BAD GIRL IN LOVE … (18+) … Part 6



Andrey POV
I was about coming down for lunch when I heard Lia speaking with her assistant again.
She always do that , I always feel something is definitely fishy.
I hid somewhere and listen to her conversation.
Did she just asked for someone’s warehouse be burnt down??
I have so many questions in my head only she has answers to .
I came outta my hiding place.
“What’s going on sis?” I voiced out.
I could tell she was suprise to see me.
“What are you doing there drey?”
“Answer my question sis what’s going on why do you want to burn down someone’s warehouse” I asked with a confused expression.
” Listen drey I can explain ”
” Better start explain and pray it’s worth listening to ” I groan and sat opposite her .
Her assistant excused us.
” Look drey I know what am about to say might come as a shock and even affect you reasons why I didn’t say anything about it for years” she took a deep breath and held my hand tenderly.
“It’s about our parents ” she paused.
I grow up with Lia without a dad and mom , she refused talking about it now she’s caught red handed she wants to talk.
“Go on am listening”
“Years ago when you were still a kid Dad worked for a man called Anthonio cortez as a delivery man . Dad never knew his boss was actually using him to transport drugs , unknownly Dad found out and recorded everything
” a concrete evidence enough to nail Anthonio cortez but unfortunately they found out that dad has a recording and he asked his boys to take out our family.
” Mom was quick enough to get us outta the house alongside the evidence . She was killed right in my eyes along with Dad .
” I was forced to live in the street shattered and lived in the shadows of everything . I kept having nightmares of how they were shot.
” It was then I promise myself that I was going to avenge our parents death .
” I decided to work even more hard , from the street to the trash to being abused by folks . Luckily I made it big now am back to take them down. ” She let out a breath she was holding.
My Head was spinning as I tried imagining all the things Talia had gone through .
“And you didn’t tell me about it all this while!!!! “I yelled out tears and withdraw my hands from hers.
“Am sorry drey but I couldn’t , I promised mom that I was gonna protect you with my life and that’s what am doing , don’t wanna put you in harm’s way” she said with teary eyes.
” This people killed our parents and they’re gonna pay dearly for this. ” I growled as my eyes were as red as the color itself.
“Please drey let me handle the situation Please don’t do anything stupid” she try moving closer but I stepped back.
” Look Lia stop treating me like a child I can look after myself and it’s gonna be unfair If you don’t let me in . Till then I don’t wanna talk to you” I spat and ran back upstairs as tears roll down my cheeks.
I ignored her calling as I slammed my door pretty hard.


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