BED SHEETS…..(18+)…..Part 18


Lizzy stood still watching in awe . My mom
dropped her bag and angrily snatched the
bowl which contained milk and corn flakes
from Creamy. She placed it on the side
table attached to my bed and grabbed
Creamy by the shirt raising her voice
thereby causing a scene. She got the
attention of other patient , nurses , doctors
and relatives who had come to visit .
MOM: what did you do to my daughter ?
Huh!!! What did you do to her?
Creamy stood still, he uttered no word but
just watched my mom manhandle him…
NAA DROMOR: Mom, he’s…..
MOM: Shut up, let me deal with this rapist.
She yelled at me ,I was surprised at my
mom’s inactions, the nurses on duty
trooped in in groups to watch what was
actually going on and to restore peace .
Lizzy stood still, drenched in shock and
fear…. Some of the nurses tried to free
Creamy from my mom’s grip on his well
and neatly ironed shirt..
MOM: you people should let me go, let me
deal with this rapist….
CREAMY: mom, please……
Before he could say a word my mom
landed a slap on his face….I felt a sharp
pain in my heart….
I yelled but the rest of the words remained
in my mouth…. From nowhere tears started
running down my cheek . The nurse asked
me to lay in my bed since I had not fully
recovered and my health was still under
check .I realised I had started bleeding
again. My mom walked out of the clinic
.Lizzy still watched Creamy as he tried to
hide his face from the crowd. I could sense
his embarrassment, shame and the pain he
felt within .He had a teary eyes but the
tears couldn’t. I felt like holding him from
the distance .I didn’t know what to say to
him. The nurses and some of the patients
who rushed to observe the scene went
back to their duty.. There was total dead
silence in the ward. None of us said a
word, both of them gazed at each other …..
Suddenly the silence was broken.
LIZZY: did you do it?
CREAMY: do what?….. Hell no! I can never
do such thing.
LIZZY : what are you doing with my sister
She raised her voice
CREAMY: Wait! Are you also going hail
insults and accusations like your mom just
did ? Go on… Hit me, come on…..
They started arguing…
NAA DROMOR: you two should stop…
please stop !!!!
I broke down in uncontrollable tears
They both stared at me.. Creamy held me
by the hand trying to console me….
LIZZY: don’t touch her b—–d…
He just stared at her but said nothing.. This
young man has a heart of gold, he’s a
gentleman inside out… Lizzy started
pouring insults on him, but he said
nothing… I couldn’t take it no more, I
started fighting Lizzy for him . He tried to
shut me up but I didn’t, suddenly I felt
dizzy and started going for air, Creamy
called the nurse, she gave me an injection
and placed back the mask on my nose to
sustain and stabilize my condition… The
nurse got angry and started pouring her
anger on Lizzy..

NURSE: What is all this? If anything
happens to this young lady you and your
mom should hold yourselves responsible…
This young man has devoted his time and
energy to your sister’s well being and the
best way you and your mom will thank him
is to humiliate him? Come on, you two
should know better…. He still tried to calm
me down, robbing his hands through my
hair…suddenly my mom entered the ward
with two police men, I was frightened, I
knew she had called for Creamy’s arrest…
She pointed at Creamy
MOM: that’s the rapist….
One of the officers commanded the other
police man to arrest him….Creamy didn’t
move, neither did he say a word, I started
shivering .My heart started racing .I tried to
remove the tube supplying oxygen through
my nose but the nurse held me…
NURSE: please don’t, you can harm your
yourself .
The police man handcuffed creamy without
any resistance, he looked me in the eye . I
realised beads of sweat forming on his
forehead and dropped a tear… They officers
pushed him out as if he was a criminal… Oh
God… I wish I could do something, I wished
I could get off my bed and tell everybody
he has committed no crime it but the nurse
wouldn’t permit me…..Sad moment it is……


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