BED SHEETS…..(18+)…..Part 26


I was totally taken away by the pleasure as
I enjoyed his strong bangs in the sofa. I
didn’t notice Creamy’s presence because
Alex had blocked my view. Suddenly he
pulled out his c–k with force . I got
frightened upon seeing Creamy. He landed
a blow on Alex’s face, he fell heavily into
the sofa holding and covered his nose at
the same time groaning in pain. That sweet
feeling I had a few minutes ago vanished
within a twinkle of an eye . And all I had left
within was fear and shame. As if that
wasn’t enough Creamy gripped him by his
well ironed T-shirt off the sofa and landed
another blow on his face.. He fell on the
wall, he followed with series of blows, my
heart begun beating fast, my feet turned
cold. The groaning of the young man got
me shivering out of fear. I moved close to
him and held him trying to stop him from
hurting Alex. He pushed me away and
ended up on the sofa too..
CREAMY: Hold it!
He yelled at me. For the first time he yelled
at me.. He walked around the living room
looking confused with tears running down
his cheeks. Alex crawled on the floor with
blood dripping from his nostrils with his
hand covered to his nose. My heart started
racing faster, I felt like holding him but not
NAA DROMOR:Am sorry..
I said in a trembling voice. He was
sweating all over, and looked very scary so
I didn’t want to go close to him. I leaned
against the wall watching him rub his
hands through his hair in shame and
CREAMY: No its my fault. I trusted him as
a friend . If I knew he was going to take
advantage of your weakness I wouldn’t
have discussed you with him.
I was a bit confused about what he was
trying to say.
NAA DROMOR: What are you saying.
He looked at me. I got frightened because
all I saw on his face was vengeance.
CREAMY: I invited him here so he can
assist me tell you how sorry I was for what
happened the other time and to also meet
you for the first time, He’s my best friend,
we don’t hide anything from each other.
We discussed you sometime ago and he
even advised me to let you go because you
will surely cheat on me but I wasn’t ready
to let you go. I told him severally that I
believe you are going to change. I’ve
always trusted him…
Before he could finish talking tears rolled
down my cheeks. (Why me?) I asked
myself. I felt sorry for my poor and
promiscuous life . I watched him and his
injured friend on the floor but said nothing
still leaning against the wall. Finally Alex
Alex: Am sorry. It wasn’t intentional .
I just couldn’t control myself watching him.
Creamy watched us and said nothing. I
moved close to him and went on my knees
, he watched me in the eye .
CREAMY: You’ve disappointed me Naa..
I’ve been silently watching you. Giving you
room to change . What is it wrong with you
. Tell me.. Couldn’t you have controlled
yourself . That’s my friend for God’s sake.
His words pierced through my heart like as
if pieces of broken bottle were being thrown
to my heart. I broke down into
uncontrollable tears.. He watched me
NAA DROMOR: Am sorry. Am sorry.. This
is what I’ve been for the past years. An
addict. I’ve slept with so many men and
boys that I can’t even count. You don’t
deserve me . But please don’t let go off
me. He watched me but said nothing. I was
so sad and disappointed in myself. I
thought it will be right to tell him about my

I was too little to understand why my mom
didn’t like me.. As little as I was at age 6
she will lock me up in the room and go out
for hours.. I will be gripped with fear and
sometimes sleep off… She did this to me
for years so I became used to it . I could
stay indoors for a very long time provided I
have everything within the house. When I
turned 10 I saw her come home with
different men.. All kind of colors, looks and
stature . She will lock me up in my room
and warn me to stay there till she asks me
to come out. My mom was like an enemy..
We hardly talk. We don’t even see eye to
eye . Until one night I mastered the courage
to ask her why she hated me .
MOM: I had you when I was 17. My parent
sent me out of the house when they found
out I was pregnant and I wasn’t ready to
tell them who was responsible. I was
protecting him because he was a student.
My father is a retired soldier and I know
what he can do to him. I stayed with my
friend till I gave birth to you. Since then I
have never set eyes on your father.
NAA DROMOR:Is that why you treat me like
an adopted child?
She was ashamed by my question. Since
that evening she begun caring for me and
putting smile on my face. But I was waiting
for that day when I will ask her why she
brings different men to the house . I was
too young to understand..
One sunny afternoon when I returned from
school , I heard voices murmuring .It
followed with loud groans and moans. So I
decided to check what was happening… I
followed the sound and noticed it was
coming from my mom’s room.. I walked to
the door and stood for a while, I opened the
door and that was it….


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