BED SHEETS…..(18+)…..Part 19


The worse day of my life! I was up all night
still reflecting and sobbing over the issue,
the nurse kept consoling me . She didn’t
leave for the house because of me even
though she was off duty . My cousin and
my mother had left for the house. (If
creamy was here, he would have kept me
company). This kept running through my
mind… The nurse kept calming me down
but the pain I felt within was heavier than
anybody could imagine….
NURSE: look, you should put yourself
together, you have to think about your
health now than thinking of anyone else..
You are not helping yourself at all….do you
want to die?
NAA DROMOR: why didn’t you tell them the
truth? Are you that heartless to watch the
innocent guy arrested?
I busted out, raising my voice…she gave
me a surprised look.
NURSE: what are you talking about? Which
truth? Am confused
NAA DROMOR: why didn’t you tell the
police he wasn’t the one that brought me
here…. and that he knew nothing about it
NURSE: I know nothing about it Naa, I
wasn’t on duty that night you were brought
I realised her ignorance about the story
after asking a couple of questions…I
narrated everything to her, out of shock
she shared a tear and promised me she’s
going to help me get Creamy out of jail.
A week passed and I was still in that bed
slowly recovering, mom and Lizzy run shift
in taking care of me but to me that wasn’t
enough, there was something missing…..
Every minute of my thoughts was based on
One morning my mom entered my ward
with so much smiles and excitement, she
started packing my stuffs, I watched her
but said nothing because that was how I
had been for the past one week and some
MOM: you are going home….
She said smiling at me…I looked at her with
a my straight face and said nothing (huh!
Finally…I will get to see Creamy) .I said that
in my mind with some kind of joy and
excitement in my heart… My mom carried
my bag, the nurse helped me off the bed
and held me to the car park… (Wow…I
haven’t seen the sun in weeks). I got
furious upon seeing the tenant sitting in the
car waiting for us to take off, but I had no
choice than to take my sit and enjoy the
drive home. The nurse helped me sit, she
smiled at me, handed a business card .
NURSE: call me…
She whispered as my mom took the front
TENANT: How are you feeling now Naa ?
I looked away and pretended not to hear
him talk to me .
MOM: Naa, your father is talking to you.
NAA DROMOR: mom am not feeling too
well please…
He drove off…..throughout the ride home,
there was total silence in the car….
Finally we were home…. My house looks
quiet different in my site .I stepped out of
the car, suddenly a young fair colored
young girl who could be my age came out
from the house run to my mom and carried
my bag into the room . I gazed at her and
looked at my mom in the eye, she only
smiled at me but said nothing. I watched
the lady walk back into the house carrying
my bag… She’s quiet skinny and very curvy,
she has pointed buttocks sizable for her
body… She had a corn roll on which looked
a bit messed up…

We followed up into the room…..I sat in the
sofa facing the tenant…
MOM: Deemah….
She runs into the living room with her two
hands behind her…my mom introduced me
to her as her only daughter .
MOM: that is Deemah, I brought her from
the village to help with house chores since
Lizzy will be leaving us soon…
NAA DROMOR: leave us? Where to?
MOM: Andrews parents are coming to ask
for her hand in marriage…..
I was shocked, she commanded the girl to
go back to the kitchen, she seem quiet
excited even though I didn’t know why. My
mom got up to get dinner ready, the tenant
kept looking at me straight in the eye…. I
slowly got up and entered my room to
wash down. There was total change in my
room. For close to 10 minutes I stood in
my room trying to figure out what was
missing or added in my room… OK! The
curtains were new, three new teddy bears,
new colored bed sheet and pillow case .I
loved it, I had no choice than to smile…
Rushing out to the living room to say
thanks to my mom I bumped into the
tenant fondling Deemah’s b—-t….


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