BED SHEETS…..(18+)…..Part 16


We both looked at each others face as she
entered the scene, she had her mouth wide
open…she dropped her hand bag and
quickly rushed to the man laying helplessly
on the floor in a pool of blood. The heavy
hard mug had broken into tiny pieces. I
looked at both of them still clinging tight to
the wall in fright while I still fought myself
trying to gather some energy. The tears
couldn’t stop flowing down my cheeks .I
could feel beads of sweat on my face but
trust me my face was totally dry. My body
kept vibrating as my heart beat kept
increasing its speed limit. Lizzy tries to
wake the man up but he didn’t open his
LIZZY: What did you do to him!
She yelled… That question got me more
frightened, for the first time I’ve seen a man
die in my presence. Lizzy begun screaming
for help. She dashed out with speed like a
thunder lightening. I was still in my track
looking at my supposed step father on the
ground (God, is this man dead? Did I kill
him). This was what kept resounding in my
mind. I could hear voices and foot steps
from outside. Out of guilt and fright, I
dashed out of the room. I met a couple of
next door neighbours on my compound but
I didn’t stop to look. They all stared at me
whiles I took my heels out of the house. I
run faster than my legs could carry. Far
away from home I sat under a big tree
reflecting on what had happened and what
could possibly be happening at that time.
(Where do I go to? What should I do? Who
should I tell?) .This was running through
my mind. No! I can’t go home, my mother
will slay me. The only option I had was to
go to Creamy’s house but I didn’t have a
dime on me not even my phone to call him.
For hours I sat under the tree looking
miserable and confused in thought. I took
to the street begging people to give me
money so I can pick a car to Creamy’s
house but no one gave me a penny. Some
even thought I was mad and others thought
I was a fraudster. I had an idea, I can board
a taxi straight to Creamy’s house even
though I dont have money hoping to meet
him at home and make him pay. I quickly
stopped the next taxi, jumped into it and
directed him to my destination. I was
surprised at the price he mentioned, quiet
cheaper than I thought. I quickly hoped into
the car and off he took . On our way the
driver kept looking at me through his front
mirror… I was wondering wat could possibly
be the reason.. Now I was getting scared at
his look….
NAA DROMOR: why are you looking at me I
quizzically asked .Anything the matter?
DRIVER: Nothing… Am sorry
We drove on and on . My mind wasn’t
stable. Suddenly, he pulled over in front of
a brown gate on a quiet street in an estate
which was quiet a distance to Creamy’s

DRIVER: Madam, please give me a minute.
I want to hand over something to my
NAA DROMOR: OK but pls don’t be long…
Before I could finish my statement he had
already entered the house. I was drenched
in fear,I kept looking around as if I was
being chased by someone….. Not long after
he came out with two guys… My heart
started panting, I looked around and there
was no single soul passing by . Who could
be of help to me if these boys decide to
harm me? The driver opened the door and
the other two boys just watched me .
DRIVER: You dey kai am?
GUY1: Naaah
DRIVER: ibe sake of this girl the boy beat
you for the club last Saturday ….
GUY1: Yeah, yeah….you… Come down.
NAA DROMOR: please don’t harm me .
They forced me to come out of the taxi .
When I refused , the other guy carried me
with force and lifted me onto his broad
shoulder . I tried screaming but the other
guy held me by my the mouth…
He threw me into the sofa, the dust that
came out of the sofa can kill an asthmatic
patient. The three boys surrounded me.
They asked me if I remembered them, I
couldn’t make them out until the other guy
took off his cap….
OMG! the guy I had sex with at the club, I
became more nervous, he looked at me
angrily .I tried begging for mercy but all he
did was to laugh… He pulled a long chair
and sat in front of me.
GUY 1: Where is the guy…
I pretended I didn’t know who the guy was
.He threatened to kill me if I don’t tell him
where Creamy lives. He instated but I never
did…. He started unzipping his flap then
pulled down his shorts
GUY 1: Let’s finish what we started…….
Guess what happened next…


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