BED SHEETS…..(18+)…..Part 30


I was astonished by her heavy fall, I quickly switched on my bedroom light, her face was wet with sweat and tears, I didn’t really get it, her face looked quiet pale and sick. The upper part of her body was in my room and the lower part of her body was outside the dark corridor. I quickly raised her head in fear
NAA DROMOR: Lizzy.. What’s wrong with you.. Talk to me
She was trying to speak but her voice was faint, couldn’t hear anything ..
NAA DROMOR: let me take you to the hospital..
She nod several times..
NAA DROMOR: let me call my mum
She shook her head and in a small voice she said..
I was shocked, but this is not the time to ask questions, I didn’t know what was happening to her but from what I see she’s in a terrible condition
NAA DROMOR: OK hang on, let me call Dee to come stay with you whiles I get a taxi..
LIZZY: hurry up please
She said in a small voice . I slowly passed by her . Her thick body had covered the door way so I had to force my way through the little space just to call Deemah.. I didn’t bother to turn on the light in the corridor cos I didn’t want to wake my mom up .
I knocked severally on Dees door, I thought she will be fast asleep due to her daily chores , I slowly entered her room and turned on the light only to find her room empty. It was past 1am (could she be in “that” man’s room?) I asked myself.. Like I said earlier there was no time to demand questions and answers . Lizzy’s life needs to be saved.. As I was returning to my room, I slipped and feel heavily on the ground causing a lot of noise… (Gosh! I hope this does not wake my mom up) I said in my mind. I quickly got up from the ground, but I noticed my feet and elbow was wet . That prompted me to turn on the light..
My heart skipped a beat upon setting my eyes on the blood that had stained my night gown from her door way to mine. I quickly dashed out of the room to the tenant’s since he owned a car he can assist in conveying us to the hospital..
I know that man to be someone who doesn’t lock his door no matter what only God can explain his reasons . I stormed into his living room and there was Deemah totally naked on top of my “supposed step father” and the father of Lizzy’s baby winding and grinding him so hard..
I shouted.. They both looked at my direction and ignored me totally still enjoying themselves, there was no sign of regret in their eyes.
I dashed out, raced through the quiet street to the main junction to get a taxi..I stood at the junction for close to 10 minutes and not a single taxi passed by . None of the private cars passing by was ready to stop either.. I looked like a mad little girl standing by the road in the middle of the night . So many things were running through my mind. I had wanted to call Creamy but No, my mom will hold him responsible…
I decided to race back to the house and call my mom. As I run through the quite street a car gave me a high light from behind. I didn’t stop to look because fear had gripped me from my head down to my toe . I was just mastering courage to save my cousin.
The car finally stopped side me .
BRIAN: what are you doing on the street alone at this time?
I didn’t want to mind but the voice made me look his direction
NAA DROMOR: Brian! Thank Goodness…
He was with his best friend Ray.. We all attended the same school.. I was Ray’s crush back in school but he never told me and we never spoke to each other through our three years in school. He is a shy guy and I am the quiet type. The first time he spoke to me was when the news was broken about Brian and I . He felt disappointed that was when he told me about his feelings towards me but it was too late..
NAA DROMOR: Lizzy is in a terrible condition right now . I went down to get a taxi…
BRIAN: Damn! Get in let’s go
In less than 1 minutes we were in my house . The two boys entered the room and carried my cousin out.. I doubted they could carry her but they did it as easy swallowing a pill. I sat at the back seat with her head on my lap… She wouldn’t talk, all she did was roll her head from left to right and right to left snapping her finger in pain and regret…

The street was very quiet cos it was dawn. I never knew Brian could drive not to talk of drive as fast as this.
We finally arrived at the hospital, the two boys brought her out of the car.. Ray carried her on his shoulder. The nurses on duty approached us with a stretcher, she was placed on it and pushed away into the emergency ward.
I was allowed into the ward but the two boys were made to stay behind . The doctor in charge rushed into the ward as the two nurses assisted him by first administering drip and a bag of blood on her.. I stood in a distances watching the health personnel’s do their work.. The doctor turned to me .
Dr: Who is she to you?
NAA DROMOR: My cousin
Dr: who do you live with?
Dr: where’s she?
NAA DROMOR: at home?
Dr: why didn’t you come with her
NAA DROMOR: she asked me not to wake her up.
Dr: who are the boys?
NAA DROMOR: our neighbors .
Dr: I see.. Go home and bring your mother.. Right now.
That frightened me.. I quickly dashed out, the two boys quickly followed in suit as I told them what was happening…
We got to the house and the door was opened just the way we left it. Brian asked me to call my mom and change my bloody night outfit .
I entered my mom’s room and slowly woke her up. I couldn’t narrate anything because I didn’t want to get her frightened. She wanted to know more I only told her we took her to the hospital because she wasn’t well . She quickly changed her cloths, we met the boys at the gate and we drove off..
No one said anything to my mom even though she kept asking questions .
We arrived at the hospital and before we stepped out of the car , she was already at the Out Patient Department Lounge asking which of the wards Lizzy lay .
We where directed to the emergency ward..
We entered the room, there Lizzy lay on the bed, her body was covered with a big white Bed sheet..


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