BED SHEETS…..(18+)…..Part 38


We looked at her, she entered the room and came out with her bags still shedding tears, no one said a word to her . She begun rebuking Edward .
DEEMAH: God will punish you for telling me lies, after impregnating me you stand before me telling me to go abort the child. You want to kill me like you killed Lizzy, you think am a fool..
That statement sent a sharp pain into my heart . I was happy anyway, we all watched her leave..
Creamy commenced treatment on his ailment.. Everything went on well, Andrew and I commenced treatments too after he tested positive too . Two week after Lizzy and my mom’s burial , my “supposed” father packed out of the house, my father gave the house out for rent . I relocated to his house. I started a new life with my new family, my brother and my father . He gave me love and attention, our sickness was a vital issue to him, he will quit anything he has doing just to take my brother and I to the clinic for treatment.
My father flew Creamy out of the country for treatment . I entered tertiary and lived a good life by abstaining from sex and being responsible. Two years down the line Edward died and Deemah’s child died out of HIV out of her ignorance of her being a carrier.
Creamy came back to the country healthy and strong. That night we had a family dinner, we kept looking at each other, you should see the smiles on my father’s face. Finally Creamy spoke
CREAMY: I would want to show gratitude to you uncle Ato for giving me life, if not for you I would have been dead by now. I must say am very grateful and I owe this family a lot…
We all smiled at him
CREAMY: I have one more request Uncle ATO..
UNCLE ATO: Go on….
He got off his chair and came close to me, he knelt before me and brought a ring from his pocket
CREAMY: I know Naa is still young and not ready for marriage but please permit me to love and cherish her, am ready to nurture her, ready to wait for her to grow into a full grown woman… Naa permit me.
My dad and my brother smiled but I cried .
NAA DROMOR: you can’t marry me Creamy, am HIV positive you no, how can we get married..
He smiled at me..
CREAMY: I was dying two years ago, your father saved my life because of you, that is an enough reason to sacrifice mine for you . I have loved you from day one and till now my love is still remains the same for you . Please permit me
I looked at my father and my brother, they smiled back to me, I gave him my promise ring finger and he placed the ring on it . He hugged me..
That night as I came out from the shower Creamy stared at me as I dressed and smeared powder on my skin . He jumped off the bed and held me from behind..
CREAMY: I love you

I smiled at him . I turned to him and looked into his eyes, he planted a kiss on my lips, he kissed again and deeper it became, he dropped my towel and I took off his pyjamas he placed me on the bed and rolled his thong on my nipples . It was a great moment for both of us, he slipped his thick cock into my kitty . I felt a sharp pain because its been years I had sex and even though I was in pain I felt the pleasure from within . He grabbed me so tight with his two hand and gave me very strong and hard thrust .I couldn’t help myself than to enjoy every bit of his hot strokes. We had sex all night and it was amazing. .
Sex is always amazing when you have it with the right person genuinely.. 7years afterwards Creamy and I are happily married with two wonderful kids even though I am a carrier of the HIV virus, my husband and my kids are not..
I hope you all learnt your lessons from my family’s secret? To my young ladies take safety precautions of your life, if you don’t get a saviour like Uncle Ato and Creamy you may end up like my mom . Lizzy or Deemah…as for me it was just a miracle… Don’t be enticed by the looks of these men , they may be carriers . Same to you the men . After reading this you should all check your status… AIDS is real don’t be a victim…
CREAMY: honey am home…
NAA DROMOR: my husband is back, I have to go now, but I hope to meet you all again sometime soon… Stay Blessed


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105 thoughts on “BED SHEETS…..(18+)…..Part 38

  1. How come Creamy did not test positive? he was sleeping with Lizzy before she past on, and she was a carrier of the virus b/4 her death.

  2. wow,kudos to u
    i hv learnt alot from ur story tnks 4dis story,i hv inspired by it

  3. Am touched,this story serves as a lesson to all and sundry.i really wish our youths & parents can read this story.kudos

  4. Wow interesting dis served as lesson 2 all ladies including guyz whu ave sex with any lady u cums dere way.keep it up may GOD Almight bless you.

  5. Iam realy touched when it comes to the end of it, which means we must take life as an ireplaceable treasure ounce we mess up with it. great thanks to the author.

  6. Nice story romantic at first but it give lesson nd moral nice work keep it up

  7. Touching Story 🙁 ,,thanks alot for this wonderful write up…..
    how i wish if every young man and woman out there could take their time to read this…..

  8. Dis is what’s cal a complete story.
    Cream nt bin positiv is posible cz der ar sm dat’re resistance 2 any diseases so far

  9. The story is a touching one,ryt 4rm d start i fell in love wit it
    Its so lucky 4 creamy nt to be hiv positive
    A big lesson to be learnt

  10. Wow! Dis is jst……..infact words cnt explain hw i feel.hv learnt alot.thanks sooo much.

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    keep it up guy,av learnt so much 4rm dis….once again dis story is so so so so so amazing(#top notch)…

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  14. A very nice and hearth conforming story which i even imagine it to be true.

  15. This was so touching,I really enjoyed it.
    But how is it possible that creamy and the kids didn’t contract the disease from you?
    Welldone anyway.

  16. Thank for the advice, these story really taught me alot and added more light to my dark.

  17. Woooooh… It’s so touching though but I think I’ve learnt a lesson from it, even though it got my d–k strong(ready to fvck) in the beginning.

  18. Very educating story more grace to u the writter .i really learnt alot from the story

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