.
Damien had tears on his eyes….we are expecting a boy and he already named him Vinn.
Everyone in the house calls my baby Vinn.
It’s quite funny,the baby’s yet to arrive and we’re already calling him by his name.
Damien tells me everyday that he can’t wait to hold his baby in his arms.
I can’t help but drown in his excitement.
He didn’t let any one else design the baby’s room.
It was just me and him.
“Let’s go to the dining room. I want to eat breakfast with the others”I said.
He grimaced because he had just served me breakfast in bed in not less than an hour ago but he knows better not to tease me.
Recently,I get really emotional when being teased so everyone in the house are pretty sensitive around me…they treat me like an egg that needs no crack.
Damien carried me in his arms.
I know that I’ve added a few pounds and no matter how hard I grumble about it…he doesn’t complain.

“How’s Vinn doing today?Hope he didn’t make the night uncomfortable for his mama?”Juanita asked when Damien walked into the dining room.
“No, I slept soundly”I replied.
Damien eyed me because I had woken him up like three times to get me water and snacks.
He lowered me into a chair.
“Vinn didn’t allow you go to work today?”Ana asked and the rest laughed.
They all know I always used Vinn as an excuse to make Damien stay at home everyday.
Ana and I are close again and this time,I know that she has changed for good.
“You all think it’s just an excuse,huh?When Damien’s not home, it’s as if Vinn’s restless”I defended myself even if it’s a big lie.
“We know,princesa,We know”Damien said, cheekily.
I’m so proud of him…he had made great improvements with his disorder.
Ana,James and Pedro can now touch without any fear of him breaking down and he no longer stiffens at my touch.
This baby is really going to bring a lot of miracles for us.
I stared at the food in front of me, suddenly craving for something else.
“Damien,I want feijoada….not I think it’s pizza or should I just have both?”
Damien sent me an exasperated look.
“Juanita,were you like this when you were pregnant”
Juanita chuckled.”Well no but everyone’s different,Damien”
I glared at him.”Are you saying you don’t like the way I am?”I asked, angrily.
Recently, I love picking fights with him.
“No…not at all,Princesa… anything you want to eat… I’ll make it available even if you want to eat Ana.”
Ana gasped.
“Not my daughter!”Pedro rebuked in a deep voice and we laughed.
Damien picked up his phone and ordered for the both things I had requested.
“My feet…I feel a bit fatigued there”I mumbled.
Damien grinned, stood up and bent before me then slowly started massaging my feet.
“Is it starting to feel okay?”He asked.
Everyday,my love for Damien grows….he does everything humanely possible to make sure I feel okay every damn time.
I slowly nodded.”Thanks,hubby”
He winked at me.
“Jeez,you two are making me wanna get pregnant too”Ana said.
Pedro glared at her.”College first… pregnancy later”He warned and we laughed again.
We’re like one big family and I cherish this family especially my husband.

“Damien”I called.
He was standing far away from me….too far away.
I placed my hand on my belly and moved closer to him….not matter how much I walked,I never got close enough to him.
“Damien”I called, getting tired of walking.
Then suddenly,he was nowhere in sight.
I looked around, frantically.
“Damien… DAMIEN!”
Why can’t I see him anymore?
Why can’t I find him?

“Sophia, wake up, you’re having a nightmare”Damien’s voice woke me up.
He held me close to his chest and my harsh breathing slowly subsided.
“What was it about?”He asked, curiously.
“You….you were so out of my reach”
He kissed me.”nothing is going to separate us, Sophia…. it’s just dream, forget about it”
“You’re my eternal”He added.
I smiled, happily.
Stupid dream.
He ran his hand over my baby bump…
“What do you think Vinn’s doing now?”He asked.
I giggled.”How am I supposed to know?”
“I can’t wait for him to come out into the world”
“Well, I’m excited for that day but I feel scared at times….labour isn’t easy”
“I will be there with you,every step of the way…you have nothing to be scared about…you can do it, scratch that…we can do it.”
He pressed his forehead against mine.
“I love you,meu esposo(my husband)
“I love you more,meu bem esposa,(my darling wife)”


