BED SHEETS…..(18+)…..Part 33


Just as I was about breaking the
suspicious silence, Dr Anderson and his
assisted nurses came in. They did their
usual check on her, my mom was still
not up from her slumber.
Dr. Anderson: Naa excuse me let me
have a word with you.
I quickly followed him outside. Dr.
Anderson has been my mom’s personal
Dr. for many years which I never knew
because she never made me know her
ups and downs..
Dr. Anderson : Do you know your
mother is very sick?
NAA DROMOR: yes! Is that why she’s
still not waking up from her sleep?
Dr. Anderson: she’s not asleep, she’s in
coma. But that not what am talking
about. Did she ever mention to you that
she was sick?
NAA DROMOR: not at all, she was
always looking healthy and strong . I’ve
never seen her fall sick.
He smiled at me..
Dr. Anderson : I see . I would want you
to go home and check through her
bags . She has a couple of laboratory
reports I need to make reference to .
NAA DROMOR: sure, will do that right
Creamy, Asantewaa and Ray
decided to go home with me whiles the
others stay back.
It was past 8pm and the house was
quiet as usual . I quickly rushed into my
mom’s room only to find Deemah on
her bed, comfortably sleeping. I slapped
her thighs so hard .
NAA DROMOR: what are you doing in
my mom’s room, on her bed.
DEEMAH: who are you to question me?
I ignored her totally, started
rummaging through my mom’s bags
that was the most important thing at
that time and I was surely going to deal
with her later. Finally I found a brown
envelope with the hospital logo on it . I
knew that was what Dr. Anderson
wanted . I found some drugs and took
them along . I rushed out of the room
to meet them outside just as I got to
Lizzy’s door I heard her phone ringing.
Her door has been closed since her
demise . None of us has been able to
enter, her ring tone sent chills down my
spine . I had wanted to ignore but I was
wondering who could be calling her
phone . I entered her room only to find
her bed sheet soaked in blood, sanitary
towels soaked in blood and scattered
on the floor. I was drenched in pain
and sadness, fear gripped me . I quickly
grabbed her phone as it rung again ,
there I saw the drugs she administered
scattered in front of the dressing mirror
. I dashed out of her room because the
whole place smell bad , just as I
stepped out I started throwing up. They
all ran to me . Creamy held me . They
put me back into the car and off to the
hospital he drove.
I handed over the envelope to the
Dr. Anderson: I will join you soon..
CREAMY: Who is Edward Nortey?
He asked in a commanding voice as I
entered the ward. I was quite shocked
at his question . I noticed he had
Lizzy’s phone. (Oh no, I might have
dropped it in the car as I alighted) . I
said that in my mind.
CREAMY: Who is Edward Nortey?
He yelled !! I noticed he was having
Lizzy’s phone. ( gosh! I might have
dropped it in a car as i alighted)
Everybody stared at him, I wasn’t ready
to talk because I knew he had found
something on the phone. (What could
that be anyway) I tried to take the
phone from him but he held my hand
and asked softly.
CREAMY: Do you know who Edward
Nortey is?
I looked him in the eye then pointed
at at my “supposed” step father. He
dropped the phone on the floor
disassembling it . He dragged and
hooked him by his shirt looking like a
wild beast . Asantewaa reached for the
phone and fixed it . Everyone present
was wondering what he saw . Andrew
and Brian quickly moved towards him
to disengage them .
CREAMY: How dare you, how dare you..
He yelled, he refused to talk either,
all he did was stare at him in an angry
mood sweating all over. Andrew
snatched the phone from Asantewaa as
she read the messages displayed on
the phone. Uncle Ato seem
unconcerned about the whole issue, he
just stood his distance and watched the
drama. Andrew slowly dropped the
phone on the table, he walked about
the ward quiet and confused as if he
was looking for a lost item. Before we
all realized he has landed a big blow on
Edward’s face, ready to land the
second one Ray held him from behind
and pulled him away
RAY: What is going on . You boys
should calm yourselves down . The
reason why we are is not accomplished

CREAMY: and the other reason that
made this very reason happen is that
this man right here killed Lizzy.
And that was the biggest news of
the night..It wasn’t as if I didn’t know,
but the sound of that statement pieced
my heart.
ANDREW: he was sleeping with my wife
to be. He got her pregnant forced to
abort it .
ASANTEWAA: what kind of father are
you? Sleeping with your step daughter?
Now that statement sent guilt to
my conscience . (He has slept with me
and my entire family . Now one is dead,
another is on her sick bed with no hope
of her waking up. How will mine be
like?) I asked myself. From my distance
I watched him wipe the blood from his
nose. The Dr. entered again .
Dr. Anderson : I heard voices. What
happened to him ?
He asked as he looked at Edward.
None of us uttered a word . He ordered
the nurse to give him immediate
treatment. He invited me again.
Dr. Anderson: your mother has hidden
something from you. I think its about
time you know that your mother is HIV
positive so you can also take caution.
God! That hit me like a cannon ball .
Dr. Anderson: She has been battling the
disease for 5 years and has been
coming for check ups regularly and
taking her drugs that is why she looks
I was totally lost in thought as he
spoke to me and explained the details
of her ailment to me.. ( if my mom has
been a HIV patient for 5 years and am
sharing the same man with her what
shows I haven’t contracted the disease


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