BED SHEETS…..(18+)…..Part 9


I have never felt this discomfort, nervous
and confused.. From nowhere sweat
trickled down from my black bushy down
cut hair, through my back line into my
anus, I don’t know where it ended up…I
could feel heat all over my body even
though the weather was very cold outside…
They all looked at me as I looked into their
faces as if they were strangers.
LIZZY: Don’t tell me you still have sleep in
your eyes
MOM: I think so…
Andrew smiled at me…. (D–n! That smile
reminded me of our first intercourse), I
couldn’t help it than to smile back…I quickly
dropped the smile when I realised they still
had their eyes fixed on me..I pulled the
chair right opposite him of course it was a
reserved seat, my mom introduced me as
her daughter and Lizzy as the elder… I
couldn’t believe what my mom said to
MOM: Both of my daughters are virgins
and I must say am a proud mother.
Really? Lizzy a virgin? Well if you ask me I
don’t know but I presume not.. If at my age
“18” my so called proud mom thinks am a
virgin whiles am not, what of a 26 years
old woman… Haha.. Andrew looked at me
straight in the eye, of course I know that
look meant, we both pretended to be
listening to the preacher “my mom” as we
dined… I seriously don’t know what was
making Lizzy smile but she wore a broad
smile on her face throughout. Honestly I
was jealous, nervous, angry, broken hearted
and felt betrayed .. I know you will ask
why… Let me tell you what you don’t
know… Andrew and I have been talking day
and night after our encounter, he promised
me he was going to leave my cousin for me
since my cousin didn’t now him.. I trusted
him… We chat on social media, we get
naughty more times and we exchange nude
pictures as well…he promised me he was
going to wait till am 20 then come see my
mom so what happened?… He was happily
holding my cousins hand laughing to my
moms jokes and conversation, I was
getting more furious within… I didn’t take
part in the conversation because I was
angry and if care is not taken I may lose
control and end up disgracing myself…. I
slowly stretched my leg and placed it in
between his thighs wanting to kick his
balls… He dropped the smile and looked
into my eyes, I looked away as if I know
nothing.. I robbed my toe on his flap, I
could feel his quick erection, now he
sounded confused… Suddenly the rain
begins to fall again, heavier than previous…
My mom said to my cousin
MOM: get the guest room ready for him… I
don’t think the rain is stopping any moment
from now..
I smiled in my mind but wore the biggest
frown on my face….my mom took Andrew
to the living room where they had a happy
conversation, my cousin joined me in the
kitchen after preparing the guest room
whiles I washed the plates….
NAA DROMOR: your man is handsome
LIZZY: was he the one you saw in your

NAA DROMOR: there are over 5000
Andrew’s in the world(I cut in angrily) ….
I angrily walked out of the kitchen which is
actually normal of me, my room and my
bed are my best friends… That night…. I will
call it “mystery night” I still didn’t believe
my cousin was a virgin, I thought deep of
it…. Late in the night around 11pm I heard
all the doors being shut and locked… You
know what that means….. I waited for 30
minutes predicting they will all be asleep
my now. I powdered my body with a sweet
scented powder from Paris,adorned my
transparent white night gown without
lingerie on and tiptoed into his room… He
was nowhere to be found but the falling of
the water told me he was in the bathroom,
he smiled upon seeing me. he quickly
closed the tap and grabbed me by the
waist, it wasn’t time for question and
answers it was time for action.. He kissed
me with passion, I felt it deep down my k—
y.. I held his big black c–k (BBC) and
robbed it, he rolled down my k—y raised
my left legs and placed it on the bed, he
went on his knees and grabbed my c–t.. I
couldn’t help it than moan, he had his left
hand holding on tight to my hard t–s, I
couldn’t take it any more…I pushed him on
the bed just as I was about to sit on him a
silent knock came on the door…. I got
frightened, I was looking for a place to hide,
I quickly pushed my thick body under the
bed… He opened the door and Lizzy


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