BED SHEETS…..(18+)…..Part 4


I know by now you will be wondering what
happened next.. There’s one thing my mom
always says anytime she gets suspicious
over something, she goes like ” the fastest
organ on our body is our eyes”. She was
right after all….! In less than a second I
watched the towel fall and back to his waist
line, my eyes popped out I have never seen
such a thing in my 18 years of living. At a
point a thought it was artificial until he
smiled upon picking the towel and asked
TENANT: what did you see?…..
I still looked at his c–k but said nothing
TENANT: are you afraid?
I still said nothing, he smiled and moved
closer to me with a broad smile on his
face, he held my left hand and placed it on
his big c–k.. This is the biggest c–k I’ve
ever seen, twice bigger, longer, thicker and
blacker than that of Andrew’s.. It was a
great feeling touching it I will say it was a
great experience. I robbed my hands
around it and he bit his lips then asks
TENANT: Do you like it?
I just smiled, sure I love it, the feeling was
good I robbed it harder and suddenly it
started secreting semen which made the
robbing very smooth, sweet and slimy.. He
groans and grabs my b—-t, he plays with
the n—–s in the night gown.. He slipped his
hands into the gown and bring out my big
firm standing b—-t, my n—–s were
extremely hard and pointed, he s—-d them
with passion… (Hmmm… This is good) I
said that in my mind, I was a bit shy so I
didn’t want to show my feeling. I felt wet in
my pants and that made me rob his big c–
k more. I couldn’t take it anymore… ( how I
wish you can just enter me) I said that in
my mind.. Sometimes we can make the
simplest mistake under pressure, I was
under pressure, I couldn’t hide my thought
neither could I pretend being “that good
girl” I went on my knees and grabbed his
big black c–k into my mouth.. ( jeez.. This
is bigger than I though) it opened my
mouth wider than it can, yet the feeling
wouldn’t let me quit, I s—-d him up and
down, slowly and slowly I went in and out, I
licked it like an ice cream on a cone and
dipped it down my throat, a dropped a tear
yet I didn’t give up.. I enjoyed the sound he
was making and the way he’s gripped my
b—-t with his right hand and holding my
head with his left hand moving his waist up
and down.. He groans harder and harder,
he moans and shouts as I blew him faster

TENANT: Am coming am coming It’s good,
don’t stop
I was confused.. Didn’t know if I should
stop but I couldn’t stop either, he held my
head and shouts so loud
TENANT: s–t! S–t!!
He released his sperms into my mouth, it
tastes awful I didn’t know whether to spit it
out or swallow it. He smiles at me and
covers his waists with his towel, I dressed
properly and smile back at him.. All of a
sudden the door nob was slowly turned
open, we both watched the door way as the
door was pushed open, my mom stepped
into the living room… She stares at me but
says nothing, how on earth am I going to
talk when I have my mouth filled with
sperms……? Hahahah wait for me I will be
right back……


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