BED SHEETS…..(18+)…..Part 27


As thick as my mom was the man
carried her like a baby banging her so
hard and making her scream on top of
her voice.. My mom’s rear was facing
the door so she didn’t see me. The
thick tall dark man threw my mom on
the bed upon setting his eyes on me.
His big black cock (BBC) was looking at
me in the face looking all wet and
shiny. It was my first time in my life
time setting my eyes on cock and I
wondered what and how this thing can
make my mom scream so loud? (Is it
painful or sweet) I asked my self..
MOM: get out!
She yelled..
MOM: and stay in your room till I ask
you to come out
Now that was her usual anthem
anytime she brings a man home. I shut
the door, pulled the coffee chair around
the dinning table and sat still reflecting
on what I saw. Not long after, both of
them came out. I stared at them , my
mom shamefully introduced me to the
MOM: that’s my daughter.
JAMES: beautiful girl! What’s your
NAA DROMOR: my name is Naa
Naa Dromor was given to me by
mom because my dad vanished after
my birth. My mom is a Ga hailing from
Teshie in the greater Accra region.
Dromor in our language means
“Grace”. If Grace was a name given to
me by my mom why does she hate me
so much?
JAMES: your daughter is very
beautiful… How old are you
NAA DROMOR : am 10 years..
MOM: She will turn 11 in two days
She cut in.. The man looked at me
smiling so wide and I wondered why, he
promised me a present on my birthday.
My mom asked me to take care of the
house she will return soon..
I was totally lost in thought thinking
about what I saw. I entered her room
because I wanted to find out more and
guess what I saw. Phonographic books,
aphrodisiacs and tapes. I quickly moved
to the living room and inserted the tape
. I made myself comfortable in the sofa
watching the video. Exactly what I saw
my mom and her partner doing was
what I saw in the video.. The screams
and the moans . I begun sweating in
my pants and feeling uneasy, I was
totally new to this and I didn’t know
what to do but honestly I enjoyed every
bit of it . After that day I was a happy
person at home, my mom can leave the
house for all I care I have a company
after all.. On my 11th birthday
something happened….
My mom woke me up that morning
from my sleep.. She handed over a
wrapped box to me and wished me a
happy birthday..
MOM: your breakfast is on the table, I
have a few things to take care off in
town.. I may keep long in town today .
Lizzy will come and take care of you
after classes..

It was supper happy, because I will
have time to watch all my videos and
seeing my favorite cousin again was
another source of my happiness. After
breakfast I threw my self in the sofa as
usual and begun watching my video ,
enjoying the usual feeling, I hear a
knock coming from the door. I wasnt
expecting any body till 3pm when I
knew that was the usual time my
cousin closes from her weekend
classes .I rushed out to check who was
at the door . I was shocked to see
James because my mom wasn’t at
home. He smiled at me but I didn’t
smile back..
NAA DROMOR: my mom is not home!
JAMES: I came because of you not your
mom…. Happy birthday…
I just stared but said nothing. He
brought a big rubber from behind and
showed it to me..
JAMES: happy birthday… I promised
you a present the other time
remember.. Can I come in..
From nowhere I begun smiling.
Every kid likes presents, I made him in,
we went straight into the living room.. I
was smart to turn off the video.. He sat
in the sofa and I sat too, he asked me
to check the bag, I was eager so I
picked the bag and opened it.. It was
full of new cloths and shoes, brand new
cloths smelling like the waves from the
state.. I was extremely happy whiles I
checked the cloths in turns to see
which will fit and which was colourful .
JAMES: you can try them on..
I stripped naked only left in my pants,
my breast wasn’t big so I wasn’t shy
anyway, but he kept looking at me as I
tried the cloths on .
JAMES: you look good in that.. Are you
sure you are 11? Because you look
thicker than 11
I just smiled… I tried another one on,
couldn’t close the zip from behind so I
went close to him so he could help me
zip it…


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