BED SHEETS…..(18+)…..Part 2


We look into the eyes of each other (who
could that be) that rung through ma mind,
the knock didn’t come again so we
continued with a deeper kiss, I watched
him rob his hands around his black shiny
c–k.. That was mouth watering and I had
no other choice than to completely drop my
shorts on the floor. He slowly directed my
buttocks to the direction of his c–k, gently
robs it on my c–t… The feeling became
worse, I tried to reach his waist so I can
push his c–k into my wet vagigi,
unfortunately the call came again, this time
harder than previous, then again and again,
we quickly put on our cloths I rushed to the
get the door. Could that be my mom or my
cousin? I looked at the big clock hanging in
the living room, well it’s just quarter past 4
mom and cousin will be home by five…. I
am not expecting anybody so who could
possibly be knocking on the door? I stood
behind the door nervously as the knocks
still came in waiting for Andrew to dress
properly because we all don’t know who
was at the door. After several knocks I
turned the door open. Guess who it was…
My moms new tenant.. He’s a young man
as well, extra muscular ,taller and darker
than Andrew, he works at the bank I was
told by my mom, and has a very fat fiancé
(wife to be)
TENANT: hello, good day, sorry to have
disturbed you, is your mother back from
ME: no please, she should be on her way
TENANT: no problem, I wanted her to know
am officially moving in today,
honestly! This doesn’t concern me, I was
quiet angry but I didn’t want to sound rude
at least the look on my face should tell him
“am not interested in that conversation”
ME: alright, I will let her know when she
comes back…
I tried to close the door
TENANT: I will be in my apartment then .
RUBBISH!! Andrew looks at me from a
distance, I slammed the door and stood at
the door way watching him rob his c–k. I
quickly dropped my cloths, my intention
was to show him my curvy smooth skin
and body… It worked. He pushed me into
the sofa dropped his trousers and drops
his boxers too… You won’t believe what I
saw… His big black shiny c–k was bigger
and longer that I thought.. I got frightened,
I wanted to quit but the mood won’t let me.
He gripped my firm round b—-t and s—-d
the hard n—–s so hard, he carried me from
the sofa and placed me on the woolen
carpet. He kissed me and rolled his tongue
down in between my b—–s, rolled it around
my two n—-e again the down to my vagigi,
he spread my legs apart and grab me c——
s with his tongue and s—-d them slowly
and gently but very sensual… So many
things were running through my mind, I
have had sex before but never been
handled like this, I had no choice than to
groan harder as he gripped my b—-t with
his two hands, I felt like passing out urine
but I couldn’t ask him to stop, it was
sweeter, I felt like coming , I started
screaming and he covered my mouth with
his left hands whiles his right hand still
held on tight to my b—-t, there was a lot of
slimy water coming out from my vagigi , I
thought I had passed the urine into the
carpet… I looked at him and he smiled
ME: you made me pee into the carpet,
mom will kill me

ANDREW: no! You just squirt not a urine
ME: what’s that
ANDREW: that’s your o—-m.
ME: wow! Never seen this
He smiled
ANDREW: let’s do it again
I smiled, he s—-d my boobs again, at the
start the feeling was weird but as he starts
to brush my c–t with the tip of his c–k..
The feeling was good, it became better than
previous, I held his c–k and slipped it into
my vagigi , he held it and slowly pushed it
in, I tripped, this is too big for me but the
choice was only to receive it. He gripped
me by the waist and pushed deep into me, I
watched him role his cute eyes, that told
me he’s enjoying himself, for me I was
totally enjoying his strokes.. I thought I
wasn’t going to come again, but before I
could say jack I saw my self squirting,
again and again, three times in a row d–n!!
Sori TK n Cash .Never ever seen or
experienced this… I watched him ride me
fast, faster and faster then he begins to
groan… (Am coming , am coming )he
shouts out in his huge voice gripping my
waist and thrusting deeper into me… Finally
he dressed into our cloths and smiled at
each other, he asked to take his leave, I
was wondering why he didn’t wait for my
cousin again. Well I saw him off to the
door, I couldn’t see him to the gate
because I was weaker than I thought, I
threw myself into the sofa smiling at the
sweet memory.. Not long after my cousin
enters the room, she stood at the door way
staring at me quizzically .I was confused…
In my mind ( why is she giving me that
look, did she meet Andrew at the gate? Did
he tell her anything?) I also stared at her


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