BED SHEETS…..(18+)…..Part 32


Her heavy fall came unexpected, no
one saw it coming. The sound of her
heavy fall attracted the attention of
everybody present , I started shouting
her name .
NAA DROMOR: Mom, mom..
Andrew held her shouting .
ANDREW: Bring water!
Just then Deemah came out of her
room, dressed in a very hot mini skirt
and a sleeveless top exposing almost
all her breast . She wasn’t in a black
outfit like we were all clothed in . Like I
said she cared less about what had
befallen my family.
NAA DROMOR: Dee please bring water..
I yelled! She looked at me for a
DEEMAH: you need water? Don’t you
know your way to the kitchen? Oh wait!
Have you lost your legs? Or your arms?
Her words shocked me, just then
Asantewaa pushed her out of the way
and handed over the bowl of water to
Andrew . She walked away
unconcerned. My mom didn’t wake up
after several wash with the water on
her face. Some suggested we smear
garlic and grounded onion on her face.
That wasn’t enough to revive my mom
from her stupor. Everybody watched on
looking disturbed. But what shocked
me the most was the fact that Uncle
Ato and my “supposed” step father
stood still gazing at each other .
BRIAN: Let’s take her to the hospital.
NAA DROMOR: mom please don’t do
this to me, this is too much for me to
I broke down in tears . Ray and
Asantewaa held me trying to calm me
down while the guys carried my mom
into Uncle Ato’s car . Andrew took the
keys from his father and turned on the
ignition . Uncle Ato took the front seat
whiles I took the rear seat with my
mom . Ray, Asantewaa and Brian
followed in Brian’s car.
These three friends have shown me
love and support from day one when
my problems started but there was
something missing. Creamy! . I gave
my phone to Asantewaa and asked her
to call Creamy. I couldn’t help myself
watch my mom lie helpless on the bed
with her eyes still closed not having the
slightest idea of what was happening to
her. Uncle Ato watched us from a
distance with hopes that my mom will
come back from her unconsciousness.
In no time Creamy rushed in . He met
Uncle Ato at the entrance . They
exchanged pleasantries and he pointed
to my direction as they spoke at the
entrance. He looked at me from his
track . I couldn’t help myself than run
into his arms sobbing like a baby..
CREAMY: What happened to her? And
why are you in black? Why is everyone
in black? .
NAA DROMOR: Lizzy… Lizzy is dead…
I broke down again.

CREAMY: you are joking Naa .
He said in a trembling voice. He
started acting strange walking up and
down the ward as if he was looking for
a lost item . We all watched him .
Suddenly he shouted so loud and that
attracted the attention of the nurses on
duty and some of the patients who had
come for appointment . He hit the door,
threw himself on the floor wailing out
so loud . Now that was a hard time for
all of us.. The only person who didn’t
know Lizzy at that time was Uncle Ato
but the scene was heartbreaking
enough to make him cry too. Andrew
didn’t take it lightly at all. His eyes
looked bloodshot red with tears . For
me it was unbearable. No one could
console his friend . It was like a crying
Who said men don’t cry? I’ve heard
that adage several times but Lizzy’s
demise refuted that saying . Everyone
stared at us and some onlookers who
were touched watched on wondering
what was happening.
The day was over and my mom
was still in her unconscious state .
None of us was able to take the drinks
and food Uncle Ato ordered for us .
Visiting time was over and none of us
was willing to go home until they saw
my mom open her eyes . A nurse
suggested that two of us stay behind
to monitor her condition . Just as we
were deliberating over who leaves and
who stays. My “supposed” father
entered the ward. He gazed at Uncle
Ato and he gazed back at him . We all
looked at the two men who have been
acting strange since morning. None of
them uttered a word to each other but
the look on their faces said a lot and
am yet to find out.


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