BED SHEETS…..(18+)…..Part 5


The life of a thief is full of nervousness and
drama and it’s a exactly what I’ve gotten
myself into ( speaking to myself) my mom
stares at me of course I know that look,
she was waiting for an explanation. The
tenant looks at me and looks at my mom
too, I don’t know if he was actually thinking
I was going to swallow the sperms and
answer my mother or perhaps spit it out at
that point… Hell no! If that’s what he’s
thinking he should forget it (speaking in my
mind) finally she broke the silence
MOM: I was looking for you
TENANT: well she came to apologize to me
for her actions towards me this Y
MOM: oh I almost forgot I asked her to…
That’s good of you Dromor, am proud of
We all smiled, but I said nothing, I quickly
walked out and slammed the door behind
me, I spat is out quickly and wiped my
mouth.. D–n!this thing tastes awful than it
I laid on my back on my bed with my light
off reflecting on what happened a couple of
minutes ago in the tenants room… suddenly
I starting getting turned on, my n—–s were
so hard and my pants were totally wet, I
played with my n—–s and they turned me
on the more. Not long I heard the door
being slammed, I knew my mom has finally
retired to bed.. I stripped in front of the
mirror and played with myself. Looking into
the mirror I robbed my b—-t with a baby oil
which made it very smooth and shiny,I
poured a quantity in between my b—-t
which rolled down my tommy down to my
c——s, I robbed my middle finger on my
right on my c——s whiles my fingers on
my left smooched my n—–s. The feeling
was good and it was getting deeper and
deeper I did it faster and I couldn’t help it
than to moan like I was being laid by a
man… I felt my c——s harden and the
urethra opening….the feeling was soo
strong i started screaming Ooooh….
Yyeeeaaaahhh….oooooh yeaaaa…my p—y
starts to gush out its fluids ooooohhhh
muumuu Goooddddd as i scream and
moan my body was shaking, my legs
became weak n the juice keep gushing out
bit by bit, i couldn’t take it anymore than to
allow myself to flow like a fireman holding
his water hose spraying on a wild fire….
The feeling was good i couldn’t think of
anything at that moment my body kept
shaking, and my legs were weak..the fluid
was all over the mirror, and the carpet was
somehow wet. I felt a bit relieved. I threw
myself back into my bed breathing heavily
and gasping for air….thinking I could sleep
after that relieve but the feeling was so
strong that I needed something extra…

What is it with me I think this is getting out
of hand, I couldn’t take it anymore I went
back to the mirror trying to play with
myself but suddenly I stopped. I checked
the time, it was 55 minutes past 12 I
slipped into my night gown without pants
then covers up with my morning coat, I
slowly walked out and locked my door, I
slowly opened the main door and closes it
behind me, I walked slowly to the tenants
door, just as I was about knocking I heard
a sound, I tried to listen carefully but it was
very faint, I walked to the window and there
,it was the groan of a woman coming from
his bed room…. She screams so loud I will
say “a sweet pain” she was like ” give it to
me.. Give its to me, it’s a long time.. Ah ah,
oh yeah, hit is right there baby… Yeah am
there, am there…” I was broken hearted and
the feeling in me disappeared like a woman
who just caught her boyfriend in the act… I
wanted to leave but something stopped
me… (Who could that be?) the voice sounds
familiar… Suddenly the noise stopped, I
heard nothing again I thought they had
fallen asleep after that hot ride…I walk to
the door wishing to knock so I can at least
tell him how am feeling because I don’t
think I can sleep in this. I heard foot steps,
I was happy I knew I could at least get to
talk to him, just as I was about to knock
my mom came out of the room fixing her
morning coat on…. I was frightened and my
body became absolutely cold we both
looked deep into our eyes, I could spot the
tenant totally naked looking at my mother
and I from afar… I didn’t know what to ask
my mother, neither do I know what she
was going to ask me but as it stands we
both have to explain ourselves……..


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