BED SHEETS…..(18+)…..Part 14


I paused to look at the intruder.Who could
possibly be interrupting the session?
NAA DROMOR: Creamy?..
I know you are confused and asking who
Creamy is;he’s Lizzy’s secret boyfriend
whom my mom never knew about.
I got to know because,his younger brother
was in my class & he used to send letters
through his brother to me to be given to
Lizzy… He’s a thick tall guy just like
Andrew, a bit muscular than him and has a
brighter complexion as compared to
Andrew… He’s hair looked sleek ,his eyes
looked small , bright and shiny white,but
had thick lips and a well shaped
mustache…aside that he’s a calm, simple
and a gentle guy just like Andrew….
CREAMY: what are you doing here…?
Before I could explain anything, he pushed
the young man and landed a blow on his
face, the young man fell on the wall, he
tried to get up on his feet by holding the
wall.I was frightened and to flee from the
scene,I quickly picked my shorts to put on .
I had not taken the whole shorts down so I
quickly slipped my other leg into it, Creamy
held me by the hand and brought me out
of the washroom looking so furious… From
nowhere the young man hit him from
behind, he retaliated which resulted into a
brutal exchange.
Creamy had the young man on the floor,
landing countless blows on his face, he
begun bleeding from the mouth… From
nowhere,other two boys approached him
trying to fight him…. One guy broke a
bottle, and the other one pulled out a knife,
I got frightened,everybody in the club
started running helter skelter, the ladies
screamed …the alcohol in my system
vanished at once… I didn’t know what to do
or where to go,i was confused… The guy
armed with the knife cut Creamy in his
palm which resulted into heavy bleeding…
He quickly gripped me firmly by my wrist
and started running as fast his legs could
carry while I followed in suit .
The guys chased us till they could no
longer reach our track… He pushed me into
his car then drove off as if we were robbers
being chased by the police…It was quarter
past 1am,we drove through the streets of
Accra,i refused to go home when he opted
to,so we ended up in his house… I sat on
his bed still drenched in fear.I looked
around his well decorated room,the clean
creamy colored painting on the wall and
the silky purple colored curtains were
neatly rolled down the window… His shoes
were well arranged and his cloths well
ironed and hanged……. His clean white shirt
was stained in blood,i offered to help him
dress his injury but he refused,i could
sense some kind of anger and an echo of
pain in his heavy voice… Out of guilt,i tried
to explain myself…
CREAMY: shhh….go take a shower and
have a sleep i will drive you home in the
Everything that happened in the club kept
resonating in my mind…my eyes were
bloodshot but I couldn’t close them that

hmmmm…. Creamy joined me in the bed
room, he had a towel around his waist,i
watched him dress up in the mirror and i
can’t deny admiring his body from a
distance,i watched him as he dropped his
towel…Even though his back was facing me
i could see his front view through the
mirror. He covered his c–k with his two
hands when he caught me watching him…
CREAMY:thought you were asleep?
NAA DROMOR: no! sleep has fled away
from me .
For the first time that night he smiled… I
watched him put on his boxer shorts..I kept
stealing glances at his lower part if I could
still locate his c–k…he picked one of the
pillows and placed it on the floor leaving
me to enjoy the bed alone… I was
wondering why he didn’t want to sleep next
to me….I was lonely and i wanted to get
close but I was scared because he seemed
to be a strict guy… I mastered the
courage,stepped down the bed.. I realized
he was fast asleep, i woke him up and lied
about being scared… He got up from the
floor, asked me to lie down, he covered me
with his big clean fluffy bed sheet then lay
next to me…. In less than 10 minutes he
was fast asleep,i could hear his heavy
breathing,his breath was so fresh,i kept
starring without blinking and admiring him
whiles he slept,i couldn’t help myself,i
started kissing him, he didn’t retaliate,
shifted closer and gave him a deeper kiss..
He now returned a kiss without opening his
eyes, he held me by the neck and kissed
me deeper, the deeper he kisses me the
tighter the grip, I held on tight to him too
and begun moaning, he opened his eyes
Guess what happened next..


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