BED SHEETS…..(18+)…..Part 20


He quickly took off his hands from the
Deemah’s dress when he saw me .He
pretended to be talking to the girl, I couldn’t
believe my eyes after what I saw .Out of
shock I didn’t reach for my mom again….
I called her with a commanding voice,
which I knew I shouldn’t have but I couldn’t
control my anger at that time…she quickly
run to me..
NAA DROMOR: Kindly bring me the hot
water from the kitchen
The tenant and I exchanged glances as the
girl entered the kitchen. We both entered
my room, I watched her pour the water into
the bucket in my bath room. I asked her to
sit next to me on my bed as she tried to
walk out in a haste .
NAA DROMOR: how old are you?
DEEMAH: Am 21 years
I was quiet shocked, I thought she was my
age mate because she looks quiet smallish
but very curvy…..
NAA DROMOR: do you know who that man
is ?
DEEMAH: yes, your father
Now that got me all boiled up… Was that
what my mother told her?
NAA DROMOR: has he been harassing you?
DEEMAH: no ooo, not at all…
NAA DROMOR: what was he doing to you a
few minutes ago?
DEEMAH: nothing, he was only asking me
a question…
I was surprised the girl was denying being
touched by my “supposed father” I
watched her for a while then asked her to
That night after dinner, I helped Deemah
clear the table, even though she didn’t want
me to help her it has always been my
duty.. I kept looking at her as she washed
the plates.. After clearing the table, I
entered Lizzy’s room to check on her since
she couldn’t join us at the dinning because
she’s not feeling well…
NAA DROMOR: mom said you not feeling
LIZZY: hmmm….

NAA DROMOR: what’s wrong with you?
LIZZY: I don’t know
NAA DROMOR: mom said you are refusing
to visit the hospital… Why?
She said nothing, I wondered why.. I tried
to fish out what could possibly be the
problem but she was not ready to tell
Later that night… I was laying flat on my
back facing the ceiling and clinging tight to
my big new fluffy teddy bear thinking about
Creamy. I tried calling his line but was to
no avail. It was past 12 midnight, the whole
house was in total silence, suddenly I heard
a movement at the main door… I was
slowly stepped out of my bed and peeped
through my door, I saw the person walk
out and closed the door… (Who could that
be) I asked myself.The only person I had in
mind was Deemah the house help. I quickly
slipped into my morning coat and slowly
stepped out, slowly opened the main door
and peeped through… (Gosh! What could
Lizzy be doing up at this time heading
towards the tenants door)? I asked myself…
She kept looking back and forth as she
lurked into his room. I slowly followed up
looking back as well. Who knows someone
might be watching me as well….. I went
close to the window trying to peep but the
window was closed and covered with the
curtains…. After sometime I heard voices
but could not hear clearly . I walked to the
door and turned the nob. It wasn’t locked, I
pushed the door, entered the room and
leaned behind the door slowly without
making any noise… I just couldnt believe
my ears……


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