BED SHEETS…..(18+)…..Part 7


The taxi stops right in front of the
administration, I took out 10 cedis from my
hand bag and hands it over to the driver, I
looks around the whole compound which
looked quiet dusty because the school is
on vacation. Pulled down my tight skimpy
dress trying to look a bit decent in the eyes
of my headmaster, (oh God please let me
have good grades) that’s the prayer in my
head…even though I’ve been naughty lately
I never want to disappoint my mom. Even if
I couldn’t keep my virginity as she thinks
now I should be able to make her proud
with good grades… These were running
through my mind walks I walk to the
headmasters office, I knocked twice on the
door, then a deep voice responded from
BIG VOICE: the door is open
I slowly turned the door nob open with a
nervousness vibrating through my body,
guess who I met there… Andrew, “Lizzy’s
supposed blind date boyfriend” guess we
were both surprised to see each other
NAA DROMOR: Andrew… Do you work
ANDREW: its a pleasure to meet you again
Naa.. No I don’t work here, my father sent
me to get him some documents
NAA DROMOR: your father is the
headmaster? I schooled here and I was
coming for my results
We had a long conversation, chatting and
laughing out so loud we got attracted to
each other again, he got off his feet and
kissed my shiny thick lips which I had
painted with a strawberry lip balm… He
kissed so deep, he fumbled my b—-t
through my tight cotton dress, he dipped
his hands into my dress and grabs my b—-
t with his two hands, he s—-d them so
hard in turns… I took off his shirt robbed
my hands through his muscular body… I
stripped him totally naked pushed him into
the chair and grabs his BC (BLACK C–K) I
s—-d them with passion I loved how he
wined his waist in responds to my actions,
he grips my b—-t tighter the more sweeter
and faster I do it, I was totally wet to an
extent that I could feel the water dripping
and jumped on him and slowly inserted his
c–k into my k—y. He seem to be even more
steady in thrusting me back and forth than
he previously was. Sweats drips down my
spine in ecstasy and at that moment I
thought I was in heaven. I have no option
than to play along to the rhythms in the
movement of his waist.

LIZZY: what is wrong with you
NAA DROMOR: me? Nothing, why do I look
( yawning and rubbing my eyes to look
clearly into the eyes of my cousin)
LIZZY: no! You don’t but you sounded
crazy, moaning and winning your waist on
your bed mentioning ANDREW… By the way
who is Andrew? NAA DROMOR: Andrew?
And who is Andrew? I should be asking
Then my mom entered, Lizzy leave us alone
I want to talk to my daughter… She quickly
walks out and slams my door.
MOM: I want to have a word with you..
Suddenly my feet’s were cold and my lips
became dry what worsened the plight was
the look in her eyes. I was nervous and got
my mind running like a ROM asking myself
a million questions at the same time…..


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