My wife finally allowed me to go to the company for a few hours today.
I drove to work myself so that when I’m driving home… I can drive speedily before she starts feeling restless and say Vinn does too.
It’s as if she’s got a watermelon in her belly.
Her baby bump makes her look so sexy.
I gave her a call at noon.
“Vinn is starting to feel restless”She complained immediately she picked up.
“Vinn or you?”I teased.
She chuckled.”Both.When you’re coming back…buy some salsas”
“Got it, ma’am”

I left my office by 7:pm.
On my way home,I stopped by a supermarket and bought the salsas.
I was still in the supermarket when my phone rang.
It was Sophia.
“I don’t think I want salsas anymore…buy some sandwiches or meatloaf”
I sighed.
Sophia and her cravings.
I didn’t return the salsas because sometimes,she might end up wanting her first option so I just get everything she asks and let her pick.

I walked back into the parking lot and kept the things in the back seat…I got into my car and drove off.
On the expressway, I caught sight of three cars behind me.
And no matter how many U-turns I made,they were always behind me.
I was sharp enough to know that I’m being followed.
I didn’t know who they are or what they wanted but I knew I had to lose them.
I increased my speed… breaking the speed limits and riding into different roads.
Fvck!they were hot of my tail and as hard as I tried,I couldn’t lose them.
I glanced at my rear view mirror and saw one man on mask bring out half of the body from the window.
He started shooting at my car.
I’ve got no weapon on me.
He shot at my Tyres….I had to quickly stop the car since I couldn’t continue driving on flat tyres.
I ran into the woods and brought out my phone, calling Max.
“Hello sir…”
“I’m being pursued….they destroyed my tyres…I ran into the woods closed to Lake Gada to take cover,send the men over now”I explained, frantically and hung up.
Who could be after my life now?
I’m tired of this sht!
Why can’t people just leave me the fvck alone.
I continued running,if I could get to the lake before them,I could jump in.
Almost to the lake,I was rounded up by about 20 men in blacks.
Some held guns and iron rods.
I’m clearly outnumbered.
“I will pay you triple the price that your boss paid you,you don’t have to do this”I breathed.
“I’m sorry,Damien but this sh
t isn’t business related”
I turned to face the person who spoke and he removed his mask.
“You motherfvcker survived that bomb explosion… let’s see how you’ll survive this”
I greatly underestimated him.
“You rich folks think you can always get everything you want….if there’s a next life,you better stay away from what’s mine else you’ll continue to die by my hands”
Nerves had my pulse pounding in my ears.
“You think doing this would make Sophia be with you?”
“Of course, you’ll be surprised how quickly people can move on..
Don’t you worry, I’ll take good care of her but I’m not sure I’ll ever be nice to that bastard she’s carrying…. enough stalling… give this c0cksucker’s a few strokes”
Two men with iron rods walked up to me.
I ducked their attack…. grabbing the rods from them…I pushed them backwards…
Four other lunged at me,one whipping me on the back,I roared and fought them angrily taking all of them out in a matter of minutes.
As I turned around,Raul fired a shot.
The bullet pierced into my shoulder.
I groaned falling to my knees and holding my shoulder, painfully.
“I’ll fvcking kill you!”
“You’re strong… taking down six men in minutes but too bad,we didn’t come here to fight”
He fired another shot at the same spot.
“Arrgh!”I grunted, painfully.
“Does it hurt?He sneered.”That was how I felt when she chose you!”
If I can get out of this situation,I will crush every fvcking bone in his body.
“This man could have called his people already,just blow up his brains and let’s get the hell out of here”
“No… people like this deserves to die slowly with no way of helping themselves”
He moved back.
“Smash his head!”He ordered.
An iron rod collided powerfully against my head.
I gasped….pain rocketing through my body.
Again,it slammed into my head.
Blood rushed down the sides of my face.
The third strike sent the whole world spinning around me.
“Dump his body into the lake”I vaguely heard him say and I was pushed into the lake.
My body fell into it with a splash and I kept sinking downwards…my blood mixing with the water around me.

Sophia is going to be so sad.
‘I’m sorry, princesa. I won’t be coming home’

And that was my last thought.



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