BED SHEETS…..(18+)…..Part 22


She turned on the light giving us a bright
view and pulled the coffee chair around the
dinning table. She sat at the edge of the
chair and relaxed her head on her crossed
palm supporting her aft head ready to
listen to us… She was now our object of
focus . We both looked at her and looked
at each other’s face. I could sense Lizzy’s
was nervous. The weather was quite cold
but I could see beads of sweat all over her
face… My mom kept looking at us waiting
for us to spit out our problem … I broke the
NAA DROMOR: mom, she’s afraid to let you
know Andrew wants her to pay him a visit.
Mom smiled….Lizzy looked at me, I could
sense her relief…
NAA DROMOR: she’s afraid you will get
furious .
She got off her chair and held Lizzy by the
arms .
MOM: its fine, you can surely go to see
him. You are no more a kid… You’ve made
me proud by keeping your virginity till this
stage. I know how it feel when a man
starts asking you to come visit him and the
fear you feel within .I urge you to go ahead
. Besides he is your soon to be husband…
She smiled at us, Lizzy smiled back and I
did too.
MOM: its late, you ladies should go to
sleep we will talk in the morning.
She entered her room and locked the door…
Lizzy stared at me in amazement.
NAA DROMOR: don’t give me that look .
LIZZY: She smiled at me…. You saved me
NAA DROMOR: not yet, you have to find a
way to tell her about that unborn baby…so
u can find solution to it.
LIZZY: hmm.. Am confused .
I entered my room leaving her in the
dinning hall. The next morning we all sat
around the table and had breakfast in
silence .I kept looking at my supposed
father wondering why he joins us at the
table lately. His sight pisses me off than
anything in this world. He kept giving me a
wicked look then I broke the silence…
NAA DROMOR: mom! Why do some fathers
have sex with their children even some step
children or their nieces or sometimes house
helps as far as getting them pregnant. Does
society not frown on such deeds and
fathers ?
My mom was shocked at the question. My
supposed father quickly dropped his spoon
including everyone present at the table.
They all gazed at me in awe.
MOM: Its a taboo and a shame for that
matter .Such a father must be castrated for
an abominable and unpardonable deed like
this. I will personally throw such father into
jail if he’s my husband or even my father .
I smiled, everyone lost interest in the
delicious special oat prepared by my mom.
The man gazed at me wishing to say
something but was drenched in guilt and
shame. She continued…..
MOM: that father is misfit, heartless and
deserves nothing but death…… Where did
you hear such news from?
NAA DROMOR: it’s not a news mom, its a
novel titled “BED SHEET” I chanced on the
shelves at the mart the other time and
picked to read…
MOM: I see, I should read that book as
well. Honey what’s your sentiment and take
on such story?
He looked confused, he started fumbling
just then he was saved by the bell. A knock
came on the door . Deemah got up to
reach for it, she directed the visitor to come
in… (Wow). I said that in my mind . A
young handsome looking gentleman stood
behind the door watching us from a

MANUEL: good morning,
We all watched him…..
MANUEL: Aunty Roseline gave me your
address. She said you needed a tutor for
your daughter .
A tutor? I was surprised… She never spoke
to me about this and what is that for… She
smiled at the young man and invited him to
join us at the table even though we were
rounding up. He declined the offer .She
instructed Deemah to serve him fruit juice
to refresh himself since he had journeyed a
bit if he cared for. He declined again . Now
this was the biggest news for me… My
mom broke the news that I failed my maths
and science in the WAEC examination….
But how? I thought my mom told me some
months ago that I made her proud by
passing my exams, so where from this?
Anyway…after their long conversation they
agreed on the teacher coming every
evening at 8pm because he works with
Rabbit Imagination and can only come
around 8pm…. After breakfast mom opted
to give my new teacher a lift since he’s
going her direction. Deemah and I were left
in the house. I entered my room and called
uncle Ato, he sounded very pleased hearing
from me….I was extremely happy when he
told me he was back in town. I narrated
Creamy’s issue to him and asked him for
help. He asked me to meet him up so we
go to the police station. I quickly got
dressed and called Lizzy to find out which
station he was detained. I stepped out of
the house, met him at my junction and he
drove straight to the police station…I broke
down in uncontrollable tears when I saw
Creamy .He looks pale and skinny . His
face looked quite bushy and his eyes were
becoming sunky. After what I will call a
long conversation betweene Ato and
policemen , I was interrogated as well
before Creamy was granted bail.. That was
my happiest moment ever….


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