BED SHEETS…..(18+)…..Part 29


He opened the car and commanded
me .
CREAMY: Sit down!
I quickly entered the car and closed
the door . Before I could finish fixing my
seat belt he sped off . The car jerked
after an abrupt stop , he halted the car
with the engine still on and put his
head on the steer in worry . I was more
scared than ever, I had wanted to hold
him but I was weak inside . After a
while he pulled the gear and sped out of
the house. He drove like a mad person.
I was full of fear and panic .
NAA DROMOR: Creamy please slow…
CREAMY: shut up!
He yelled so loud, He was sweating
all over his body , I could feel pain and
disappointment in his voice, my
conscience started fighting me. I started
crying , sobbing like a baby. No one
said nothing. I sat still in the car not
knowing the destination and I couldn’t
ask because I didn’t want to provoke
him the more.
Finally we entered a clinic. It is a
private clinic down town and it took
twenty minutes drive from his house to
get there, only few people patronised
the clinic because services offered there
was quite dear . That made the clinic
not so busy . Only the rich could go
there to assess and seek medical
attention . He stepped out of the car
and banged the door close , I was still
sitting wondering what we were here for
, he looked at me through the wind
screen, (I know that body language) I
quickly jumped out of the car. He
moved on and I followed in suite. We
entered to the Out Patient Department
lounge, he spoke to the nurse in charge
and she asked offered me seat, she
took my temperature after writing my
name on the card and folder, she
checked my weight then handed over
the folder to him. After the payment we
were directed to the laboratory. (What’s
happening? What’s going on? Why are
we here?) These were the thoughts
running through my mind as we walked
down the corridor to the laboratory. He
placed my folder and card into the box
and sat on the well arranged seat at the
hall. He buried his face in his palm, not
long after one guy dressed in a sea blue
long sleeves and a black trouser neatly
tucked in came for the card. In less that
5 minutes he mentioned my name, we
both entered, he slipped into a big white
laboratory coat and covered his nose
with a nose guard , he offered me seat .
I stretched out my arm upon request .
He examined it . He wrapped a band
around my upper arm and took a
syringe and pierced a vein to withdraw
blood sample.. He pulled out the
syringe containing blood afterwards and
poured it into jar for careful test . I
watched on in pain. He cleaned the
place with cotton
and placed a piece of plasta over there
then asked me to wait outside. I went
out . I didn’t know what ensued
between the two. All I heard when both
of them came out was ( it will be ready
by Monday) said the technician
.Creamy looked at me and walked
towards me to join me . We quickly
turned to leave.
We drove out of the clinic and again
there was absolute silence as he drove
back home. Finally we got to my house,
he got out and opened the gate, got
back into the car and drove into the
house, I had wanted to stop him from
entering the house but didn’t know
how because I knew my mom will be
home by then. She came out from the
house upon hearing the sound of the
car . (She’s been looking for me) I said
that in my mind because I had ignored
her calls all day. I stepped out of the
car, he stepped out too and approached
my mom..
MOM: where are you coming from and
what are you doing with this young
man again?
She yelled. Just as Creamy was
about explaining she lands her first slap
on his face…
CREAMY: Am sorry mom …
Before he could say another word
she landed another slap across his

NAA DROMOR: mom! What are you…
Before I could finish she landed the
third one on my face. Creamy walked to
his car and drove out leaving the gate
opened. She threw insults at me
reminding me of how my father left me
when i was little and how she had
toiled to take care of me. That has been
her anthem throughout my 18years if
living. I looked deeply at her reminding
of my past, I felt like telling her my
peace of mind but something kept
holding me back.
I entered my room and locked myself
up. I skipped dinner that night because
I had lost appetite due to the incident
that happened a couple of hours ago. I
laid supine on my bed still reflecting on
our visit to the clinic and wondering
what my blood sample was going to be
used for? Why he took me to the
hospital in the first place.. All these
thought ran through my mind, tears
rolled down my cheeks in pain and
regret (what is happening? Am I
loosing Creamy?) I asked myself (God
please have mercy on me) I have never
been to church, and I don’t know how
to pray but I have heard people in
trouble say that and from nowhere I
said that too..
It was 12 minutes past 1am, the
atmosphere was very quiet, everybody
had gone to bed but my eyes were still
wide open . I watched the clock tick
every second hoping Creamy will call
but no! My eyes were blood shot red
but sleep but sleep had fled from them.
Suddenly I heard a knock on my door. I
knew that would be my mom so I
decided not to mind. The knock came
again, again and again but this time
very soft, now that got me suspicious..
(Who could that be?) Now a soft voice
LIZZY: Naa..Naa.. Open the door..
Her trembling voice got me off my
bed and quickly I turned my door
open… Just as I turned my door opened
she fell flat on the floor..


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