BED SHEETS…..(18+)…..Part 21


LIZZY: I said I didn’t come here for sex, I
came to tell you that the pregnancy test
tested positive….
Lord have mercy… Lizzy is pregnant for this
man? I opened my mouth so wide that I
wish I could shout but I had to control
TENANT: oh come on that shouldn’t stop
you from giving me your body ?
LIZZY: this is a serious issue, don’t take it
lightly at all…. You know your wife will kill
me if she finds out .
TENANT: why are you sounding like that?
And what makes you sure that baby is
mine? Besides am not the only man you
having sex with .
LIZZY: look I only had sex with Andrew
once, and after calculating the weeks old it
doesn’t tally with Andrew and I… You are
the one having sex with me every night…
Now that was another punch in the chest…
this is unbelievable. She raised her voice so
TENANT: shh… Stop shouting and behave
like a matured woman… Someone might
hear you…..There’s always plan B..
LIZZY: dont tell me to get raid of it because
I won’t this time…
This time? Wait, does that mean she had
had one for him already? I asked myself in
shock and amazement .
TENANT: look what happened last month is
past… OK tell me who else knows about
this ?
LIZZY: no one…
Just me.. Haha… I smiled in my head..
TENANT: that’s fine, this is my plan, tell
your mom about it, if she asks you just tell
her its Andrew, that’s the best way out…
Remember his parents are coming to see
your family . It will make sense…
LIZZY: am scared, what if he denies?
TENANT: He won’t try it…..
There came a total silence.. I tried to peep
so I can escape quick if she’s coming
towards the door, but I saw something
else… He moved closed to her and held her
b—-t… I adjusted myself in the corner so I
can have a clear view…he stripped off her
night gown and gripped her b—-t as if he
wanted to crush them. Lizzy stood still….
He kissed her lips very deep, she still stood
still, he grabbed her n—–s with his tongue,
he begun sucking them like a thirsty man
who had travelled miles on the desert.
Lizzy begun to move, she held his head as
if to say “I want more”… She begun taking
his shorts off, she held his Big Black C–k
and begun rubbing it… From nowhere I felt
a rush within my body, I wished I was the
one being grooved… She went on her knees
and begun sucking his BBC… I felt wet in
my pants and felt like bumping into them to
take my lion’s share…he started groaning
and moving his waste up and down.. I
couldn’t help myself than rub my two
thighs against each other…he grabbed her
and placed her on the sofa, he penetrated
her and begun to bang her, both of them
started moaning… I couldn’t help myself
anymore…my pants were totally wet, its
been months I had sex aside being raped
by those three guys… I placed my middle
finger on my c——s and begun to rub it to
satisfy my libido, still watching them bang
each other with passion groaning and
moaning, I also rubbed and rubbed then
begun to shake. The feeling was great, it
been a while I felt like this, I rubbed till I got
close, I had my eyes all rolled up and my
mouth wide open since I couldn’t shout,
having my breath under control so as not
to get caught when I begun gushing out
that fluid

… I felt pain in my abdomen after coming… I
slowly opened the door and stepped out
just as I entered the room Lizzy followed
up.. We looked at each other…
LIZZY: I saw you…..
NAA DROMOR: I heard you too
LIZZY: what did you hear?
She drew closer to me giving me “that
strict” look she always gives me when she
wants me to do something.
NAA DROMOR: you pregnant….
LIZZY: shhh…
NAA DROMOR: and its for that man? What
is wrong with you?
She looked away shamefully… She warned
me to keep it a secret which I told her I
LIZZY: fine, go ahead and spill the beans
and am also going to tell your mom
everything that happened between you and
her husband .From you having sex with
him to trying to kill him by hitting him with
a mug …
I felt a sharp pain in my heart as she threw
those words to me…I replied angrily raising
my voice…
NAA DROMOR: I never intend killing him, I
was only defending myself… You can tell
her anyway and I will also tell mom….
MOM: tell mom that what!
My mom budged in on us in the dinning
room. We both stared at her in total


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