BED SHEETS…..(18+)…..Part 28


This dress really fits, it tight and short I
said to myself looking at my thick body
in the dress. He looked at me and
smiled , I smiled back. Its been a while
my mom got me new clothes . She only
thinks about herself, she always comes
back home with either new shoes,
cloths, bags, jewelries and others.
James sat back into the sofa stilling
gazing at me. I checked in the rubber
again and there was my favorite white
chocolate. I smiled wider. I love white
chocolate its been ages I ate one..
JAMES: do you like it?
JAMES: Your mom told me its your
favorite so I decided to surprise you
with one.
NAA DROMOR: thank you…
He smiled at me and asked me to
come close . He carried me and placed
me on his lap, I was busily enjoying my
chocolate and he stared at me, he put
his hands into my dress and held my
breast. I was a bit confused because I
had no idea of what he was doing…
JAMES: You have beautiful breast. Very
fresh and hard..
I was confused so I said nothing. He
started playing with my nipples. I was
ignorant to this so I tried to stop him .
NAA DROMOR: please its painful..
JAMES: relax you will enjoy it.. Don’t
you have a boyfriend?
I just stared because I didn’t
understand.. He pulled down my pants
and started playing with my genital . He
held my clitoris and robbed it, I begun
feeling awkward . He brought out his
Big Black Cock and asked me to hold it
. That got me very scared, my heart
started beating very fast, I was
sweating all over..
JAMES: Just play with it..
How on earth do I do that? He held
my hands and begun robbing it on his
cock. I was so scared that I removed
my hands and got off his lap. He
unbuttoned his shirt , held my hands
and placed it on his chest..
JAMES: Play with my nipples..
I declined, he commanded me again,
again and again . Finally I agreed
because he promised me more
presents. He begun robbing his cock
faster and faster I looked at him rolling
his eyes and biting his lips..
JAMES: do it faster
He yelled! He begun robbing it faster
and harder groaning harder. Suddenly
he started jerking his head back and
forth while licking his lips . From
nowhere a white fluid started gushing
out . That was the first time I saw a
man ejaculate . I quickly removed my
hand and stepped back in fear watching
him ejaculate . This was my first time, it
didn’t only happen once but it
continued . Every now and then, he
warned me not to tell my mom.. Even
though I had wanted to she never gave
me the opportunity , its either she’s
busy or will ask tell me “we will talk at
the “right time” so I kept my troubles
and worries and begun showing interest
in James and his playboy moments
with me.

When I turned 14 Brian and I
became friends, he was one spoilt rich
kid who knew everything about sex at
that young age and I didn’t understand
. He broke my virginity . And since then
I became a whole new person. I
became addicted to phonographic
books and videos. This made me have
sex with three of my class mates in
school, my maths teacher and even my
head master.. I slept with so many men
I can’t even mention because I woke up
everyday thinking about sex. My mom
never got to know because I was
always indoors, and she always left me
at home . She never cared about me..
All she cared about was herself..
Creamy and Alex watched me as I
told my little dirty story . Creamy
jumped off the sofa to enter his room.
He came back with my cloths and
threw them at me .
CREAMY: Put on your cloths .
He said yelling at me, I watched him
in fear and quickly jumped into my
cloths .
CREAMY: follow me! And you go home
He yelled… I followed like a fool in
suit not knowing where we destined to .


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