BED SHEETS…..(18+)…..Part 6


18 years of my life I have never seen my
mom looking frustrated, confused and
ashamed, I could read all these in her eyes
and the look on her face…. I wanted to
release her from her confused
imprisonment so I acted the “good girl” role
she has always casted me for….
NAA DROMOR: I heard voices…. Precisely
your voice, I went into your room but you
wherent there ( now that’s a very big lie)
so I followed the direction of the sound….
She quickly slammed the door closed as
she turned and realized the tenant was
watching us in his total nakedness…. My
words was like a relieve for my mom
MOM: am sorry for waking you up, my
tenant had an issue with his girlfriend so
they asked me to help them solve it…
NAA DROMOR: at this time? But you were
loud and the sound……
MOM: shhhh….. (she cuts in) you need to
go to sleep its late……
I thought about this all night… For the first
time I’ve felt a pain deep down my heart….
For two weeks my mom never looked me in
the eye, she was extremely silent at dinning
which is unusual of her… The tenant
became my worse enemy, his presence
puts me off totally… This continued for
weeks until one Thursday late afternoon
when the sun was falling… I was watching a
movie as usual in the living room all alone
in the house… Suddenly I saw the room
darken at once, I checked outside and saw
the clouds forming. The sky looks dark
which looks like the rain could fall at any
tick of the clock. I spotted the tenant’s
cloths on the line, I decided not to mind
because we not on good terms but me and
my sympathetic life style, I quickly picked
the bowl and run out…. Just after entering
the room with his cloths I saw his car
speeding onto the compound… I peeped
him through the window as he packs the
bags of groceries into his room… I didn’t
want to take his cloths to him but I noticed
he came out to check the line and went
back inside… I carried the bowl with his
cloths and walk to his door…. The wind
started blowing very hard, I knocked twice
he didn’t open up, I wanted to return into
the room before the rain starts… But the
wind which carried a heavy dust which
covers the atmosphere got me scared so I
opened his door and entered the living
room…. He wasn’t there I placed the bowl
on his couch and stood for a while, he
entered the living room looking all hasty..
He had a shocking look on his face of
curse I know what that means…..
NAA DROMOR: I brought your cloths
TENANT: thank you….
I turned to leave
TENANT: no don’t go outside, it dangerous
you could get hurt…
The pain in my heart led me to the door
before he could say jack I had already
opened the door….I met a heap of sand at
the door which found its way into the living
room… Suddenly the rain begun to gal
heavily, I slammed the door and leaned
behind it, he watched me and I watched
him too…. He held me by the hand and
took me to sit on his sofa….I sat
uncomfortably praying for the rain to stop, I
could tell how cold it was outside from the
cold wind that came into the room through
the window… I robbed my hands around my
shoulders trying to keep myself warm, I felt
a warm hands running down my hands
through my body down to my him from
behind even though I didn’t want to
respond I felt warm in his arms so I relaxed
he held my firm b—-t and squeezed it like
he was expecting milk out of it, he laid me
in the sofa and behind to suck my n—–s, I
couldn’t help it than to cooperate…. He
unzipped my shorts and pulled it off my
body like a macho man, he took off my top,
gripped my two heavy b—-t and looked me
in the eye
TENANT: the last time was me, today is you
I just looked but said nothing… He grabbed
my c——s and suck then with a force as if
he was trying to rip it off… I loved it but I
couldn’t show any sign than to swallow my
feelings and enjoy in silence… (I can’t take
this anymore) I looked at him suck it and
said in my lowest tone

NAA DROMOR: I want you in me…..
He smiled and drop his shorts… It was my
second time seeing his BBC.. (Hahah I
mean his Big Black C–k) the semen
gushing out was like a mad dogs saliva
dripping from its fangs… He went on his
knees, drag me by my two legs and drew
me closer to him, he robbed the thick tip of
his c–k on my wet c——s and pushes it in..
(Jeez this is bigger than I thought) I felt a
sharp pain down there I screamed along
side the thunder storms and the lightening
that came with the heavy rain, he pounds
on me and thrusted in me like he’s been
waiting for it for long… I watch him groan
and moan ,he gripped my thighs and
hooked me with his left arm ,he raised me
and held me like a baby whiles he still has
his BBC in me, he walked around the room
carrying me and pouncing me up and
down… Trust me I’ve never seen or head
this but this is too good for my liking…he
s—-d my n—–s whiles he still carried me, I
could feel him vibrating inside me, that
made it more sensitive.. I felt like reaching
o—-m ,there I took my shyness away, and
gripped him with my two fingers, I started
winding my waist and he watched me, I
gripped him harder and he pushes it in the
NAA DROMOR: I feel like….. Oh shhh… Oh
oh Yh yes, yes
TENANT: Come on my c–k baby… I think
am there too… You are sweet…
Now I was more turned on, my body
started vibrating and I could feel him shake
as well
NAA DROMOR: Am coming…. Am
coming !!!!
TENANT: Am coming too !!!!
Now we were nothing screaming…. He
came in me and I came on his BBC too…
He looked at me and smiled, but I didn’t
smile back I just wore my cloths and
walked out on the rain even though he tried
to stop me.. I entered the room only to find
my mom looking through the window…
Meaning she saw me coming out from the
tenant’s room, she said nothing to me and I
walked past her into my bed room….


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